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Published: Sunday, Jan. 13 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Great insight Amy. I too was crushed by yesterday's game...but your comments bring out a great point about what's truly important and what's just a sport.

Provo, UT

Manning played decently but had a couple of crucial errors but the lack of a pass rush and horrendous secondary play doomed the Broncos most of all. Fox coached "not to lose" rather than winning and maybe he should have let his QB pass the ball after the two=minute warning to try to get the game-clinching first down or try to move the ball forward after the Ravens tied the score. Oh well. But the Ravens were tougher and they deserved the win, simple as that. How about those Utah boys stepping up (Pitta, Kruger, Ngata)!

Ogden, UT

Still feels better to win, but your right. However, most of us are not to this exalted station.


What a great article! We live in a society when winning has become everything. It's not often that someone reminds us of the lessons to be learned in losing. I think Peyton has learned about being a great human being from the wins and losses over the years and is truly a gentleman to be admired.

Geek Man

Always love you columns.

West Jordan, UT

I find it funny that some fans get so upset over games. Now, to be fair, I enjoy a good rivalry, and can sometimes let my emotions get the best of me too. But at the end of the day, I'm usually able to set it aside and remind myself that it's just a game.

I think what we as fans fail to realize is that the players on these teams are just doing a job. As the article pointed out, a lot of the hostility and animosity that sometimes seems to exist between opposing players is just that: perceived. Many of these players are friends, and have played together before. I've always felt that if at the end of the game they can congratulate one another on a game well-played, setting the rivalries aside, why can't we as fans do the same?

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