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Published: Monday, Jan. 14 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT


There is a difference in the two stories, let me help you.

The CB reported about in the utah section is only a VERBAL COMMIT, he has not signed and can still choose to change his mind and go elsewhere. This QB for BYU has actually SIGNED and is now a scholarship athlete at BYU. There is a huge difference there. One is a verbal commit, one has actually signed and is now attending school. I don't expect much from you utah "fans" anyway but surely even you can see the difference in the newsworthiness of each situation?


Let's not fight over a 2-star recruit. We will let BYU have that QB while Utah continues to recruit talented players, including a DT-QB and a PP-QB, both with high ratings. Time will tell if Green will play well for BYU, no one knows. Look at what happened to Jake Heaps, couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn. I'll just continue to look at the facts that Utah is continuing to impress recruits and has had 2 commitments from what BYU thought were "solid" commitments for them.

Las Vegas, NV

First of all, good luck to the kid, he has to be a better fit than Heaps was. Second of all, sorry for all the Ute trollers on this story - I hate it when Y trollers continually buzz Utah articles. Thirdly, Utah may have shown interest in him, but he was never heavily recruited nor was he made on offer. I am not sure about any other schools, just Utah. I am also not sure why Utah never heavily recruited him. Nobody can make assertions, from either side, about how heavily recruited he was or who actually recruited him. In my humble opinion, most lists that show "interest" by a school are part reality and part fiction.

Provo, UT


For what it's worth, according to ESPN, Billy Green is rated higher than Brandon Cox and Conner Manning, while Scout and Rivals have Cox and Manning as higher rated than Green.


Nobody really knows anything. Recruiting is completely speculative. I'm sure both teams are happy with the recruiting classes they're bringing in.

Go Cougars!



Agreed. Though I am still nervous for where Lowell is going to decide to go. Sounds like he had a great visit at BYU. Both Utah and BYU are pretty full on their recruiting class. Can't wait for the final game in a couple years between these two schools!

IRS Agent

@ Ute4Ever

How exactly do you know that he wasn't offered a scholarship from Utah (or any of the other schools)? Does the athletic department send you an email each time they offer someone a scholarship? The news typically reports when an athlete makes a commitment, but not when a school offers a scholarship. I am just curious how it is that you come by all this knowledge, I am interested in tracking it myself.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

My thanks go out to all for your thoughtful and enlightening comments.

Provo, UT

Maybe Utah did want this guy... I have no idea. If so, congrats to BYU for beating the Utes out on this kid (assuming he pans out). Still doesn't change the fact that Utah has beaten BYU consistently, and will likely beat them this next year too. Fans will search for anything to brag about especially when their team has been losing to their rival on a regular basis.

West Jordan, UT

@ IRS Agent

You ask how I found out who actually offered this kid officially. It's pretty simple actually. First you have to find yourself this thing called a computer. Hook up to what is called the internet. Then go onto one of the recruiting sites (Scout, Rivals, ESPN) and find their profile. Each site shows that ONLY BYU offered this kid. Not too difficult, so hopefully you can now track this like the rest of America.

@ Duckhunter

If the newsworthy ranking of a story is based on whether or not a kid has "signed", then please explain the full write up on all the recruits for 2013 that haven't signed and their reaction to Robert Anae. They haven't signed, but still get the press in the DesNews. If you don't see the bias, you are clearly....CLEARLY blind.

Last, Orphey being committed to BYU didn't stop Utah from offering him. So those saying Utah didn't offer because he committed to BYU is bogus spin too.

Frisco, TX

Since there are a lot of Utes trolling this thread with their usual hatred about a BYU athlete they know nothing about, help me understand the Utah QB pipeline. Wilson seems to have some talent, but if he goes down, who's next?

Here's the BYU QB pipeline - Hill, Munns, Olsen, Green, Kuresa, Mangum.

I'm feeling pretty good about the future. How about U?

IRS Agent


Thank you for the education. And because it is posted on one of these websites that means it is true, correct? Because these websites have personal contact with every high school football player in America, the information is 100% accurate, correct? Or are you just assuming? I know that when my son was offered his scholarship, it didn't show up there. Just a word of caution, I have heard that everything posted on the internet isn't always true. There is this one site called Wikipedia that my teachers told me about once that allowed anyone to post whatever they wanted to the site. When I get my computer thing, I am going to check that out too. Hopefully at some point the U will offer the class on critical thinking to help the students reason for themselves, and not accept whatever they read on the internet. Good luck, and thanks again for the education.

Palo Alto, CA


"First you have to find yourself this thing called a computer. Hook up to what is called the internet. Then go onto one of the recruiting sites (Scout, Rivals, ESPN) and find their profile. Each site shows that ONLY BYU offered this kid. Not too difficult, so hopefully you can now track this like the rest of America."

And you can verify that the recruiting services are never wrong?
And that their information is all encompassing?
And that they're clairvoyant enough to know whether a school would have offered a scholarship, if a player wasn't already firmly committed to another school?
And they have so much inside information that they know exactly what every school thinks about every recruit?

The truth is, the information posted on the recruiting websites is spotty at best, and contains lots of speculation by the hundreds of contributors who couldn't possibly know enough about every recruit to accurately rate every recruit.

The NFL can't even get it right every time and they're only evaluating several hundred candidates, not several thousand.

Highland, UT


The article about the BYU commits actually had less info about any one commit than the one about the cb that just gave the utes a commit. For most of them it simply mentioned their names, nothing more.

Once again Green is an actual SIGNEE and is attending school. That is a bit more of a story than some kid giving a verbal.

But then again there is also the small fact that more people care about BYU, and BYU's recruits, than care about utah or its recruits. The stories about BYU attract far more readers. I know it hurts you that most people just don't care about utah but that is simply the fact. The evidence for that is that there are exactly zero comments from BYU fans on that ute commit article, and only 10 comments total. No one really cares. There are now 50 comments on this article with many of them from jealous utah "fans" like yourself. In otherwords EVERYONE cares.


Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

@ Bluto

Why attack a fellow Cougar??...I'm serious this kid is the real deal, if WE are chasing him and he signs with us he must be awesome. I know WE have a Heisman and the jealous Utes don't....wasn't aware of all the other cool awards WE have. Go Cougs!!

CO Ute

While this really isn't 'new' news, it is a nick pick up for the Cougars and nothing negative from me about this young man. He is a very solid prospect.

What is funny is a few of the fans that are already predicting the QB rotation for the next several years. My suggestion to so see if any of these kids actually turns into a real player, which kids unfortunately get hurt, and which kids follow in the Jake Heaps mold and can't handle the spotlight. The best QB to come out of the state in many, many years is Alex Smith. He was a 3 star prospect that turned into the #1 pick compared to Heaps who was the #1 prospect and turned into ...

Sandy, UT

"Here's the BYU QB pipeline - Hill, Munns, Olsen, Green, Kuresa, Mangum."

What makes you think those recruits are any better than:

Wilson, Manning, Cox, Hansen, and Schults.

Heck, Adam Schultz proved he had a better arm in spring ball than any QB BYU has.

And hes a walk-on by the way.

"You're just a jealous cougar fool."

Look up all the parody's p1jared did on youtube. Describes you guys so well.

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