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Published: Monday, Jan. 14 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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Eagle Mountain, UT

People need to lighten up. These kids did a fun wholesome activity as a reward for completing the Book of Mormon. This will be used as a great tool to use in missionary work for young people.

Logan, UT

I have a hard time visualizing Jesus instigating a "flash mob" to celebrate even His greatest achievement. Everything He did was for the glorification of His Father. He simply went about doing good. When are we, as members of the Church, going to learn that it's not about being seen. Had each of those who participated celebrated their achievement by going out and doing as the Savior did, their effort would have made the world a better place. This life, this gospel, is not about the show. It's about the soul, ours and others who may need our help.

Midvale, UT

I know it's an old post, but since it's a top comment:

"This seems a bit distasteful. The temple grounds are not the place for a song-and-dance show." -FredEx

Apparently you've never been to the Manti Pageant. ;-)

84067, UT

WOW! The gospel is true and are youth are at the forefront. We need strong, capable, youth who know who they are. . .What a wonderful presentation. I cried with delight at the
way they shared their testimonies and enthusiasm for the gospel. The future missionaries!

Salt Lake City, Utah

To the critics - they were technically not on Temple Square. They were around the reflecting pool outside the wall that surrounds Temple Square. And whether it is called a flash mob or a production, it was an awesome youth activity. The sight of these clean cut, cute kids having fun while declaring their faith in the Savior was uplifting and made me smile.

Hays, KS

I think it was great. A bunch of people standing together singing in the same style as the Hymns (with none of the interesting choreography or the nice, upbeat arrangement of the music) wouln't bring the spirit for me (in fact, singing hymns usually makes me *not* feel the spirit as much - it's like ice water thrown into that warm glowing campfire inside you). Other people, including a close friend of mine at church, love singing the hymns in church, and somehow they bring her peace and comfort. My point? Everyone is different. It's true that this more likely to appeal to children, teens, and young adults. Still, you have to respect the effort they gave. I knew lots of kids of others faiths who would do stuff like this... after collecting a few thousand dollars each from neighbors and friends to travel to some exotic locations and perform for a week. These youth did the work just to share the production, not to get a free vacation. I respect that, and the music was very nicely done (with awesome choerography and a great arrangement). In short, my kudos to them!

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