Comments about ‘Ex-gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke called to be Mormon mission president’

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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

Same thing happened to Wayne Owens when he lost to Garn in the Senate race in 1974. Message Spock?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

just waiting for all the liberal conspiracy theorists to claim the church is trying to manipulate Utah elections by calling less radical dems to out of state callings.

Clearfield, UT

WOW. A Dem as a mission president. I thought all Dems just want to create a totalitarian welfare state of people dependent on government.

Tooele, UT


People who say stuff like that should know better, but most don't.

Gunn McKay also served as a mission president after loosing to Jim Hansen. In my opinion, I couldn't care les what my mission president's politics are, so long as he serves well as a mission president. In fact, I say that about all LDS Church callings.

American Fork, UT

My mission president in the early 70's in Germany, Blaine Peterson, had been a Democratic US Representative from the first district. In his case though, there was a six year gap between losing re-election and being called as a mission pres.

Chris Degn
Salt Lake City, UT

Those missionaries will be blessed by your leadership, sir. May you and Sis. Cooke find great joy in your service!

Idaho Falls, ID

Wow! I didn't even know they were active church members. That's wonderful news!

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Once again ladies and gentlemen, if you stand your average Utah Democrat up next to an East Coaster, you would never believe they were from the same party. President James E. Faust was an attorney and a registered Democrat but once again the average comparison would probably stop right there.

Woods Cross, UT

There are MANY educated professionals who are Democrats/Independents and loyal members of the LDS Church. This shouldn't surprise anyone...

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