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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 16 2013 2:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to Aaron on his new coaching job. He did a good job recruiting for Utah and did not do as good of a job as a wide receivers coach. Utah's wide receivers have been average at best and drops were a huge problem.

West Valley, UT

Wow, I didn't think Utah would let him go. I guess he was still kind of hurt when he was over looked for the OC job.

Chandler, AZ

This is the best news of the coaching overall at BYU. Getting Roderick back to BYU is huge. He was mismanaged at Utah. He was overlooked for their OC position and then asked to basically come in and try to salvage their season.

Roderick is probably the best offensive coach in the state right now. I was hoping he would have replaced Doman, but this is almost as good.

Nice...very nice.


ARod was never one of my favorite coaches. Regardless, the best of luck to him in his new position. It'd be great to see Utah find an experienced offensive mind to work with BJ, but what I see more likely is something like Quinton Ganther being promoted from GA to RBs coach, and Jay Hill moving to receivers.

Highland, UT

I actually have to agree with 54-10, utah's wr's have been pretty bad the last several years and Roderick was thier coach. I hope he is capable of doing a better job at BYU.

Sounds right..
Cedar City, UT

He realized after next year all the Utah coaches would be looking for jobs anyways. Great move for A rod. BYU has a much brighter future than the school up north. BYU always seems to have a better record but lately Utah has won the rivalry game. That goes to show they only care about that game and make it their super bowl. With that mentality you will never be a team better than 6-6
Great day to be a coug fan

Orem, UT

Great news for BYU fans; a punch in the gut to Utah fans, but they can blame Whit.

Roderick felt slighted at Utah after being jacked around between wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator, back to wide receivers coach when Whittingham hired 25 year old Brian Johnson as the OC when Norm Chow left.

Roderick knows Utah's defensive schemes intimately, having coached against Utah's defense every day in practice, and will be a great asset to BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

It was only a matter of time before AR was going to leave the Utes after he was passed over. As a loyal Utah fan I wish him well, he was a quality coach for us. With that said, I hope his feelings are not hurt to bad when The Utes beat the Y for the 9th time out of 12 next fall.

Baltimore, MD


"Utah's wide receivers have been average at best and drops were a huge problem."

Don't blame A-Rod because his receivers weren't smart enough to run routes and had bricks for hands.

Baltimore, MD


"Wow, I didn't think Utah would let him go."

Utah didn't have a choice.

After all of the times A-Rod had been stabbed in the back by Whit, even Utah's PAC 12 bankroll simply wasn't big enough to bribe Roderick to stay with a failing program any longer.

Harrisville, UT

What? This has to be wrong! PAC 10.2 schools don't lose coaches to an "irrelevant" institution.

Maybe BYU is relevant after all....yeah, we knew it all along.

Welcome Coach Roderick hope to see great things from the Cougar offense in years to come.

Independence is working just fine.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Mixed feelings on Roderick. Receivers have not been great. Lots of drops. The talent was there but they rarely shined. But, Roderick seemed to be creative and on target with his playing calling. Please Kyle, do not get Doman to replace it.

Las Vegas, NV

Head scratcher: why he would step backward. Bigger head scratcher - he made fun of byU a LOT! I guess he is just getting used to demotions or byU has promised him Anae's job when they dump Roscoe.

Good luck to A-Rod, but byU better hope he does a better job with their WRs than he did at Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT


BYU's better record might have something to do with a patsy schedule. Utah beating BYU 8 out of the last 11 might have something to do with them being the better team.

Syracuse, ut

Welcome to BYU Coach A-Rod, sounds like a good hire. Let's get this offense rolling again.


BlueCoug, I just mentioned it on the Chip Kelly article, but it bears repeating: Roderick never coached against Utah's schemes except against a very simplified version during fall two-a-days and spring camps. He coached against the scout team running what the opposing defense was expected to run, with maybe a few of those players having a small chance to eventually be contributors on Utah's defense.

Rockwell, so we should also not blame Weber at all for BYU's O Line this year never knowing the snap count or how to effectively block opposing defenses, so BYU fans had no reason to openly criticize and potentially run him into another program?


These comments are mostly silly.

This might be good or bad for Utah, it may be good or bad for BYU, who knows? Oh yeah, nobody.

What makes me angry is that in the pick his hat looks pink. Unacceptable.

Los Angeles, CA

News Flash Utes! Your entire offensive has been dismal since the hiring of Brian Johnson as the offensive coordinator. Just like the Y and Brandon Doman, he has no experience running an offense. Yes he was a great quarterback, but an offensive coordinator, he's not. BYU finally realized that about Doman, and pulled the plug. The same thing should also happen on the hill. And yes, I do root for the Utes, but I have not been a fan of Brian Johnson. He runs the offense, not Aaron Roderick. Yes the receivers weren't that good this year, but neither was the enitire Ute offense. Like another poster said, if the Utes don't turn things around, the entire staff will be fired. Roderick got out in time to get a better offer, while he still had a job. He would've been a better coordinator than BJ. Utah made a mistake when they passed over Gary Crowton, who by the way, is an offensive genious. He was not head coaching material. Would've helped the Utes. Roderick will do well at th Y.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to A-Rod. I think BYU got a pretty good coach here.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Can't blame him for deserting a sinking ship.

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