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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 16 2013 3:45 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps he wants a new challenge of trying to win with 1 star "athletes"(if you can call them that) as opposed to 3 star athletes.

However, the challenge should be more or less the same, given that half of his season will be against "non AQ" teams whereas at Utah he was facing a gauntlet of significant BCS teams.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Chris B

Perhaps he wants to be part of a staff that will treat him with respect instead of passing him up for a job that should have been his and filling it with a 25 year old. Kyle thought he could plug in a kid that's a job for a man and win Sugar Bowls every year. It's nice to see the arrogance on the hill coming back to bite Kyle Whittingham . . . and most of all fans like you.

Kyle is a good coach though, maybe he takes a step back and learns from his mistakes.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

@ Chris;

Sometimes you make some really good comments, but whenever anything involves BYU, that good sense seems to be tossed out the window, which is really too bad. I hope that perhaps one day you may let go of all that Max Hall-esque hatred and realize that the two teams have a lot more in common than some realize.

As for the Utes, I hope they can find someone as good to replace Roderick. He seems to have had good success at Utah, and hopefully they continue to have better success with a replacement. Best of luck to both teams.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We have problems. I see facial hair. Get him a razor before he gets kicked out of BYU!

Franklin, IN

Both Kyle and Ronco are guilty of doing so much in state and ex player stuff. How about grabbing some talent from CA? Texas? Florida?

As soon as there is a change it seems like these two look about 50 miles in circumference to add to their team...hiring a once fired OC in Anae, hiring an ex player & current Utes coach, promoting QB coaches to OC.

Did anyone notice that Ohio State hired Floridas ex coach? UCLA grabbed Mora? Kiffin from Tenn? Isn't it strange that UCLA didnt promote from within? Or hire an old player? Or just or just look around at someone who might be standing around the locker room?

I think it's a big flaw! In both schools...like they are lazy or can't afford airline tickets?

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Re: Cougar Claws

Yes, because we all know Bronco treats BYU coaches with respect.

Anae was forced out.
Doman was fired, but didn't have much of a chance. Bronco had a mancrush on Riley Nelson. What OC could have been that successful with Nelson at QB?

Cahoon and Dupaix were sure treated with respect.

Bronco never takes responsibility. Always deflects it to someone else.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

The Cahoon decision makes more sense now. Roderick has many of the qualities of Cahoon with significantly more coaching experience. BYU has probably increased the years of experience in their offensive staff 5 fold over the previous season. Anyone want to take up that challenge and find the statisitics related to experience among coaches? It would be interesting to compare with similar programs and end of year ranking.

Billings, MT

I attended Junior High & High School with Aaron and he's a super nice guy, was a good athlete in high school and college, and appears to be a very competent coach. Knowing his personality a bit I imagine that his players love to work with him. It's fun to watch his career and I wish him the best of luck back at his alma mater.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"However, the challenge should be more or less the same, given that half of his season will be against "non AQ" teams whereas at Utah he was facing a gauntlet of significant BCS teams."

How many teams on Utah's schedule could even remotely be considered "significant" BCS teams?

Utah State - better than many PAC 12 teams, but not a BCS team
Weber State - lol
Oregon State - depends on the year
BYU - better than most PAC 12 team, but thankfully not a BCS team
UCLA - depends on the year
Stanford - probably
Arizona - maybe
USC - depends on the year
ASU - maybe
Oregon - most likely, depending on what happens with their coaching staff
WSU - lol
Colorado - lol

So where is this rumored gauntlet of "significant" BCS teams?

Roderick obviously wanted a real challenge playing teams like Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame.

Mcallen, TX

Chris B:

So, now I understand your bitterness toward BYU. The rules, and standards upsets you. America is great! Don't go there.

Lyman, WY

Chris B really. BYU's Schedule is not soft. While Utah's is a little tougher, because they play Stanford and Orgegon this year, BYU's is nothing to scoff at. Besides Hawaii and Middle Tennesee St. The rest of the teams are pretty good. Proves my theory, there is no such thing as a Utes fan, just BYU haters.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Chris B's comments are offensive and abusive. I have had comments censored for far less. When it comes to BYU Chris's comments are anything but thoughtful.

Why is Chris allowed to degenerate and insult LDS people in general and BYU fans in particular?

Bountiful, UT

@Chrissy B
"given that half of his season will be against "non AQ" teams whereas at Utah he was facing a gauntlet of significant BCS teams"

Lol!! Only at Utah do they consider playing Northern Colorado, the Colorado Buffaloes and Washington State to be a "gauntlet"! I guess that's how low things have gotten up on the hill.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Mount Olympus

Anae left on his own accord because of his own pride, actually.

Doman, DuPaix, and Cahoon getting fired were not Bronco's decision. That may be what was reported. If Bronco "fired" those coaches it was because he was forced to. It was confirmed in a report that Anae coming back was an administrative decision. While I agree that Bronco really messed things up with the Riley Nelson situation, I don't believe Brandon Doman would have been fired by Bronco. Bronco would have protected him if he could.

And I assume you are a Ute fan? Because Bronco has admitted many times in post game loss reports that the players weren't adequately prepared and that it is his responsibility to prepare his players.

Bronco Mendenhall may not be perfect, but he does way more things right than he doesn't. Outside of the Riley Nelson decision (which I admit was really weird) Bronco has done great things for BYU.

Vegas POV
Las Vegas, NV

Shave and a haircut, Two bits.

Raymond, 00

I would like to see Chris B blocked. His comments are distasteful and negative. Granted there are some Cougar fans who post negative things but I find his comments to be nothing but spam and are an embarrassment to Ute fans.

Regardless, I am happy for Coach Roderick. And he seems to be happy with his new position at the Y. Hopefully the U can reload and get another great receivers coach. I don't know who, but maybe Ben Cahoon?

Raymond, 00

@ The Rock

I am along with you on this movement to get rid of Chris B's negativity.

Houston, TX

May we should all start loving Chris B.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em.

Orem, UT

Great game summation from ESPN on a thrilling win for Saint Mary's and a gut-wrenching loss for BYU:

"There is a decent chance you were sleeping when Saint Mary's guard Matthew Dellavedova hit the buzzer-beater of the season to knock off BYU in Provo on Wednesday night. If that is the case, you should watch the video now:

I mean … what a shot, and what a play. Dellavedova somehow creates enough momentum with the catch and dribble to get to 40-ish feet within 2.5 seconds, at which point he euro-steps a defender, hops, double-clutches, hangs, and hits, followed by what must have been the single most ecstatic few seconds of his life. That celebration! Delly marches down the opposing team's floor, screaming and fist-pumping in a gym full of wailing white-shirted souls, not at all unlike that classic Michael Jordan-Cleveland Cavaliers finish. If heaven is real, and you get to choose your own adventure, I think most basketball players would sign up for this portion of the festivities."

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