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Published: Monday, Jan. 14 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Respectfully, I disagree with your entire premise, as I understood it.

I believe yours is a thinly veiled reference to Jake Heaps. The inability to successfully integrate Jake into the blue collar mentality had nothing to do with the strong personality and everything to do with the blue collar.

If there is any lesson to be learned, it is that a 5 star athlete who wants to play at BYU is not necessarily enough to be declared a match made in heaven.

And while Billy appears to be a fine catch, I'm willing to wager that our ute brethren will deride your description of him as a blue chipper. They are (far too) focused on stars, and I think I read Billy's rating around 2.

What makes Billy a great story is that he is another non-Mormon who WANTS to attend BYU and play for BYU because of the values of the institution. He does not appear to be worried about Bronco's ability to handle talented quarterbacks.

Orem, UT


"Somebody please clarify for me how his future success as a player depends on us pinning down exactly who "showed interest," who "actually wanted" him, and who offered him a scholarship?"

It doesn't; but for some, the number of stars placed next to a recruit's name seem to be an obsession.

Baltimore, MD

Texas prep cornerback Hipolito Corporan commits to Utah:

NINE comments since yesterday - NONE by BYU fans

Seattle prep QB Billy Green signs with BYU as mid-year enrollee:

TWENTY-ONE comments in an hour - including the first by a jealous Utah fan

Obsessed much?

West Jordan, UT

Let's make sure we are all VERY clear here. The term "recruited" in this article is being used very, very loosely. This kid is a 2 star (as rated by Scout and Rivals) and did not have any other offers on the table other than BYU. He did not "turn down" offers from any other school. He didn't spurn Utah or Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure these schools listed as "being recruited by" have their sights set on bigger prospects than a 2 star. Maybe "being recruited by" in Billy Green's case is a school asking for his high school tape to look at, even if they never called back afterwards. I guess anything is a step up from the 2012 QB at BYU though.

Plus, Rivals says he committed about 6 months ago, so this really isn't a news story.

West Jordan, UT


You mean the 2 paragraph story about a new cornerback committ yeserday for Utah that was run by the DesNews? That was a good read....all 100 words. Good story though, having flipped his committment from Virginia to Utah. Sounds like a pretty skilled kid.

Compare that to the kid Green, who committed to BYU 6 months ago, who is now getting a full blown story about him, including misleading information about how wanted he was.

Interesting comparing the newsworthy material that gets skipped to make room for the non-story, like Green.

salt lake city, UT

I predict a future Beef O Brady bowl MVP!!

Sandy, UT


If you really want to smell a Heisman...
There is one in Provo at BYU's Legacy Hall.
While there, you can also smell all 19 National Awards given to BYU players.

While Utah still has none.

Sandy, UT

We predict no bowl for Utah.

Heber City, UT

Tilka, he did not make that mistake. He did not schedule a new conference and say he was coming here to be the future of BYU, thus alienating his team members, who had already labored long and hard, then this phenom comes along and says he will be the future. You don't get any points or confidence from other team members. Billy is glad to be here and accepted the scholarship without great fanfare. He saw what Jake did and he is smart enough not to duplicate it.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

ute4ever and other jealous Utah trolls

Why are U so obsessed with a BYU recruit who (and here's the real story of the article) has now signed and enrolled at BYU and will be available to participate in sprint drills?

There was nothing misleading about the story. Several schools besides BYU did show interest in Green, but he chose BYU. Couldn't a simple letter to a recruit be considered "recruiting"?

Why are you getting your boxers in a bunch over a simple list of the other schools who recruited Green?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

*spring drills

West Jordan, UT

@ Just the Fax

You say "he chose BYU". I think there is a fundamental problem with your line of thinking...which is EXACTLY the reason for my post. He DIDN'T chose anything. If I wake up in the morning and only have 1 pair of pants to wear, it isn't a "choice" to wear those pants. Green didn't have ANY other offers, so he didn't chose BYU.

Unless you are referring to him choosing to play football at BYU as opposed to attend another University as a regular student, there was not choice to be made on which school to play for. He only HAD 1 offer, so there was no choice.

Before I have 20 BYU fans jumping down the throats of Utah fans, he DIDN'T have a Utah offer and didn't chose to play at BYU over ANY other school.


@ Y Grad/Y Dad

"he is another non-Mormon who WANTS to attend BYU and play for BYU because of the values of the institution."

I don't think you can know that unless he specifically stated such in an interview. Without having looked into it myself, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not expressing a biased opinion based on your perception of BYU. However, I'm willing to wager that a non-Mormon QB has decided to come to BYU for many of the same reasons Jim McMahon came to BYU. In ADDITION to the values BYU represents, I'll bet he's coming to BYU because BYU tends to develop good QB's into great QB's, Nelson/Heaps notwithstanding.

Salt Lake City, Utah

It's great having Billy join the team for Spring Ball! Welcome aboard!



Another frantic and emotional response from a Utah troll.

Why would you even bother reading and commenting about a BYU recruit when you had absolutely nothing to say about the Ute recruit?

Scouts lists every one of the schools mentioned in the article. What difference does it matter to U whether those schools were meerly interested in or actively recruiting Green?

It's very possible that schools that were interested in Green last summer, turned their attention to other recruits after Billy committed to BYU.

Get over your jealousy and stop obsessiong about all things BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why does the Deseret News write a long story about a BYU recruit and a two paragraph story on a Utah recruit? The answer is simple... the Deseret News obviously has more readers who care about BYU than care about Utah football. There are more BYU fans around Utah and the Nation than Utah fans. It is a fact of life and the Deseret News is going to publish stories that carry more interest.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sorry to burst your arrogant, misinformed crimson bubble, but the truth is you have absolutely no idea how interested those other schools on the list were in Billy, nor whether a scholarship offer would have been forthcoming IF he'd been interested in them.

It's laughable that our jealous friends on the hill pretend to be sooooo knowledgeable about every single BYU recruit, when in fact, you don't have a shred more information than any other blogger.

Not having a Utah offer, doesn't mean he wouldn't have been offered by Utah if he hadn't made it clear that he was only interested in BYU. It's not like Utah has an over-abundance of talented QBs.

Saint George, UT

Wearing the only pair of pants you own is still a choice. You can always go with nothing...if you so choose!

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT

Quotes from the DNews article last summer:

"I was able to talk to a few of the non-LDS players and they let me know of what it's like for them," said Green. "I still have some questions and things I need to sort out, but I like the standards at BYU and it's the same standards I grew up with."

Green hopes to make his commitment by the end of the month with BYU being a strong possibility. Schools such as Washington, Washington State, Utah, Arizona and Oregon State have all shown interest with the two Washington schools showing the most.

"I've been able to see both Washington and Washington State a lot and I'm very familiar with both programs and their coaching staffs," said Green. "Both schools might be close to offering, so we'll see what happens, but I definitely want to decide where I'm going to sign within the next week."

It seems that Billy knows a lot more about how and why he chose BYU, than some of the misinformed comments from bloggers.

Orem, UT

Welcome to BYU, however, numbers don't matter, nor whether you are a great guy. Unless you buddy up to Bronco, you will never play, unless forced to play you because of some catastrophe.

I've always loved BYU, but I now question what we are about. A year ago, we heard about how great Joe Dupaix and Ben Cahoon are, and Cahoon we know and love as a former great at BYU. Now? At the drop of a hat--both fired. Nice.

How do we fans embrace Anae, who walked out on our team, and now fires the great coaches that were hired such a short time ago. I, for one, am tired of the BYU lack of commitment to the coaches.

Love Doman, but hope for HIS sake, he finds a truly great place to coach. As a long-time True BYU Fan, I question where it is we are, and where we are going! I'm tired of the pulling out chairs from people who are about to sit down, letting them fall on their behinds, with nair so much as an I'm sorry.

Tom? Bronco? Explanations? We pay the tickets, gentlemen. We are the fans.

Sandy, UT


IF you were soooo concerned about the brevity of the article about the Utah recruit, why didn't you seek more information from Dirk YESTERDAY, instead of jealously whining about it on the article about a BYU recruit?

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