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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT


I'm one of the active members of the lDS church that find the unmitigated hate for BYU, one of the most important insitutions of the church, from utah "fans" like yourself to be an embarrassment. I have known so many LDS utah "fans" who openly hate BYU and its athletic programs yet still profess to be good members. I feel pity for this poor souls, those that actually HATE an LDS institution, one that seeks to educate our LDS youth. It is a sad, sad thing.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To Allen#2 - there will always be those who deceive the truth by their actions, words. It's neat that you recognize these things which will help you to always shy away from the negativity. I was impressed with your comments....there will always be people who overdo the enthusiasm for what they think is the best - but isn't it wonderful to know you can choose who you want to be like and associate with whom you find uplifting and good company.


Duckhunter, I fail to see from Allen#2's comment any shred of "unmitigated hate for BYU" or any LDS institution, just a personal dislike for their football basketball teams. That says nothing about the Church's leadership or any individual at the school. However, your response seems to be exactly what he was talking about in that some fans take the school's association with the Church so far as to profess that not falling in love with everything there is to do with BYU is automatically a condemnation of the school, the Church and each and every one of its members. Frankly, it annoys me, too, but it doesn't make me hate my friends and family members who attend(ed)/like BYU and also act that way. It just makes for more fun conversation with them after the football game every year.

Larry H
Riverdale, UT

Red, what do you mean: "Yes, I know a ton of haters at Utah as well. But, most of them don't wear their religion on their sleeve!”

I understand you are saying University of Utah "haters" are superior to BYU "haters", but I am unclear on "wear their religion on their sleeve". Would you please explain that to me? I have heard that kind of thing before but I have never quite figured out what the intended meaning(s)is (were).


Oh, I should mention, I am old enough to control my emotions, so I doubt I will lose my temper over whatever you say, but, I AM a BYU grad (1978), in case that influences you one way or the other. I've never liked the level of animosity that has existed between BYU and the U of U; I would like to see it removed, or at least, diminished, but since each year brings a new group of very young, very emotional and very biased freshman kids to each school, I don't anticipate it will go away soon. Still, we can hope it gets a little better, right?

Highland, UT


Of course you don't see it, you share his hate. To utah "fans" like the two of you all you see is "arrogance and self righteousness" from BYU fans and that leads you to hate the institution. It is obvious in your posts.

The truth is BYU is one of the most important institutions of the church. You have a hard time reconciling your hate for that institution with your membership in the church itself. I find that pathetic.

I certainly don't think you have to be a fan of BYU sports but the hate towards BYU and its teams is very telling.

Any unconflicted member would celebrate everything about BYU. You don't, I've read your stuff.


Duckhunter, that's what you don't understand, is that I don't hate BYU. I have no problem with the school. I even considered attending BYU because my bachelor's program was much easier to get into there than Utah's. Of course, I worked hard enough and was fortunate to be accepted into Utah's program, so the rest, as they say, is history.

No, an "unconflicted (sic)" member of the Church has no obligation to celebrate everything about BYU, especially sports, the most secular of all its programs. Sorry, but your apparent Max Hall mentality paints you as the same hypocrite that you preach nearly daily about.



The irony with your comments is that you always come across as a major Utah hater. Yet, you're all offended by anything that you perceive as being in anyway against BYU. You can't have it both ways. If you expect respect from Utah fans (or Utah "fans" as you call them), then you need to show them respect on your part.

Highland, UT


I neither need nor care about having respect from utah "fans". What I find pathetic is LDS members that hate BY a great church institution.


Nice try at pretending it is harder to get into a utah grad program than the same one at BYU. BYU has higher requirements all across the board. utah is actually a very easy school to get into, even its graduate programs. The requirements are mostly a joke.



Duckhunter, nice try pretending you actually know about every educational program at both schools. And it's actually a bachelor's program, not a master's program. I met with the program advisors and directors of each school extensively, I have close friends in each program I speak with weekly. The same program at BYU accepts 20-30 new students each semester and rarely rejects anybody, while the U's currently interviews over 60 per year and accepts 20 of them. The U's program has a national networking with direct grad school pipelines all throughout the southeast, midwest, and west coast. The majority of the Y's students continue grad school at BYU or begin entry level jobs. Yes, acceptance into the university is easier at Utah than BYU, but specific programs all have different requirements, and mine happens to be very selective. I was told before applying that I would begin the program once I was admitted at BYU, instead I underwent a 3 month interview process and am being set up with great career opportunities. Obviously someone like yourself that didn't attend either school isn't the best authority.

Holladay, UT

Interesting how stories of people "finding and converting to the church" are applauded while any story of someone leaving the church is shunned or probably never heard because the people leaving don't want to hear the ridicule. Whichever it is I think both stories deserve praise if the decision brings more happiness or contentment to people's lives.

Provo, 00

Great story Trent. Teaches how we can gradually "un-learn" our preconceptions.

Always enjoyed watching Mitch play. As a BYU alum, I've also been a fan of U of Utah sports.


RBN, is that you Reid? Why didn't you say you named your son after him you thought so highly of him, Keep lifting weights, this old guy put up 350pd on a legal bench at 51 years of age. Love you and your family.

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