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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 2:10 p.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

Thank you so much for the pair of articles. I was interested and tuned in to both. In a future article, I would be interested to know if there is anything special that a car owner should do to their car during the cold winter months. For example, do you recommend changing oil weights or anything like that?

South Salt Lake, UT

I have been using Mobil One Oil since I have my engine repaired under warranty. Since then I never have major problems with the engine. One thing that I like about this oil was that I have much easier cold weather start and never have to wait for car to warm up but I drive slowly for about 4 blocks. I am very low mileage driver (about 5-700 miles/month). I change my oil every 8 month (That is when change oil light came on) It passed every emission tests since 2000 because it has very low wear and no carbon build ups.

Bountiful, UT

Thanks for the info. I am interested in Transmission flushes. How often should it be done? What's the best product? And should this be left to a professional shop or can I, like I do with oil changes, do my own transmission flush.

Also, I am curious about spark plugs. How often should they be checked. And what are your product recommendations.

South Jordan, UT

I can believe that synthetic oils can go 2o K miles, but what about filter. No matter how clean we might hope our engine is, the use of synthetics will provide a cleaner engine. Where will that gunk go? Into the filter. Let's here proper advice on filters!

Ronnie W.
Layton, UT

Do you need change your oil every 3000 miles? Probably not. Maybe more like 5000-8000 miles.

Can you do it every 20000 miles? I would say only in the right situation. If you have a newer car, you are using synthetic oil and the car isn't going through rough use. I would hate to see people with older cars starting to neglect their oil changes because they read they could in that paper.

Oil is like insurance in a way. Changing it every 5000-8000 is a good idea. Waiting a few thousands miles may not burn you this time, but next time, it could and you will be out of the cost of an engine.

I will pay the $20 bucks 4 times a year to do it myself, rather than take a gamble and see if I am out $4000 dollars.

Provo, UT

Will Amsoil pay for a lawyer if my cars manufacturer refuses to repair it, because I did not follow their required oil change schedule? Over the years this has happened to several people I know with cars that have turbos.

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