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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Now that the word is out and this article has been written watch for the business license police to show up and demand that the kids get a business license. Then the business license application will be denied because they don't have a permanent building structure, a customer restroom, a food handler's permit from the health department and on and on. So boys I wish the best of luck and I admire you for your business wits.

Columbus, OH

The justifications for snickers and ice cream are pretty silly. However, the evidence is pretty overwhelming what soda is doing to our country. Candy is terrible for you, but soda is so much worse. Ask a dentist which they would recommend you consume, if you must. Soda drinkers also drink much less water, which has numerous side effects. Beyond the sugar, soda also pumps you full of carbonation. While the DesNews may be satisfied with a high school kid's argument, unfortunately the research doesn't bear this out.

Ogden, Utah

If there is a demand somebody is going to supply it. Good on them for recognizing a business opportunity.

I'm sure Davis Co will want a piece of the tax action and will probably ask them to purchase a street vendors permit, food handlers permit, small business license and will want to periodically have the Davis Co health dept inspect their coolers on a monthly basis.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Reminds me of when BYU police kicked kids off BYU property for selling frozen pops to Missionaries at the MTC.

Casa Grande, AZ

That's fine with me. I think the first poster is correct that the city will have a hard time finding a legal excuse for letting them stay there. Other businesses will complain eventually.

payson, utah

You forgot they need to pay their FICA taxes, unemployment insurance. State licensing as well. They need to get liability insurance in case one of the soda's and candy bars cause their customers to get fat. They have to make sure they are not violating any Environmental laws. Hope they don't kill a bird with one of the discarded wrappers. That is federal prison time right there. Make sure they pay their fair share in taxes. while offering their employees full benefits, a livable wage, yearly raises, and heaven forbid they try to make at least a 5% profit margin. If they try to, they will be called greedy corporate fat cats.

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

C'mon OHBU. Everyone knows soda is not good for you. The mistake you make is that you have turned, "They shouldn't do that" into "We shouldn't let them do that." And that is not how America should operate.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Does your mom know you're drinking Coke and Mountain Dew?
Now, they might have some competition. Imagine five vendors instead of one.
Or some wagons with cute little umbrellas.
Where will it all end?
But we missed the real point here. The federal government sends the mandates to local school districts. Mandates about sports teams, special ed, busing, bilingual ed, school lunch...and in return they give us back a paltry amount of our own money to carry out those mandates.
The tail wags the dog.

Fact or Fake
Vernal, UT

C'mon OHBU again. You talk about research and soda pop but you clearly mistate some facts. First, it is an old wive's tale that carbonation is bad for you. There is no evidence that it does anything to the body. Second, although it is true that soda drinkers do not as much plain water, they do generally get as much or more water through the soda. A study in Sweden about 5 years ago showed that any beverage keeps you hydrated. In fact, caffeine has little effect on the water retention. Third, dentists discourage drinking soda, gatorade, citric juices, coffee or milk. They all have acids that can erode teeth. My dentist said it takes an hour for the acids to start breaking down enamel. His solution to the problem is to swallow.
Look, I am not saying soda is good for you. I think plain pure water is the best. However to say it is bad for you is not supported by the latest research. I do feel it is safe to say, though, it is not necessarily good for you.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

My daughter is a current student at Davis High and she tells me they still have soda in machines and in the school store. She said the reason the kids are doing so well is they sell them much cheaper than the store and the machines. I'm not sure where Mike Anderson got his information, but simply walking into the school he would have seen the pop machines.

American Fork, UT

"If there is a demand somebody is going to supply it. Good on them for recognizing a business opportunity."
"... I admire you for your business wits."
I appreciate the wholehearted support for my out of state delivery business. Every time government bans something that is available or cheaper somewhere else, someone will figure out how to exploit it.


What I don't get is why so many kids are so willing to waste their money. If you can buy a case of soda cheep enough to make a profit selling it two cans for a dollar, why aren't the customer kids buying their own cases of soda and taking a can or twe to school with them everyday?

For this same reason I don't understand why they have soda and candy vending machines at schools. You know you are going to be there, you know you are going to eat - why not save some money and bring it from home?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Its nice to see the Obama Administration taking steps to promote small business.

Manti, UT

I think it's great that kids are learning the value of hard work and how the economy operates. I think they should be getting class credit for it.

common twit
Salt Lake City, UT

Mormon Ute... Have your daughter check again. There are probably vending machines but they do not dispense soda pop. It will be water, juice or sports drink.
I don't know for sure but I believe your daughter is mistaken.

By the way, this law came about during the Bush administration. The school lunch fiasco has shown up during the Obama administration.

Davis High just chose to ignore the mandate handed down from the feds. It finally caught up to them to the tune of $15K.

I hear that is about how much a typical high school lost in revenue when the law passed.

Denton, TX

My daughter has been selling candy bars to her high school classmates for two years now, and has made all of her spending money that way--she has been buying her own clothes, books, and school supplies.

Columbus, OH

Fact or Fake,

You might want to check your research again. There are literally hundreds of studies on soda's effects on health. By and large, the vast majority of those not sponsored by the ABA (American Beverage Association) find negative health risks, including obesity, stroke, kidney damage, and increased blood pressure. Also, a recent study by the Colgate company found soda to be the leading factor in tooth decay. To lump it in with other sugary drinks is disingenuous. Yes, they can all cause problems in excess, but the truth is, soda provides no health benefit, while the others do. That's like saying that air pollution causes lung cancer, so to single out cigarettes as a leading cause isn't accurate.

Re: Maudine,

You just hit the nail on the head as to why soda bans on campus work. Kids don't plan ahead, and in the absence of this kind of workaround, they will just consume what is available. While we can't legislate their behavior, it's at the very least unethical to profit off of it. I'll bet tobacco execs would pay good money to put cigarette vending machines back in schools.

Sandy, UT

What's really sad is that now we have the most disorganized, indebted, confused, and encumbered organization in the history of the world (the U. S. government)dictating what people can and cannot ingest on their own time. Stop and and think about that. How in the world have we sunk this far?

Vernal, UT

Schools have banned soft drinks for 3 years now. How has it affected obesity so far? It hasn't. I see it as another freedom that is taken from us. In other states, Schools have banned soft drinks for almost 10 years, and still no reduction in obesity

Provo, UT

@Jay Tee -- Who is telling anyone what they can and can't ingest? Have your kid take his own darn soda pop to school if you want him to drink it so bad. Why do you have to buy your soda from the government (the school)? Can't you go to the store yourself? Does the government have to do everything for you (provide your kid his soda pop)?

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