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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 16 2013 12:10 p.m. MST

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Lindon, UT

It wouldn't happen until Bronco is gone. Even then, for all the reasons indicated above, he would not come to BYU on a full time basis. Perhaps there is a chance that if Anae is hired as HC, he might be persuaded to be OC. I believe OC would be a better fit than even QC. He would be great at either. Don't hold your breath - it probably ain't gonna happen.

Plano, TX

There is no question that Texas high school football is something special and the stuff of legend. Having attended BYU during the glory years (including the '84 National Championship year), I have seen what Bronco is shooting for. Having been heavily involved in the winningest team in Texas high school football over the last 50 years (Plano Sr. High School) in the booster club and with 3 sons on the team over the years----I've gotta say, Ty, stay in Texas. The football is better. The weather is better. Even though high school coaches work CRAZY hours (90+ during football season), the fans are awesome and you have such an opportunity to directly impact the young men on your teams. You don't want/need all the ballyhoo that accompanies NCAA football and the almost certainty of being fired at some point. You're walkin' in tall cotton right where you are----stay.

Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

Amen Brother Harmon.


Ty all day, every day. Ty Detmer is the extra strength Ty-lenol needed to cure the Cougar's offensive headaches!!!!!!

Orem, UT

Ty is an amazing man, and if he came back to BYU, he would not fit in. There is so much going on under the wire at BYU, that we the public do not see, how in the world, is a good-hearted, clean, funny and uplifting person supposed to fit in the BYU Athletic Department?

Anae runs out on BYU, can't handle whatever, coaches, relationships, players, and then comes running back after we see a complete deflation of the offense. What gives us an idea it will be different?

The only way I see BYU really turning an offensive corner, is if they all get along, see eye to eye, and have harmony on the team, which seems to be lacking when Anae is at BYU. Am I missing something?

Back to Ty. I only want him back if he can be in complete charge, either as head coach, or as Athletic director. Anything less than that is a slap to his legacy. Also, it wouldn't take long for half the fans to hate him for something, and I'd rather keep a good feeling toward him, and not see him dismantled by fans.

newhall, CA

Doman needs to go. Max Hall? Why? That would be a mistake. He was a marginal QB. How about getting someone that has years of experience and frankly is Mormon. Why is it that we have to hire Mormons? I'm surprised Calhoon is gone. Why? And to bring back Anae? That's like eating too much, throwing up, and eating it all over again. Anae's offense was offensive, boring and lacking. Isn't that why he was fired to begin with? Bronco is surrounding himself with guys who will never replace him. Here we go with another lousy, boring, offensive season.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

As a life-long Cougar fan I would love to see Ty Detmer as part of the program. It would be a great fit for BYU and his family. However, knowing how fickle and short-sighted we BYU fans can be, I would hate for his mystique to be tarnished because of impatience or unmet expectations.

And how long is Chris B going to be allowed to continue his negative posts that are obviously submitted to antagonize others? There is nothing thought-provoking or constructive about his statements.

Everett, WA

A big YES for hiring Detmer. Not sure Anae ego could handle that though.

Agua Dulce, TX

We've heard this clarion call before - "if only BYU would just ask, Ty would come." I think they have, and he's said no. There is zero upside to him coming to BYU. Zero.

St Louis, MO

There's some superficial appeal to bringing in Detmer, but there's another reason for him to stay where he is, or at least avoid working for BYU in particular. One word: Expectations. We all remember Early 90's Ty, and that's what we'd kind of expect, albeit in coaching form. When he inevitably loses a couple of games, reality would set in and the shine would be off the penny. Seriously, if Detmer was hired, he'd be competing with his own ghost with very little margin for error. Maybe as an assistant he'd be out of the line of fire, but fans and boosters would start calling for him to take over the minute things go sour.

And Steve Young? Come on. That's just fantasy world stuff. Do we have any idea if he (1) is interested in coaching, or (2) would be a good coach? There are tons of examples of former great athletes who tried coaching and bombed. It takes more than name recognition, and we know nothing about Young's abilities.

Bottom line: You don't hire a coach as a PR move.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

Dick nailed this one hard. As usual, Harmon got it right from all angles.

I would only add that some people could feel threatened by Detmer's presence and the shadow he would cast over the program. The Head Coach is usually the center of attention and conducts all of the interviews. Having fans and media constantly seeking out Ty Detmer could be problematic. But on matters of leadership, of which Bronco is a regular student, great managers are comfortable enough in their own skin to surround themselves with individuals who add talent to the team.

Let's hope all egos are in check and that someday, somebody can build a compelling case for Ty to consider making a move back to Provo. If nothing else, Bronco might find another outdoorsy buddy with whom he can spend some nights by a fire discussing the finer points of offensive football.

Rally behind the idea of a dream team and maybe someday our wishes will come true.

Kearns, UT

Detmer won't get hired because Anae and Mendenhall's egos won't let it happen. They don't want to be overshadowed. Besides, Ty would make more money than Anae in order to come to the Y.

Ty would be an excellent recruiter for the Y. His temperment is such that we would get along well with fellow coaches and the players. He always took his O Line to dinner. I saw them at the Brick Oven many times. He also knows how to win. He's also a good teacher. He also is competetive and really hates to lose. His most positive aspect is, he's absolutely a football genius. He read defenses better than any Y QB before or since.

Hall? Not a chance. He'd be no better than Doman. He also doesn't have any experience. I hope Anae is not that stupid.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I'd love it but I think he's enjoying his life now without the pressure.

Bountiful, UT

Dick said, "On the other hand, Mendenhall, I believe, has given Anae total control over who he assembles to coach BYU’s offense."

Ummm...I don't think anyone believes that for a second. I think everyone knows that Tom Holmoe gave that control to Anae when he hired Anae back to clean up Bronco's huge mess and to get Bronco's offensive ineptitude completely out of the offensive side of the field. Thank heavens too!!!

Columbia, MO

Detmer would have been a much better choice than Roderick (who served as passing coordinator for the worst passing team in the PAC12). Detmer knows the passing game.

San Tan Valley, AZ

If the BYU brass are serious, then Holmoe and Mendenhall will both go out there together and ask what it will take to make it happen!!! With the rebuilding of the offensive coaching staff....we need Detmer to coach the QB's! With Detmer as a QB coach, there would be no LDS QB in the nation that we would want but couldn't get. He could easily be successful at developing our QB's unlike we have been lately. And he could also give some input on returning BYU to the offensive power we sed to be. He's only been around this style of offense his whole life! Let's get it done!!!

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