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Published: Monday, Jan. 14 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Green was also recruited by Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Washington and Washington State."

This is incorrect. Good luck to Green though and congratulations.

Frisco, TX

Stranger things have happened, but it seems odd that he would enroll early from high school when the logical procession would be for him to redshirt his freshman year, then back-up the next two years, then hopefully be a star his Junior and Senior seasons.

2013 - Hill, Munns, Olsen, Green (RS)
2014 - Hill, Olsen, Green
2015 - Hill, Green, Kuresa, Mangum (RS)
2016 - Green, Mangum, Kuresa
2017 - Green, Mangum
2018 - Mangum
2019 - Mangum

This puts us back on track to start a Junior / Senior, instead of younger players.

Hopefully, Kafentzis will be in the mix also.

Springville, UT

Ruh roh, Chris B is not going to be a happy Ute / BCS fan today. Already discouraged by basketball this might push him over the edge. We can only hope.

As a fan of a 'irrelevant' independent football team it amazes me that BYU can even field a team if I believed the way 'others' look at BYU.

But in all honesty the best part of being a Cougar fan is knowing that very often BYU gets great recruits because of its coaches and its program.

Congrats to Billy for choosing BYU. Welcome to Provo, where the tradition of great football lives on.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


And you would know this how?

Sandy, UT


It never works out the way you might project.
Rumor has it Mangum may not take a mission now.

Let's just hope that Anae will leave the QB race wide open and allow the best man to get the job.
We've all had eonough with Coaches making decisions based upon emotional attachments.

See Feterick...Nelson

Orem, UT

I hope Bronco has learned how to deal with, integrate, and motivate a blue chip skilled position athlete. If this article is what it seems and is representing Green as a blue chipper. Skill position blue chippers tend to be strong personalities, hence their ability to deal with the pressures of the positions, especially quarterback. Bronco has not shown the ability to incorporate that type of athlete into his "blue collar" team concept.

Hayden, ID

What's this? A football player turning down offers from five (5) Pac 12 schools to play at BYU? Imagine that!

River Falls, WI

RE: Mountaman

I don't think he actually had five offers, he simply was being recruited by them. Regardless he's a nice pick up for the Cougs.


Lets hope he doesn't turn out like the last Seattle area quarterback....

Salt Lake City, UT

He was recruited by Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Washington and Washington State, but the fact that he committed to BYU last summer and never showed any interest in any of the other schools that were recruiting him probably discouraged any other schools from offering a scholarship.

Regardless, he's a great young man and a nice addition to BYU's QB depth chart for the next 4 years.

Iowa City, IA

Awesome, sounds like a great athlete. Welcome to BYU Mr. Green, you've made a fantastically awesome choice!


According to Rivals, BYU was the only school recruiting Green. I thought maybe it was because he had already committed, but that is not the case. So maybe in his early years he was shown interest by a couple of other schools, but in the end, he was only wanted by BYU.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I doubt anyone here knows just what actually happened. So, maybe what the article says is correct about who recruited him.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

I smell a Heisman or 2. No doubt a couple of BCS games. Billy Football rolls off the tongue quite nice thank you!

Park City, UT

Welcome aboard Billy - it's great to have you joining Cougar Nation!


I'm sure Billy could set the record straight on how heavily he was recruited by other schools, but according to Scout, Colorado, Idaho, Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Washington State, and Wyoming, all showed interest in Billy.

Just so they can sleep at night,, however, I'll leave it up to our jealous friends on the hill to draw the line between "interested in" and "wanted".

For a bunch who supposedly left BYU "in there dust" almost three years ago, they still seem awfully obsessed with BYU.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

He's a good QB. I watched him destroy a very good Arch Bishop Murphy team here in WA. I don't think he's better than Mangum, but time will tell. Either way, BYU's future QB situation looks pretty dang bright!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

And we all know how credible Rivals is. Very political.

St Louis, MO

Somebody please clarify for me how his future success as a player depends on us pinning down exactly who "showed interest," who "actually wanted" him, and who offered him a scholarship? I'm baffled.

Orem, UT

Welcome to Cougar Nation Billy - wishing you great success both on and off the gridiron.

BYU's QB cupboard is well stocked with talent.

Orem, UT

On a side note:

It's being reported that former Boston College QB, current Sacramento State OC Paul Peterson has interviewed at BYU. Paul played at Bingham High, was an offensive graduate assistant at BYU in 2005 under Robert Anae, then moved on to SUU for 4 years.

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