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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 11:50 a.m. MST

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Palo Alto, CA

Who r u?

"now who will champion those two star recruits"

per Scout

Billy Green
Pos: QB
Nat'l Rank: #108
Nat'l Rating: 2 stars

Hipolito Corporan
Pos: CB
Nat'l Rank: #149
Nat'l Rating: 2 stars

hmmm, I wonder

Palo Alto, CA

Who am I sir? A jealous Utah troll.

I noticed that Whitless is sticking with his 25-yo OC, obviously so the Utes will have a ready-made excuse for another losing season.

Cedar Hills, UT

It's OK guys, Bronco will be gone too after the cougs lose 8 games next year.

Look for the Williams kid to transfer now too.

This is quite the debacle. Oh well.

Old Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Ben Cahoon is one one of the biggest studs in the program.

Maybe he was a threat to Mendenhall to become the next head coach?

Better to ax any future threat to the throne.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Reasonable question, laughable dig aside.

I personally think the decision to continue playing Riley after he was hurt was the one decision that was inexplicable. I think the major problems with the offense were rooted in the line play, and it appears that Anae may be a step in the right direction for that.

I think Joe and Ben are collateral damage. Robert was told he could have they guys he wanted coaching offense; he wants other guys.

The rest is speculation. Shoot, this was speculation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very interesting...there has been no official announcement still. Also, a legitimate source told me that Jason Beck, former BYU QB, was flown into Provo Saturday and interviewed with Anae and Mendenhall for a spot on the staff. No mention on that in this article. We can't be seriously considering Max Hall for the QB job, can we? The guy has never coached and has never even put in his time as a GA. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the guy hasn't even graduated with his degree yet. Clark and Peterson, along with Beck, are way more qualified.

Frisco, TX

It seems pretty easy to read between the lines - if the Cougs are interviewing for QB Coach, Doman must be gone also. Meaning it's a clean sweep on the offensive side of the ball.

Two months ago, BYU fans were calling for big changes of the offensive side of the ball, after seeing our lethargic offense. And now that big changes are happening, I'm reading all these comments about not wanting DuPaix to go, and not wanting Cahoon to go, and not wanting Doman to go. I'm sure they are good men, but in coaching it's all about results - not effort, not being a good person, etc.

Anae has obviously negotiated for complete control of the offense. Bronco will focus entirely on DC. And in reality we don't have a head coach.

If the Cougs have a good record the next year or two, I'm pretty sure we'll see Anae as the HC in the near future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Pile on Doman. It's the fad right now. Mock him, call him names if you want. The dude was a Heisman contender, and played in the NFL. Most of you probably never sniffed a High School locker room. Call him what you will, but...you might want to call him a WINNER because of his own career.

He probably was only 33% of the problem this year and he'll probably end up being a very good coach in the future.

BYU fan most of my life but man we are an ignorant, name-calling bunch from time to time.

Best of luck Brandon. Stick with coaching....

Kearns, UT

Didn't Cahoon play with Anae. Please, not Max Hall. There has to be an experianced QB coach out there somewhere.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


You wish.

Highland, UT


It isn't about "piling on" Doman, it is about the fact his offense the last 2 years was just not good enough. I supported him on these boards from the time he was hired, I thought he could become a good offensive coordinator, it did not happen. I even posted on here I thought he should get one more year. But the truth is his results were not good.

None of us knows all of the inner dealings in the program, we hear things, many of us even know some people inside and know some things, but the truth is none of us knows it all. The one thing I do know is that the offense was not good under Doman, for whatever reasons.

If it is still bad under Anae then we can address that as it occurs, but if it improves, and I think it will, then that is just the way things go. I know Doman is a BYU guy, I know he badly wanted to succeed as BYU's coordinator. Unfortunately he did not.

We'll see what the future brings for BYU and for Doman.


Vai Sikahema wrote a story for the Dnews when Bronco fired Anae. He called out Bronco for firing dark skin coaches and replacing them with Caucasian coaches. I stopped reading Vai's stories after that. Question is will Vai now write a complimentary story for Bronco allowing for Anae to return and hire coaches of color?

We all know Bronco did not fire Robert Anae and Jamie Hill because of race or color.

Palo Alto, CA


"This is quite the debacle."


Only a jealous Utah fan would characterize a newly hired offensive coordinator hiring his own staff as a "debacle".

Can't wait to see your spin when BJ's offense struggles again next season and Kyle has to replace him to save his own job.

btw, remind us again how many OC's Kyle has had in the last 8 years, including the game of musical OCs he's played with A Rod.

Greenwood, IN

My problem with Doman is that I think he had bit off more than he could chew. If he was going to be the offensive coordinator they should have hired a QB coach. If he wanted to be the QB coach he should have declined the O.C. offer. Aside from that he's a great guy. I still don't understand letting Cahoon go, unless it was his loyalty for Doman that made it impossible to work for Anae, but I can't really see that. All I know is that before he came the receivers dropped as many or more passes than they caught, and after he got there, you rarely saw them drop anything.

Henderson, NV

Chris B:

Hows that inferiority complex workin for ya?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Billy Green per Rival 2 star per 247 2 star

Hapolito Corporan per Rival 3 star per 247 3 star

ESPN had both rated 3 star however Corporan had a point grad of 78 compared to 74 for Green.

(After the final signing I will give evidence of how Scout undergrades U recruits (compared to the other three services - part of the reason is because they were (are?) not allowed to watch U practices because they did not adhere to team rules.)

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

This makes zero sense. Both DuPaix and Cahoon were good coaches and perfectly qualified and capable of coaching up good players. I have a bad feeling about this. I really hope Anae chooses coaches that are actually qualified to coach well and not just because he wants to bring on the guys he wants. If there's one thing Coach Anae was known for while he was here it wasn't humility. I hope his pride isn't BYU football's downfall.

The running backs and receivers were not what was wrong with the offense. BYU went 8-5 because of the QB and offensive line problems. I had thought those had been addressed. It sounds crazy but there is more to coaching than purely X's and O's. Was this really Bronco's decision or was this another 'administrative' decision?

Lindon, UT

About two months ago, Holmoe held a conference here at BYU for students to ask questions. I pointed out his comment from the D-News about "chemistry" issues within the coaching staff. He was very surprised somebody quoted the newspapers and was slow to come up with an answer. Right then I knew I had him cornered and that changes were coming in the off-season.

Holmoe tried worming his way out of quite a few questions that afternoon, but non looked more desperate or pathetic than his answer to mine.

I'm glad Anae is back. Hope to see some fire power on offense now. For all the naysayers on Anae I have this to say: Look at the offensive statistics from when he was here. Consistent Top 25. We lost some big games yes, but we won a bunch of them too. (PS: Anae can actually beat Utah).

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Rather than look at one player; here is the 4 scouting services grade of recruits as of today:

Rival: U - 1 four star; 21 three star; 4 two star
Y - 1 four star; 8 three star; 16 two star

ESPN: U - 1 four star; 25 three star; 0 two star
Y - 1 four star; 13 three star; 6 two star

247: U - 2 four star; 21 three star; 4 two star
Y - 0 four star; 12 three star; 12 two star
Scout U - 0 four star; 13 three star; 12 two star
Y - 0 four star; 9 three star; 18 two star

Compare all four evaluations of the two recruiting classes and also compare the Sout rating vs the other three services of Utah recruits.

Less than 4 more weeks until committment day - I know the Utes are hopeful of big news yet to come. Don't follow the cougars as much so not certain; however - good luck except for the one or two left in common!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"The Y will continue outperforming U in overall success."

little brother:

You mean, aside from that whole 8-of-11, 3-in-a-row thing?

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