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New Utah A.G. said he did not broker 'bribe' to Harry Reid

Published: Saturday, Jan. 12 2013 8:45 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

Even among the Republicans in the AG's office, they didn't really support him getting the nomination in the caucus. He had more publicity with his runs for Congress and the legislature and his opponent didn't have that kind of face time prior to the caucus, even though he had a great resume.

Investigations of this type are not fun, even if you are not guilty. Just the investigation, by itself, puts a lot of pressure and distrust with the staff and public. It is a little suspicious that this Mr. Johnson would throw John Swallows name out there the last day of his plea. Mr. Johnson appears to want to muddy the water as he potentially goes down the drain. Speculation for profits and earnings have taken people down for centuries, whether for 5 cents or $5M or more.

John Swallow may wish he had listened to his father when he said avoid the appearance of evil or associations with people that have that trend.

Allen, TX

Regarding the headline, who would you expect to probe a backdoor deal involving Swallow, if not the Dems?


Corruption is not a partisan topic - there is plenty of corrupt public officials on both sides of the aisle.

There are also a lot of good, honorable individuals who love this country on both sides of the aisle. Too bad many of them stay out of politics.

I agree with One Old Man..."By their fruits ye shall know them"....

Kaysville, UT

In noticing the person who is calling for the probe, I noticed he was not civil in how he was bringing up the probe. He acted mean, mad and was on an attack. The probe could be requested by an offended party but the actions of this individual seemed to be for revenge and not for a valid action through the legal or review process.

The involved party should have a representative that is civil in his actions and behavior in the public's view. I know he may be in the minority but those kind of actions won't improve his opportunity to become a majority, even if he proves to be right.

Cedar City, UT

They say if you wrestle with a hog, you're going to get muddied. Mr. Swallow got into the pen with Mr. Johnson. I think most of us knew the allegations against Mr Johnson, and we would have steered clear of dealing with him. Mr Swallow, as a State official, showed either poor judgement or a desire to further himself by working with Mr Johnson.

I think an independent investigation is a necessary pill we need to swallow in order to find out who did what.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Johnson said the $600k was for reid at the beginning of the article, then he said later it was for Swallow. The guy is an accused con man and cannot even tell a consistent story, yet the typical lefties are using this as fodder to attack a republican. not surprising.

I think we should employ just as many independent investigators on this as holder used on fast and furious. Or will our typical lefties say only repubs EVER need investigating?

BTW, Dabakis, Attorneys General do not govern.

Provo, Utah

It appears this Johnson fellow is stirring up trouble to put himself in the clink, regardless of what happens to Swallow. It appears he is the person that started his trouble.

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