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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2013 1:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT


If you are going to attempt grammar smack, which is the weakest of all smack, shouldn't you at least make sure all of your grammar is correct?


Also you utah "fans" are killing me with this "our articles" stuff. Just being a utah "fan" doesn't make articles "yours". They are for everyone. I learned that from chris b and naval vet.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

This will be one of if not the toughest schedule the Utes have had in the programs history.

They should be able to win all of their non conference games so hopefully the amount of home games will help get them bowl eligible. I would be nice for the program to start another bowl game winning streak again this year. The extra practices that the NCAA allows makes it so important to qualify.

It's kind of funny the regular coug fans are on here once again pounding their chest. What they must not understand is that it only makes a sound of irrelevance. Your program wasn't even able to get their signature 10 wins against the low level WAC teams they play. It's sad that you can't recognize how in trouble your own program is.

As for the Utes, the future looks pretty bright, each year we receive more and more of our share of the PAC12 money and they keep investing that money into all the programs which will pay off with better recruits and more wins down the road.

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


You do realize it is utah that keeps winning less and less games each year don't you? It is utah that didn't even qualify for a bowl.


Orem, UT


Irrelevance is defined as rushing the field three times against the team U define as "irrelevant".

You're only fooling yourself if you think that more money is ever going to allow U to keep pace with the big boys of the PAC 12.

No, you're destined to be a perennial conference bottom dweller, fighting Colorado and WSU to stay out of the conference basement.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

@ducky & sportsfan

Keep telling yourself whatever you need to in order to make yourselves feel better. Your mighty cougs barely made a bowl game this year even with the cupcakes they played in November.

It's crazy to not believe that a putting millions of dollars into the facilities won't make a difference in recruiting. The fact is that is what draws good athletic 17 and 18 year olds to your program in the first place. The Utes have only had two years of recruiting within the PAC12 obviously it has made them good enough to beat mediocre programs consistently such as your mighty cougs, but they still need to get better to compete with the higher level of competition found in a power conference. Any realistic Utah fan knew this would take time.

It's great to be a Ute!

Palo Alto, CA


LOL at the frantic and emotion chest pounding by another BYU-obsessed Ute.

Keep telling yourself that being a bottom dweller in any conference makes you special. The millions Utah is investing in new facilities won't even come to close to matching what other PAC 12 schools have already invested and will continue to invest.

Any realistic Ute should have realized by now that Utah was destined to be the next Arizona in the PAC 12; THIRTY years in the conference and still looking for its first Rose Bowl.

It's nice that you're proud of being a Ute, but that's not going to help U climb out of the PAC 12 basement.

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