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Others also calling for probe of allegations made by ex-multimillionaire

Published: Monday, Jan. 14 2013 3:25 p.m. MST

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Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Mr Swallow, as assistant AG in Utah, you DID intercede in this matter. We have seen the "suggested letter" you wrote for Jeremy Johnson, in an effort to help get him off the hook.

May I remind you that you are a PROSECUTOR for the State, not a free defender for buddies of yourself and Shurtleff who have committed Federal crimes to the tune of $500 million.

Listen to citizens and the Provo Daily Herald.

Salt Lake City, UT

John Swallow says, "the only thing he did was put Johnson in touch with a friend and former client, Richard M. Rawle." What Jeremy Johnson has in emails seems to imply much more involvement by Swallow than that simplistic statement. Even just the one email from Swallow to Johnson that was printed in the newspaper surely needs explanation from Swallow. Swallow's involvement with Jeremy Johnson is certainly much deeper than a simple "I put him in touch with someone". We need answers.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Well gosh if the eagle forum backs him then he's really swell and neat. H. Reid though, this is all his fault.

one old man
Ogden, UT

This needs to be thoroughly investigated by a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT agency. The results need to be completely transparent and public.

If Mr. Swallow is indeed innocent, he should welcome that kind of investigation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Former GOP Congresswoman Enid Greene Mickelsen said, "There's significant questions here that for John Swallow's sake if he's completely innocent, he still needs to get these facts out there so people can have confidence in that."


I think Enid needs to be reminded that at this stage of the game, Mr. Swallow is -presumed- innocent.

That's the starting point for our justice system and, until proven otherwise and as in all other cases, it must also be the standard here.

orem, UT

"In his statement, Swallow said Johnson contacted him in 2010, presenting himself as a respectable businessman who was being treated unfairly by the FTC. Swallow, who at the time was one of Attorney General Mark Shurtleff’s top deputies, put him in touch with Rawle, Swallow’s former employer, who Swallow said had connections with federal lobbyists who might be able to help Johnson."

This is the part that is so disturbing to me. Swallow (then in the Utah AGs office) admits that he advised Johnson that paying "lobbyists" might help him with an FTC criminal probe.

I understand and accept lobbying in the legislative process. Everyone has the right in get their opinion heard when laws are being formed.

But lobbying in a legal investigative/court action? Lobbyists help decide who gets investigated and prosecuted?

Court proceedings are supposed to be governed by the law, impartial police investigations, prosecutors, judges, and fair minded juries, not by those who have the money to hire lobbyists!

Does Swallow believe lobbyist should have influence in the Utah AG office? Is it too much to expect the Utah AG office is guided by the law rather than lobbyists?

Salt Lake City, UT

Our government operates on bribes and lobbyists etc. It is totally corrupt.

If they were doing their jobs right than we would have a balanced budget and true representation.

As it is we can't trust anything they say.

Swallow was WAY too defensive on the news last night. Watch it. If he wasn't guilty he wouldn't be trying so hard to convince us.

We need all these guys out. Especially Obama, but THIS IS exactly what America voted for: A bunch of liers.

Provo, UT

The emails suggest much more involvement than Mr. Swallow is claiming...It looks kinda bad. Still an investigation is a good start... but lets just hope everyone doesn't rush to judgement.

west jordan, UT

I will be very dissapointed if he is found guilty. But won't be totally shocked either.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Cah

"But lobbying in a legal investigative/court action? Lobbyists help decide who gets investigated and prosecuted?"

Only one problem here Cah...at that point, there wasn't any legal action against Johnson. And just telling someone to talk to a lobbyist isn't a big deal. Lobbyinst, like lawyers, work out settlements all the time. They reduce fines, negotiate, etc. Swallow just said "hey, if you feel you're being unfairly treated by the FTC...GET HELP." Thanks for making this a conspiracy though.

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