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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 5:05 p.m. MST

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

U 90

You are spot on. Insecurity, with a twist of jealousy. Notice how the thread about Utah's 2013 Recruiting Class, turns into a we have more top 25 finish thread? Never a BCS victory, or who's beat who over the last 10 year thread....and of course they won't compare recruiting classes; which is the topic at hand. Now that's curious. Have a good one Guy and GO UTES!

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

U 90

"Since 03 Utah has identical or better records than BYU against Utah St, SDSU and GA Tech. Nice try."


You're seriously going to try to spin that Utah State, SDSU and Georgia Tech have been consistently as good each season since 2003 as each of those teams was this season?

No wonder Utah fans are so clueless when it comes to understanding the difference between being a perennial Top 25 team, like BYU, and an occassional Top 25 team, like Utah.


Spokane Ute

Since Utah only plays BYU TWICE in the next four years, while playing at least 36 games against PAC 10.2 teams, comparing how Utah stacks up against USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, Arizona, ASU, Cal, WSU and Colorado is MUCH MORE RELEVANT than how Utah and BYU compare.

Of course, if you're like most Utah fans who are totally and completely obsessed with beating BYU, I guess how Utah compares to their big brother is more important.

Orem, UT


"It's funny to watch BYU fans predicting a dire future for Utah..."

Utah's track record of being a conference bottom dweller or conference also ran for most of the last 60 years is a much more reasonable predictor of Utah's future, than Utah's momentary flashes of brilliance during the mid-2000s.

The Utes have been in steady decline since they hit their peak in 2008.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Not obssessed at all. No need to use CAPS, your obsession with Utah football is so noted. Actually, Utah stacks up just fine against those schools; having split against Arizona, UCLA and Cal; and sweept WSU. We haven' played Oregon or Stanford since joining the conference. I hope that helps with your education and understanding of Utah football.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Spokane Ute

"Actually, Utah stacks up just fine against those schools..."

You're only fooling yourself.

The only time Utah stacks up "just fine" against "those" teams is when they're having a losing season; and even then, Utah still manages to embarrass itself - see 10-loss Colorado at home.

I hope that helps educate U about your own team.

Here's a little Utah history quiz for you:

When was the last time Utah won a road game against a PAC 12 team with a winning record?

A road game, by the way, is a game played in the other team's home stadium.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Just the Fiction

I have no idea, and conversely, when was the last time BYU beat a BCS school, with a winning record, on the road? Face it; it's been a while for both schools. While se are asking questions; when was the last time BYU won a BCS bowl? Beat an SEC team with a winning record? Actually beat Utah?

Now lets stay on topic.

Who currently has the higher ranked recruiting class? That was my point to begin with. Why do BYU fans refuse to answer the only question that relates there school, to the subject matter? Now that's curious.

Lincoln Park, IL

Spokane Ute

"Who currently has the higher ranked recruiting class?"

Since you've already posted the answer, I'd suggest scrolling back a page or two to refresh your memory.

"...when was the last time BYU beat a BCS school, with a winning record, on the road?"

BYU beat ACC division winner Georgia Tech(7-7) on the road - the 4th best rushing team in the country and a team that dominated USC in the Sun Bowl.

Forget labels, which don't really indicate whether a team was any good during a particular season.

When was the last time Utah and BYU beat a Top 25 team?


BYU - 2012 - #16/#16 Utah State

Utah - 2011 - ur/#25 BYU

Not surprising, Utah's greatest accomplishment since joining the PAC 10.2, is beating BYU.

So what has Utah really gained by joining the PAC 10.2?

A chance to play their bowl game against BYU in September so the Utes can watch bowl week from the comfort of their own living room?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Great spin job, but let's at least be accurate. Georgia Tech finished 7-7; that's not a "winning" record; it's a .500 record. A winning record indicates you have won more games then lost. Pretty simple.

The Utah State win was not on the "road"; like I asked. Another simple concept.

Can't you guys be accurate, or is everythng a spin game?

Utah has gained a huge TV contract, plus a nice Sun Bowl victory, against a Georgia Tech team that actully had a winning record.

Enough is enough, in conclusion. BYU has more top 25 rankings. BYU went to a bowl this year, Utah didn't. BYU won a National Championship, but not under a BSC format (beat a 6-6 Michigan team)

Utah has two BSC bowl victories. Utah has beaten BYU 8 of the last 11 meetings. My origional point, Utah continues to our recruit BYU.

Hopefully BYU fans (Utah Haters) can find someone else to pick a fight with. I'm done.

Everyone have a good day; and GO UTES!

Salt Lake City, Utah

U 90

"BYU beat the Aggies while Utah lost to them, however didn't BYU lose to Utah?"

Which best win was more impressive?

BYU's win over #16 Utah State(11-2)
Utah's win over unranked BYU(8-5)

Utah racked up almost all of their wins against the likes of FCS No. Colorado(5-6), California(3-9), Washington State(3-9), and Colorado(1-11) - combined record of FBS teams (7-29) - impressive!

It's easy to see why Sagarin ranked BYU #26 and Utah #61.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"BYU won a National Championship, but not under a BSC format"

The PAC 10/10.2 has never won a National Championship under the BCS format either.

So what's your point?

Las Vegas, NV

Lil ducky - you are sooo obsessed with trolling Utah stories - what are you trying to make up for? Nobody outside of Utah County give any credence to rantings and your predictions (Fangupo) are suspect at best.

You are entertaining, though. Keep on spreading your hatred for the U, we all need a good laugh!!

Go Utes!!

BTW - byU's "recommitment" keeps them solidly at the #64 recruiting class by Rivals, and they are significantly lower than Utah by EVERY other reporting service. Yet the kitty trollers are here in droves mocking Utah's recruiting class. Go figure!

Las Vegas, NV

Spokane Ute:

"Can't you guys be accurate, or is everythng a spin game?"

Uh - no and yes!

"Utah has two BSC bowl victories. Utah has beaten byU 8 of the last 11 meetings. My origional point, Utah continues to out recruit byU."

Why confuse them with facts and reality? Geez, Spokane, haven't you learned anything yet?

Salt Lake City, Utah


FACTS, and a reality check, that apparently continue to befuddle the kids on the hill.

BYU continues to have better overall seasons than Utah.

Utah continues its steady decline since peaking in 2008.

Can't wait to see how the kids on the hill spin 3-9 and a loss to BYU, after signing three straight PAC 10.2-calibre recruiting classes.

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