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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 22 2013 11:25 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Re: coleman
What the Y has to do is beat those teams from "BCS" conferences. Then the recruits will come and it won't matter if they're in a conference or not. They just haven't been able to compete against the others.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


You failed to point out that five of BYU's opponents finished in the Top 25, that BYU barely lost to three of them, all on the road, and that BYU did beat one Top 25 team, Utah State, a team that beat Utah.

I'll answer Swoop's question: "Who did U beat?"

Obviously, the U only beat one decent team, which begs the question:

"Why are Utah fans so intent on minimizing the only decent team Utah beat last season?

BYU's schedule and record was good enough to earn BYU a #26 ranking in Sagarin's final rankings.

Utah's schedule and record were only good enough to earn Utah a #61 ranking and a berth in the couch potato bowl.

btw, in their entire history, BYU has finished in the AP Top 25 SEVENTEEN times. Utah only 5.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


BYU has won a National Championship, a Heisman Trophy, 15 national individual awards, and had 6 players inducted into the National College Football Hall of Fame, ALL as a member of a non-BcS conference.

With just an average BYU offense in 2012, BYU would have beaten the #3 Fighting Irish on their home turf and played in a BCS bowl game.

There's no need to panic and throw in the towel on Independence. If an offer from the Big 12 comes, of course BYU would accept, but otherwise, BYU can still be very successful as an Independent, especially with the playoffs soon to change the landscape of major college football.


@scenic view

You still haven't answered the question: How did the Y do against the U this year? Or last year? Or the year before that? Or the last 10 years? Or in their overall history?

It's amazing how your fan base side-steps that. All of your post is irrelevant to my simple questions.

Nice try.


" Obviously, being an independent will eventually hurt BYU as far as recruiting because most good players want to play on a team in a BCS league. Mendenhall must know that he won't be able to compete with BCS schools in recruiting top players, so he has taken the attitude that it doesn't matter. However, that will only play out for so long. If we don't attach ourselves to a BCS league soon, our recruiting will be very mediocre in the future."

Coleman, joining a BCS conference will have absolutely no bearing on BYU's recruiting pool if the Honor Code is not changed as well...just sayin

Salt Lake City, UT


How many Top 25 finishes have Bronco and Kyle had?
How many Top 15 finishes have Bronco and Kyle had?
How many conference championships have Bronco and Kyle had?
How many 10+ win seasons have Bronco and Kyle had?
How many bowl games have Bronco and Kyle coached their teams to?
How many losing seasons have Bronco and Kyle had?
How many losses to 10-loss teams have Bronco and Kyle had?
What are the overall records for Bronco and Kyle?

You see, as much as Utah fans like to cherry pick individual highlights, the overall records are far more important.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

How many BCS bowls has BYU won? I can't recall that number. CougfaninTexas is funny; he states that Utah fan's cherry pick stats to there advantage while that's exactly what he's doing in his post. How does the saying go about the Black Kettle?

Hyrum, UT

Today BYU's 2013 recruiting class is ranked 64out of 124 teams. So today they are not even in the top half of recruiting classes. Many are talking like it is undesirable to have 4 and 5 star recruits, just remember they can play with heart and desire also. They can also improve and become even better. Why is BYU's recruiting going down hill?

Just saying....

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Spokane Ute

"How many BCS bowls has BYU won?"

How many National Championships and Heisman Trophies has Utah won?

The Crystal Football National Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy, the most coveted trophies in college sports, sit in BYU's trophy case.

Fiesta and Sugar bowl trophies sit in Utah's trophy case, nice, but not even close to comparable to the aforementioned trophies.

Bottom-line: #1/#1 > #2/#4 or #4/#5

As far as the current teams are concerned, Utah 2008 is no more relevant than BYU 1984, since none of the players from either of those teams is currently on the rosters of BYU and Utah.

Mission Viejo, CA

@54-10 - good comment. For the first time I gave you a like. Keep up the good work.

For you star counters, where did USC finish with their star-studded recruiting classes? Wonder what Oregon's star count is. How about Boise State? I never hear of their star-studded recruiting classes.

It's really about the program and the coaching.

Manassas, VA

Ratings are little misleading - especially for BYU recruits - because the folks at the rating agencies obviously don't see all of these kids play. The rating system is often based on who is recruiting the player and how many scholarship offers he has. So, a kid may be a two-star recruit until he gets an offer from USC and Oregon and then they suddenly become a 4-star recruit. Typically that isn't a bad system because a player with offers from a lot of good schools is usually a pretty good player. But, if a student commits to BYU early or indicates early that BYU is his preference, then he may not be recruited or receive as many scholarship offers from other schools. The system (like Big 10 football rankings) is a bit circular. If Alabama is recruiting you, then you must be a 4- or 5-star prospect. Not surprising, all of Alabama's recruits are 4- or 5-star prospects.

St. George, UT

No specialists! We lose the punter, kicker and long snapper and not a mention of it in this article. As a fan of local (S. Utah) athletes, I know they missed out on one of the top long snappers in the country, Kolton Donovan from Pine View. I heard he recently left on his mission after a very succesful year at SUU, which included an ALl American kicker and Punter? Hopefully Bronco can afford another year of missed PATs and field goals...or not kicking at all?

West Jordan, UT

I couldn't be less interested in who signs where when the players are right out of HS. Once you sign, show up on campus, make the team, play on Saturday, and then excel on Saturday, then and only then should I become interested. I cringe whenever I think of untried and untested young men holding pressers about their signing before taking a single snap.

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