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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 11:50 a.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

@Cougar Claws
"I like how KSL and DNews reported that this was Bronco's decision. I don't think it was. Somehow I get the feeling that Holmoe made this Anae's decision. This can't be good for Bronco and Holmoe's relationship because of Bronco's decision making being superseded."

I'm certain you're right and it's because Bronco has decided to finish out his contract (2013 is his last year) and then the team will be turned over to Anae. Holmoe and Anae are former teammates and friends and I think Holmoe has been frustrated wtih some of the whacky decisions Bronco has been making of late (Riley Nelson) and doesn't want to see that continue.

West of I15, UT

@Snack PAC..."Utah was only the third best team in the state in 2012."

Alright guess Utah was only the third best team in the state in 2012. So that would mean the cougies were only the fourth best team in the state in 2012.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

The team Offense deficit, due to “Bronco decided to stay with Riley no matter what the cost.”
turned out to be a crisis of depression level economics which must be met with a balanced approach. The coach has to stop spending for favorites at the cost of the bench sitters, the univerity and the fans, while playing the best man, regardless of which party he belongs to.

West Jordan, Utah

My prediction; Anae will be the head coach in two years. I put myself out there. Take your shots. My payoff will only come if and when this prediction happens. Until then, take your shots.

Just Smiling

To Tom in LA- with all your remembering (the U didn't go to a bowl) do you also remember that The U beat the Y for the past 3 years? I still find humor in a Y fan that ignores game results by pointing out who did and didn't play in a bowl game, irregardless of the insignifigance of the bowl game or difficulty in schedule.BYU lost to the teams that were better than them and the U lost to the teams that were better than them. Schedule more teams that you can beat and you'll go to a bowl game.

Just Smiling

Just a question.....what does Max Hall bring to the table other than emotional baggage and hatred?

Phoenix, AZ

Interesting about Max Hall. Love the fire, but obviously, it got the best of him.

In 2010, when Hall was an undrafted rookie, the coaching staff for hte Cardinals took notice of him and he was the most polished QB of the four they had in camp. Does that go back to his BYU training from Doman or genetics from Uncle Danny or he simply was better? If Hall were 6-4 240 - he would probably still be playing on Sundays, but then again he might not have ended up at BYU and would have stayed at ASU like his uncle and grandfather. He was 6-1 200 lbs and two season ending injuries. The AZ O-line was horrible and about got his neck broken.

Anyway, where did he get those polished QB skills? Did they come from Domans tutalage? Can Max Hall be an effective teacher of those same skills he had? Those are my burning questions. BYU should not hire Max Hall for his PR skills.

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