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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 9:40 p.m. MST

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Richard Smoker
Provo, UT

I adore this man.

Murray, UT

It makes me wonder if he got an SBA loan to start his business. Dad Blamed Government

boise, id


speaking of unnecessary wars - your conservatives are the ones that keep putting us into them and then blaming the ones that oppose it as un-american, liberal, or pacifist.

As a vietnam vet(disabled) I think it is amazing that conservative Republicans think they have the ownership of patriotism, then many sit back and send the less affluent off to fight their wars. Take a look around and see who put us in this hole and continues to fill their pockets to keep most of us in the group paying the 14% while they keep getting richer. Trust me the 1%ers aren't inviting you or me to join their club. the 99% doing the grunt work is how they maintain the economic disparity in this country and around the world. For me I'll spend my $5.95 plus tax somewhere that respects ALL people even if they think differently than the owner.

Centerville, UT

LOL a lot of people posting with out any facts or knowledge, law suit hardly, tax, no he doesn't charge a tax, just a higher price. The DN said tax not him. As for the price, he says they are both listed on the price board. He only asks what price the customer wants to pay. Paying the higher product price is a choice of the customer he makes no judgement. As he said in an interview, he has a number of liberal friends that come in and pay the higher price, making a statement. He doesn't demand a higher price. He does not demand identification or proof of political leanings. Liberals are really uptight individuals. LOL. Oh and for facts, drilling in the Vernal area with Obama went from sixty rigs down to about seventeen. Obama did kill jobs in Vernal.


Do I smell free advertising here? Yes, yes I think I do.

Durham, NC

I wonder what his tax on moderates is... 50 cents? I wonder how disappointed he would be to find out a bunch of moderate academics are the ones keeping US oil production competitive. If it weren't for a bunch of people in my business, he wouldn't have a hole to ..... in.

But it is a clever campaign.... he got the attention he wanted.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Making money and a profit off politics. He has the makings of a conservative politician.

Mapleton, UT

The great lie of liberalism is that conservatives hate the poor, would cast off people to a life of poverty, etc. etc. The reality is that conservatives care for and are more than willing to help the poor. The problem we have with the status quo, is in how the government goes about it. Rather than helping people, the liberal establishment and their methods go about creating dependency which has the very effect of making people poor in the first place--by messing up the natural work=reward equation of the human condition.

I am all for a safety net. I am all for caring for the poor and have devoted many personal hours of my time and my own resources to doing precisely that. I am all for caring for those in need and giving them a hand up, and yes, even a hand out--according to their need and circumstances. But I, along with every other conservative, am against creating poverty by mis-applying and over-applying public assistance. I hate to see poverty. It pains me. And I hate to see my government causing it!

Salt Lake City, UT

If the proprietor really wanted to separate liberals from their money, shouldn't he charge them less? Lower price translates to greater sales volume, so total revenue goes up. A self-proclaimed conservative ought to understand markets. He seems more interested in the "gotcha" element than in getting liberals to hand over their money.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

If I called myself a Democrat, or was part of the 47% including many Rebpulcians who pay no taxes --

Will this guy give me a "freebie"?

Cache county, USA

This guy is my hero

Eagle Mountain, UT

For example --

Men $4.95
Women $5.95


Mormons $4.95
Non-Mormons $5.95


Whites $4.95
Non-Whites $5.95
Open Minded Mormon made some great points. What she missed of course is that every item she listed is either religious or what you are. Both areas are protected by the constitution. Being liberal or conservative is what you choose and therefore is not protected by the constitution. And no, you are not "born" that way (liberal or conservative).

Oakland, CA

"There is a truism in government. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of." Such as more Big Oil?

"Want more people on welfare? Then give it out like it was free candy." This is pure straw man. "Want more federal debt?" Can you make a real argument that 'free candy' is such a substantial driver of the debt?

"I for one, cannot support the idea of kicking our debt down the road leaving our children and grandchildren to pay off what we so stupidly spent." Did you scream at the Bush administration for the Iraq debacle, which is in fact a significant driver of the debt we're paying for now?
The loss of revenue by giving the wealthiest this great break, is this 'savings' for the federal goverment somehow to you?

You have the most simplistic [and reactionary] ideas and as far as I can tell regurgitating them mindlessly is sufficient. Do you think you're saying something to an adult here?

Johnnie B
taos, NM

As a liberal, I would be happy to pay an extra dollar, if it went to the health care of underpaid restaurant workers. But the Heritage Foundation gets enough money from the KOCH brothers. They don't need my help.

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