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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2013 10:20 a.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Didn't Gore make a ton of money when he invented the internet?

Durham, NC

Hey class warfare republicans... you seem to forget that the hole in your class warfare narrative you have conjured is that many of the richest Americans are actually democrats.... oh wait... let me put that in a language you understand.... socialist liberals.

Warran Buffet, undoubably one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen has favored the Obama plan over the Romney plan since day one. There is no anti rich agenda here... but keep telling yourself that. The richest cities in the nation voted "liberal". At some point, your going to have to realize that liberal and rich anr not antagnoistic terms.

One of the most eco friendly homes is owned by the richest person in this country - Bill Gates. At the same time, my boss, very conservative, and very eco friendly... all our new buildings are LEED certified, and we generate our own energy via solar. What you all think is true... just isn't. There is no one size fits all description that fits all people.

Get over it. Al Gore just proved he is a better businessman evidently than Romney...and is still a liberal. It means absolutely nothing.

Ogden, UT

And to think he was almost the President of The U.S. Scary Huh! But then again look who we have now.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Don't you think Mitt Romney is ecstatic hearing about Gore and his success in the business world?
Doesn't it justify all Romney and cohorts praised about the best of business owners and capitalism?

Sandy, UT

So What! Does Mitt really worried? Nah!

Provo, UT

Very few, if any, Democrats "hate" rich people. I know all of you tea partiers think that is so, but it just isn't the case. Many Dems are, in fact, richer than many Repubs. It is no big expose' that so and so Democrat is rich. Yes, we know that already -- after all, Warren Buffett is probably a Democrat. Wealth isn't the issue. So Gore is rich. So what. So Romney is rich. So what. That was never the issue. The issue is/was public policies that favor the wealthy over the poor and middle class. Dems think that the rich have been inordinately favored under the tax policies of the past decade. That's all. We don't want all of their money. We don't envy them. We don't hate them. We just think that a progressive tax policy makes for a better society. We think a democratic (little d) government has a place in society and don't believe it is the source of all evil.

salt lake city, UT

Conservatives always like to shoot the messanger instead of debating the message. Mitt's the one who constantly stuck his foot in his mouth, not Gore or the Lib's. The Republicans have no one else to blame but themselves as to why they lost the election. Just keep on attacking lib's like Gore, Peolosi and Obama instead of putting forth VISIBLE solutions to the issues if you want to stay on the sidelines. Chris Christie is the only legitimate Republican currently out there on the national stage and conservatices dislike him. See how far a Ryan/Santorum ticket gets you in 2016.

Mcallen, TX

So the rich libs need to pay their fair share? Pay a little more? Are greedy? It's like burglars preaching "thou shalt not steal".

I created the internet, and we're polutting the air.

the truth
Holladay, UT


Warren Buffet and bill gates do not care about income tax.

They do not pay income tax.

They have already made their money!

All money they make now is just on paper,

And they not have to pay any personal income tax until they cash in.

According to you "There is no one size fits all description that fits all people"

That applies to the right as well. A lesson the so-called compassionate, tolerant, and diverse left should have learned.

Durham, NC


"According to a letter Buffett sent to Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) that the Congressman posted , the billionaire had adjusted gross income in 2010 of $62,855,038, taxable income of $39,814,784, and a federal income tax bill of $6,923,494. That makes his effective tax rate, as a percentage of AGI, just 11.06%"

Source: Forbes Magazine. 62 Million now as a percentage of Buffett's overall wealth isn't that much, but to the rest of us, I could be happy with it. But Buffett paid over $6 million in Income Taxes.... which runs contra to your claim of " They do not pay income tax.".

And you are correct, my statement about one size fits all does apply to both right and left. ... never claimed otherwise.


All I can say is Al Gore is a total joke and hypocrite. So what if he is richer than Mitt. I could care less. I know that Mitt Romney is a good man who gives so much of his time and wealth to serve others. I do not ever hear anything like that about Al Gore or any other one back there who belongs to the Government.

Richard Smoker
Provo, UT

I get down on my knees and thank God every night that five honorable men helped save us from Gore, so we could have righteous men like George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. Here's hoping the Tea Party can take our country back.

Best Regards,


Hank Pym

@ 4601 2:26 p.m. Jan. 10, 2013

"The parasitic Mr. Gore has earned more for doing less than anyone."

Even Mitt & his ilk on Wall St????

American Fork, UT

If we should have elected romney because he was a successful businessman, we should have elected Al Gore for the same reason.

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