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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 11:50 a.m. MST

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Ty Detmer for QB coach. Make the call to Texas. Get it done.....

Sandy, UT

re: ChrissyB

You're slipping. You're not the first to post on this BYU article. Looks like you tried to make up for it with 2 posts in the first 10 though.

Btw, how is that offensive juggernaut coming along for the utes ?


AltaHawkFan already responded to Brave Sir Robin's ridiculous SOS assertion. I guess he can now "bravely run away".

Letting Cahoon go is a HUGE mistake, IMO. Running game disappointed me - good against weak competition but weak against decent teams. Don't know how much of that was O-line problems, which I hope Anae can address. But receivers improved *markedly* under Cahoon! If Austin Collie is ready to quit the NFL and is taking the WR job at BYU, OK. Otherwise, I can't think of anyone better than Cahoon!

Sandy, UT

Serenity Now

"These changes seem reactionary, as though the BYU football program was miles away from BCS success instead of inches."

You're right, these changes are reactionary.

Because of an inept offense, one of the best defenses in BYU history and a legitimate chance of playing in a BCS bowl were wasted.

Cahoon and DuPaix are both great men and I'm sad to see them go, but I don't blame Anae for wanting to assemble his own staff. Hopefully, bringing some new blood into the program will help reinvigorate BYU's stagnant offense.

Sandy, UT

"Where did you come up with 3rd worst or is that just an example of Ute math?"

It's an example of Ute math and lack of deductive reasoning.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

still up in the air on Brandon Doman? I thought Ben Cahoon was doing fine but I know nothing about football system in football. I sure like to know what Ben going to do or is going back to Canada to play some more?

Salt Lake City, UT

This arm chair QB doesn't have a clue what is going on in Provo but it looks like a bigger shake-up than anticipated. I hope it all works out for the Cougs. If it doesn't this time then I think next shake-up maybe should involve a change at head coach. Just sayin.

St. Georg, UT

Brave Sir Robin:preseason as well Utah 55 BYU 74 USU 113 All those pointed out to you add up to...not 3rd worst. Do you just make up stats? SOS must not make much of a difference because USU was the best team in Utah this year. Yes BYU won, but anyone serious knows USU was the better team throughout the year, especially when they beat the UTES!

Nephi, UT

Strength of schedule smack? Really? We though U were ready to challenge for the Rose Bowl from day one. I guess not.

Cinci Man

I'm nervous about 2013. I hope Anae has sharpened his skills at OC, although I'm not understanding where he schooled for improvement over his last opportunity at OC for BYU. I got so tired of all the predictable plays. If BYU lined up a certain way, it was one play and another way was another play, etc. 4 ways to line up and 4 plays total. The better the opponent, the more predicatable BYU became and they got creamed by teams they should have beaten. I was excited about Doman, but he became the master of the planned/failed QB draw, 20-25 times a game. I hope we are moving forward but I reserve judgement. We'll know about 4-5 games into the season.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Congratulations to Duckhunter and dustman for being able to post comments before the lobotomy case from Salt Lake that shall remain nameless.

Sandy, UT

Chris B

"Remember how Heaps, Doman, and Cahoon were supposed to create an offensive juggernaut?"

Sometimes even the best-laid plans don't work out. That's why it's important to learn from your mistakes and move on.

After handing the reins of his offense to a 25-yo with almost no coaching experience, and seeing the mess that he created out of it, Whitless may be facing the same decision to revamp his offensive coaching staff next year.

Enid, OK

Not sure why they got rid of Cahoon. That guy is a superstart, CFL or not. Is it possible that he's one of those athletes that is incredible on the field but awful coaching that same sport?

If it's not that, getting rid of him makes ZERO sense.

And, I doubt it's the no-coaching-talent issue because Cody Hoffman, who was virtually unheard of signing with BYU as a freshman has rapdily become a future NFL-caliber receiver.


Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr. DuPaix was the recruiting coordinator so when I read of his dismissal I though, "Oh no, now who will champion those two star recruits that have no other offers?" Then the answer was revealed to me. It was his boss that said this year they were going to hold off on the number of early signees in order to get more of the late, highly rated recruits committing late in the process. And it was the boss who then reversed the new philosophy in recruiting only to sign the usual number of early recruits by saying these recruits were just too good to pass up. So, as long as the Y plays football, the two star athelets have hope.

Heber City, UT

Cahoon leaving, just makes no sense. Their has got to be some personal conflicts going on there. DuPaix, I don't enough about. Cahoon, still bothers me.

Sandy, UT

re: Craiger

Since you can't think of anyone better, maybe it's good that you're not the person hiring for the position. Just maybe Coach Anae can think of someone better.

Good luck to both coaches in finding new positions.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Great time to clean house. At least five(assuming domain goes) assistant coaches gone. There will be minimum effect of the current recruits (look at their profiles and see how few have any other option) and it provides a ready made excuse for next years record.

Provo, UT

Sorry for some of the Ute fans making up statistics to put down BYU. I still think it's funny that BYU fans brag to Utah fans about stuff when they haven't won in a while. This question is for BYU fans: Do you feel that those people were the root of the problem? Or was it Bronco? Also, Do you feel that Bronco was covering his butt, and/or that he should have been the one to go?

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT

"So, as long as the Y plays football,..."

The Y will continue outperforming U in overall success.

Sandy, UT

Reasonable Ute
I fully blame Bronco and Holmoe....

Cahoon Increased the production of the WR's.
Dupaix increased the production of the RB's even with the worse O-line in the history of College sports....

So let me get this straight....
BYU offense was horrible,
the man in charge (Doman) was the master of the Offensive plan.
Weber was the O-line coach which produced the worse oline in history

so Bronco in his "infinite" wisdom get rid of the best Coaches (Cahoon, Dupaix) Weber leaves on his accord, Reynolds "Retires" and Doman Still has the chance to come back?

Does anyone else see the irony in this?

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