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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 16 2013 2:55 p.m. MST

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Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"Roderick never coached against Utah's schemes except against a very simplified version during fall two-a-days and spring camps."

So you're telling me that Utah practiced never used any of their elaborate defensive schemes in practice? That when the 1's went against the 1's in practice, Utah kept everything vanilla on both sides of the ball?

Either you're totally clueless about how teams practice for games, or you're just spinning to soften the blow of losing Roderick.

Regardless, Roderick has been watching Utah's defense in practice and in games for 8 years and he's seen every defensive trick in Whittingham's book.

Knowledge is power and Roderick brings a wealth of knowledge with him to BYU.

Gilbert, AZ


"so we should also not blame Weber at all for BYU's O Line this year never knowing the snap count or how to effectively block opposing defenses..."

No, you can blame Weber all you want; that's why he left, because he knew his days at BYU were numbered anyway.

Lyman, WY

A-Rod has wanted to come back to BYU for a while now. He admits having a hard time coaching against BYU, while on the other hand Sitake and Whit have never said anything similar.

Ogden, UT

Hmmmm, interesting pick up by the Cougars. Time will tell.

Salt Lake City, UT

Had he gone to Michigan or Nebraska or even Wisconsin with Anderson many would have expressed disappointment, but because he chose the rival, he is now a bad coach and not worth anything. Sad commentary.

Just like the recruiting game, if they sign with you school, they are great prospects. Go the other way and they are poor prospects, good riddance. But should they de-commit and return, they are great prospects again.

Sad commentary.


Marked it Down, I know exactly how practices are run, and very few times during the week do the offensive 1's go live against the defensive 1's, and that does not involve the intricate and elaborate gameplans on either side of the ball. I'm not saying he will be clueless about anything Utah runs, but pretending like he knows everything Whit and Sitake will throw at him is a bit farfetched. If anything, the most intimate knowledge he will bring will be about Johnson's offensive tendencies.

As much as you would love to imagine there is, like I said, there's not much blow to soften for me about losing ARod. He was a decent recruiter (in my opinion not in the top 3 currently on staff), a bad offensive coordinator when he held the job, and managed to develop low-rated recruits into average contributors and developed highly-rated recruits into average contributors. When I've met him, he's a nice guy, so I've no personal problems with him, and wish him well. And for your sake, I'm glad you're excited about having him.


phoenix, that was exactly my point, hello. I know many Utes fans that have been saying the same thing about Roderick for a while now. Ironically it seems Duckhunter is the only realistic BYU fan about this hire, regardless of whether that's just because ARod has been at Utah for so long, or if he's since learned from his premature praise of Ben Cahoon.


Good luck, Coach Roderick.

Orlando, FL

Just wondering how loyal this guy is. He's apparently left once and to BYU's 'mortal football' enemy of all places! NOW he's back (and for how long)? Not sure I trust him; I question his flitting allegiance and wonder why the coaches are so quick to embrace him!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Meh, you can have him. Utah's receivers took a major step back while on his watch.

Highland, UT


What "premature praise of Ben Cahoon" did I make? I'm willing to bet you cannot find a single such comment from me. That said I think Cahoon has done a pretty good job with the wr's whereas A-Rod has not turned out much at utah.

Sandy, UT

The spin from Utah fans about Roderick's departure to BYU was soooo predictable it's almost sad how immature and shallow the kids on the hill really are.

Roderick has been an excellent coach for the Utes for years, so much so, that Whittingham was paying him well above the typical salary level of a position coach. There's little doubt Whittingham was keeping Roderick around to tutor BJ and as his backup plan in case his gamble with BJ didn't work out.

Without Roderick's help, BJ's rocky first year would have been an even bigger disaster.

Sorry Duckhunter, but I have to disagree with your assessment of Cahoon versus Roderick. I think both are very capable receivers coaches, but Roderick also brings an offensive depth of knowledge and close working relationship with Anae that Cahoon simply doesn't possess.


Duckhunter, it would be next to impossible to sift through every article to find it, but you gushed about how Cahoon's experience and longevity in Canadian Football would bolster and teach BYU's young receivers. And that pretty much comes out in your assessment of him here in spite of BYU's assessment of him in letting him go and trying to bring in Roderick.

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