Comments about ‘Utah sheriffs write letter to Obama opposing executive order on guns’

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Published: Friday, Jan. 18 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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Brian H
Ogden, UT

Here is something else we should be doing. Guns are only a part of the problem. People are the biggest problem and our court system. When you are not scared of the punishment for the crime then crime happens. Court systems SHOULD not be about the offenders rights that they gave up once they commited the crime. Nor should it be about making the defending attorney rich or famous. They should also ban the phrase my daddy beat me 20 years ago as a reason to commit crimes today. If punishment fit the crime and was not dragged out 3 to 10 years long I think that would make some difference as well. We are so eager to take away from people who haven't done nothing and over look what is not being done to the ones who have. Shouldn't we do something about them first?

Danbury, CT


I've never seen a car load up a drunk driver

I've never seen a car drive itself into oncoming traffic

I've never seen a car by itself hit and kill someone

I've never seen a car drive itself to an accident

People do these things to each other ... not cars.

Yet...we license drivers - and update their registration every single year. And if someone shows a wanton disregard for other people by driving drunk or causing an accident while texting, etc., we remove that person's privilege to drive. We don't let everyone drive dump trucks or buses or formula one racers.

Nice analogy, people. Shows we can also be sensible and have a few restrictions on the kinds of weapons and ammo we possess.

The job of these officers is not to interpret the law but to ENFORCE it. If they had talked about the difficulty of implementation, I would be more sympathetic. Instead, they have adopted what are clearly right wing stances about the gun debate. Look at NYC, people. They took guns out of criminal's hands AND have strict gun control. No one gets the weapons.

Santa Monica, CA

It's true that guns don't actually kill people. Angry, and mentally, or emotionally challenged people use guns to kill people. They also threaten family members with them, shoot themselves accidentally with them, brandish them in their front yards when they want to show their neighbors that they don't like them and use them to make themselves feel stronger and more in control.

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