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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2013 5:40 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

All the liberals should get out and march for the things that are dear to THEM: Higher taxes, more government debt, runaway public spending, government monitoring of all private activities, more regulation on enterprises that try to make a profit, more dependence on foreign energy and foreign capital, mandated public funding of abortion, increased medical costs due to confusion and government intrusion, etc., etc. It's only right that they get out and support the things that they believe in, too.

Sandy, UT

Looks like all the liberals are no longer satisfied with just commenting on the Salt Lake Tribune site. Now they're flooding this one, telling us that the most confused, indebted, encumbered, inefficient, ineffective, and political organization in the history of the world (the U. S. Government) has another plan to keep us safe and warm. Amazing.

Sandy, UT

Government is adept at two things: (1) taking your property, and (2) taking your rights. They pretty much fail at everything else. If you want a real SOLUTION to a situation, you're looking in the wrong direction if you're looking at government. Of course most people don't understand this, which is why Winston Churchill said the best argument against a democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Salt Lake City, UT

The US government has a flag on the moon.

Taken photo's of Mars.

20 kids were murdered last month in elementary school.

What have your guns accomplished?

Santa Monica, CA

It's easy to see that for many on this threat, obstructing Barack H. Obama trumps the safety of children. I am so tired of a nation which pats itself on the back so often for its love of "the kids" then allows them to be bullied, abused and shot with assault weapons, weeps awhile and then goes back to business as usual. They are right in one respect, Guns don't kill Sandy Hook students---cowardly Americans do.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

"I recognize the sad reality that when a few citizens act irresponsibly it causes the rest of us to lose some of our freedoms. Until WE are able to do a better job of teaching,setting a good example for our children, and providing better mental health care for those who show signs of instability, then the government has to help protect us from ourselves. That is not government tyranny as some tyrannophobes out there are suggesting."

So would it be fair if I robbed a bank and as a consequence, you who had nothing to do with it, had to spend a few days in jail for my crime? So we are tyrannophobes? Why is there the patriot act? why is there warantless wiretapping? why do we have to be sexually violated if we want to fly somewhere? So why do they have these "laws" in place if it isn't tyranny?

Is the new motto of the country "It's not tyranny if we do it." ?


I hope that all who comment here have the best interests, safety, and love of innocent children and our families in mind when we speak for or against the right of the people of the US to own firearms.

Let's all be honest with ourselves, if we know and understand HUMAN NATURE, we can also understand and know that a concentration of power and monopoly of our country's resources at the head of our government would sooner or later lead to tyranny. Tyranny of course is the loss of the separation and division of powers and the guarantee of individual rights and private property or in other words, the loss of our constitution.

Rural sport fan

Pagan, you wrote:
The US government has a flag on the moon.
Taken photo's of Mars.
20 kids were murdered last month in elementary school.
What have your guns accomplished?

Well, since our guns have accomplished none of those things, what exactly are you asking?

Do you still not understand that there were several million guns in this country that were owned and used by American men and women, who didn't kill a single person last year? Do you still not understand that as tragic as Sandy Hook was, it is a single outlier of a statistic that is being mis-represented to get foolish people to think a certain way? Do you not understand that more people were beat to death by hand last year, than were shot with rifles? That more people were killed with a knife or a hammer or other tool, than by a rifle?

And yet, the government doesn't complain about the more dangerous hammers or fists, they only complain about the one tool that could possibly stop them from doing anything they want.

Taking citizen's guns won't stop mad men from killing people, it will only change their method.

salt lake city, UT

Rural Sports Fan-

"Taking citzen's guns won't stop mad men from killing people, it will only change their method."
That is 100% correct. But, the argument that progressives use is that an assualt weapon with a multiple shot magazine is a lot more damaging than a hammer, fist or even another weapon with far less impact.

Southern Utah, UT

This should have been handled by Congress and not Obama and executive fiat. 2nd this is people control first and foremost and an affront to the law abiding working middle class. None of these measures will affect the plague of gang violence/murder on our streets. None of these measures will curb deaths caused by illegal aliens who participate in organized crime in this country. None of these measures will impact those who do not uphold the rule of law and have nefarious objectives.

None of these measures will affect the wealthy and politically powerful (the elites) having the ability to hire professionals to protect themselves and their families with assault weapons.

AR15 SEMI autos are expensive. Tactical semi-auto handguns are expensive. Ammo is expensive

The law abiding middle class Dr, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers and teachers ect and their ability to protect their families and property are the ones who will be impacted by these executive orders. We will be left to depend upon the inept, inefficient and often incompetent Government.

From 1900 to 2000, Governments have murdered more people than were killed in all of the 20th century wars combined.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Obama said that he will never touch America's Guns or raise taxesLOL
Now he is using the Tragedy in Sandy Hook to begin the disarming of America & that is exactly what is going to happen - the criminals sure ain't going to give up the semiautomatics , so why should law abiding citizens ?

Obama should concentrate on the cause of all these school shootings, which is Psychotropic Drugs being forced upon our young - ages kindergarden to 18 years old. Every shooter has been on these awful mind altering drugs , They are especially harmful when taken by the young.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Part II

The elite all have their kids , grandkids going to school with armed guards and the common man deserves the same safety for his kids.

Pay teachers , bus drivers , school employees extra money to become licensed to carry and pay them more if they maintain a marksmanship rating. Israel does this with great success

End the gun free zones - That only benefits the criminal , stop the use of these drugs , let the schools arm their employees as we sure don't need another government agency such as the TSA providing security.

The UN is on record - that they will not send in any muti-national peace keeping forces - Until America is Disarmed

Aurora, CO

What did my guns do?

Nothing. They sit in my gun locker and do nothing until I, as the operator or user, do something with them. They are not capable of doing anything of themselves, they wait obediently in their locker for me to take them out for use. They obey my commands...if the trigger is pulled they fire a bullet. If I don't they wait for me to do so. They cannot do anything without an operator. Inanimate, without brain or controlling circuitry, they don't accomplish anything by themselves. A person accomplishes a task, an object doesn't.

So, what does any gun do? It obeys the operator. It can be used to accomplish a good task, or a bad one. It doesn't care which, it just obeys the operator. Penalizing the object instead of the operator accomplishes nothing but leaves the operator with the same state of mind, only looking for another tool to accomplish the task desired. Fix the operator, not the tool.

Salt Lake City, UT

Defenders of gun ownership observe that the underlying intent of the Second Amendment was to allow individuals to have the means to protect their lives and property and to protect themselves against government tyranny. They claim (and to a certain extent I agree) that an armed populace keeps the government honest and nontyrannical. I am completely comfortable with the idea of “militia” as conferring an individual right. However, would somebody please explain how a militia (individual or collective) works in practice to oppose government tyranny? Can anyone act as militia in opposition to the governmemnt? Must there be formal organization? Do the Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, the 1973 AIM Wounded Knee occupiers, the Black Panthers, or the Unabomber count as militia (they all claimed to be fighting government oppression), or only those touting “true” American values. Who decides? Is the difference between “patriotic hero” and “violent criminal” who wins the gunfight?

On a practical note, compare the effectiveness of any of the above groups to those practicing nonviolent protests and civil disobedience (civil rights movement, Clamshell Alliance, MX opposition in Utah, ACT-UP, etc.). Perhaps armed insurrection is obsolete.

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