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No reason for John Swallow to be on no-indictment list, spokesman says

Published: Friday, Jan. 11 2013 7:25 p.m. MST

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I know what he did. What he did was illegal. He is guilty once he plans to commit the crime. The courts allow him the right of "innocent until proven guilty." I am not a court. I don't have the same restrictions as the court. I need not give him the benefit of saying he is innocent until he's proven guilty in a court of law. He is guilty once he planned the crime. (for those unaware, planning a crime is illegal - thus he was guilty at the planning stage)

Further - I understand the BBB - nothing in my posts proves otherwise.

And for you to pass such judgments on me without knowing anything about me is the height of hypocrisy. Re-read your statements knowing you've wrongly accused me. Paraphrasing you - you do yourself "harmful disservice to pass judgment with nothing more than" reading a couple of my posts on this informal comment string -

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well, I stand corrected. Your “knowledge” is not what I anticipated and you have the inside scoop. I believe I did say that the “right to express your opinion is without question and unfettered.” That means you can say what you want. It certainly is your right. But then, I was only addressing those posts without the benefit of such “knowledge” and “truth” and I simply question the morality of such judgment.

Regarding my comments on your BBB statement, I do not require knowledge of anything about you, nor do I attack you in any way. You asked “what am I missing?” I simply point out your error in referring to the BBB as a source of credible accusation. One person may post multiple complaints, and many A+ ratings are maintained with promotional funds paid to the BBB. They are not reliable. And although that does not reflect on you directly, it is your reference.


What ever happened to our day in court, does it not apply to Republicans?
How about being able to face your accusers?
Johnson obviously wants an out for what he did, and will throw everyone in who touched this deal.
Big question, how is it no Federal authority has stepped forward to cite Swallow?....Just saying
Of course the Democrats much like the sharks smell blood, so everything in their eyes is the truth, even if it isn't.

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