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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 23 2013 11:20 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Regardless of whatever future changes there are to the college football landscape, there will be two constants:

1. Utah will be IN
2. byu and usu will be OUT

I love my BCS and Pac 12 membership!

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougs at the mercy of the Mountain West Conference.


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Hawaii will not be in the championship game.

Problem solved.

Ogden, Utah

Chris B is correct.

Utah will be IN sipping on a nice cup of warm milk during the bowl games and BYU and USU will be OUT of state at their respective bowl games.

Area 52
Dugway, UT

Tell me if I'm wrong but Utah has been more of a bottom feeder in the Pac 12 and has not helped their cause of belonging in the Pac 12. And I don't see Utah's future changing for the better anytime soon, other than a new offensive cordinator and maybe a new head coach after next year.

The way I see it after 2013 BYU, Utah State, and even Hawaii will have just a good a chance of making it to a BCS game than Utah. It will be great to see Utah get beat up year after year in the PAC 12! And see Utah State and BYU when 10-11 games a year!

Woods Cross, UT

REgardless of whatever the future brings, there will be two constants:

1. The government will tax.
2. Chris B will post on every BYU story.

Highland, UT


Hardly. Not that big of a deal to change the date of that game as there are a couple of dates that will work. I always thought 12/7 was a strange date to schedule a game anyway as most teams are done playing and into bowl preparation (other than utah of course which is just done) by that date. Maybe the though was taking a bye earlier and then having less time between your last game and your bowl game means you stay in shape and game ready.

Either way it won't be a big deal. Now not even going to a bowl game and having a losing record? That's a big deal, espcially when you have a very tenuous "fan"base and not much of a legacy to begin with.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

If we lose this game, how many do we need to fill for next year? It appears that we may only be playing 7 games next year at this rate.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Chris B and 54IQ post so quickly after the article goes live, it makes you wonder if they are Deseret News employees? or the actual authors of the articles

as for the Mountain West... no-one cares, good riddance

Frisco, TX

I think the following must have gotten cut off:

@Chris B - Regardless of whatever future changes there are to the college football landscape, there will be two constants:

1. Utah will be IN - the bottom 1 or 2 in football, basketball and baseball, like they are now.
2. byu and usu will be OUT - working hard to improve their schools and athletic programs.

I take pride in how my school is doing, not what conference I'm in.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Warrior Parent

Chris B and 54-IQ are the same person and yes, they/she is closely connected to the D-News.

Regardless, BYU has an outstanding schedule for next season and most BYU fans will be very pleased with it when it's announced.

Lindon, UT

The Middle Tenn. ST. game can be scheduled Nov 30, but not Sep 14, as they tentatively have Memphis on that date. Hawaii can be scheduled on Sep 14, but not Nov 30, as they tentatively have ARMY on that date. Both Hawaii and Mid. Tenn. ST. could be scheduled on either Sep 28 or Nov 2, as neither have games scheduled as yet on those dates. It will have to be seen whether any of those dates will work out for either or both or these teams, after their conference schedules are finalized. It appears that some tweeking will need to occur on the BYU schedule. The 10 games (5 home and 5 away) on BYU's tentative schedule are also listed on their opponents' schedules, except for Idaho State, although the Utah, Utah State, and Boise State, schedules are "tentative", and Idaho State has not added BYU to their 11 game schedule. The Idaho State schedule has an open date of Nov 16. They cannot play on Dec 7 as that is when the FCS holds its championship game. It will be interesting to see the final schedule when it comes out.

Lindon, UT

I love Chris B's comment, "I love my pac 12"!

Lindon, UT

Chris B's actual comment was, "I love my BCS and Pac 12 membership". lol.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Crissy B,
I didn't realize that you owned the BCS and the PAC 10.2 enough to call it yours!! Enjoy the BCS and PAC 10.2 affiliation, especially since the BCS will be dead soon and he PAC 10.2 will run out of patience with a sluggish Utah program in the major sports and uninvite them. Better to be an independent winning program that be the perenial bottom feeder of any conference. I agree with CougFanin TX, better to be a winner.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Yep, blame it on Craig Thompson for whatever reason he choose to do.

Columbia, MO

A trip to Hawaii would be nice if BYU were in Utah's position (and excluded from bowl participation for insufficient wins). Hawaii needs BYU more than the other way around. BYU has always been Hawaii's biggest rival in football (although the same could be said of Utah, San Diego State, New Mexico, and UNLV). It would be nice for BYU to just skip the Hawaii trip this year to focus on a BCS bowl or the Kraft Bowl in San Francisco.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Its to bad the Y left the MTW conf. they would be looking pretty nice right now if they would have stayed.

The conferences are aligning and the Y is on the outside looking in.

New T-shirt "Quest 4 BCS"

Salt Lake City, UT


"the Y is on the outside looking in"

On the outside looking in a what, a conference bottom dweller that will never be a contender for a division title, let alone, a conference title?

Big deal!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ TrollPolice

"On the outside looking in a what"

The new BCS playoff system, duh! In case you haven't heard but the Mountain West has automatic access to one of the six BCS bowls if their conference champion is the highest ranked of the "mid-major conferences".

An indy BYU team has no automatic access to a major bowl game. So Mr. Farcus is right! BYU is on the outside looking in!

"a conference bottom dweller that will never be a contender for a division title, let alone, a conference title?"

At least Utah is stepping up to the plate playing better competition week in and week out! Unlike BYU that can't beat anyone good on their schedule but has enough cupcakes on their schedule to make them bowl eligible.

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