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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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Smithfield, UT

Mr. Bomar, you surely do know a lot about Senator Hatch and what he is doing once he's retired. He has been in the state helping people here at least once a month and sometimes two or three times a month. And, I didn't know you were in the know about where he is going to reside when his term is through. You have great mental telepathy!

Roberts, ID

To Wanda B. Rich,

A "Free Market Economy" is just that. It allows people who work hard, come up with innovative ideas, inventions or a unique business to be successful. It also allows layabouts, unmotivated citizens and those who are not willing to pay the price of success to be less successful.

When the government steps in to engineer success, everyone suffers financially, because confiscatory taxes and regulations prevent the opportunity for success. And this is where we are today, creeping into Socialism.

There have been programs to help the truly needy for a long time, but when you have 50 million on Food Stamps and a President who wants to spread the wealth around, we get the economy that we have today.

Ogden, UT

The Utah GOP is already dominated by radicals. You have to look no further than the domination exercised by the Eagle Forum and similar organizations to prove that fact.

Hank Pym

The "radicals" Orrin was referring to were the same teavangelicals he cozied up to to get reelected.

@ John Charity Spring

Oh, goody. Another *reds are under the beds* rant. Not even Hillary beat the whole right wing conspiracy drum as loud and long as JCS has w/ his usual song and dance.

Hank Pym

at RedShirt 3:38 p.m. Jan. 9, 2013

"Actually, you and your ilk that have joined the Republican party and keep insisting they nominate "moderates" are the ones that are the radical extremists. The Republicans need to stop trying to be like your ilk to appear moderate."

Moderates are radical & extreme? How Orwellian, ironic, oxymoronical, irrational, illogical, & ridiculous!

Grandma Char
Kaysville, UT

To those who think Orrin Hatch was talking about extremists who think a woman's body should be able to prevent a pregnancy after a rape. You are dead wrong!

Orrin Hatch hates the tea party. If you do not care for the tea party, congratulation, you have fallen for the lies and deception of the Obama administration and their media who want you to think the tea party is some radical nut group. It just isn't true. They want smaller government inspired by the constitution (not precedent). Please, Utah, WAKE UP! You should never have sent Hatch back to the Senate. He helped cause the problems we now have....he can't be expected to help fix them.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Then election is over and the real Hatch is back. I wish he would just go sit with the Dems.

the truth
Holladay, UT

So Orrin Hatch believes all who do not think just like he does are radical.

How extremely liberal of him.

He apparently also puts his party first above Utah and the country.

No wonder the left loves him.

Ogden, UT

SG in SLC,

Wonderful list! Cracked me up.

"If you disagree with Democrats or liberal policies, you are a right wing extreamist."

Nope, not funny. Too predictable, paints yourself as too much of a victim. Let me correct it for you, although mine isn't very funny either:

"If you disagree with Democrats but are too bullheaded, arrogant, and blind to realize that government should be run by compromise and intelligent debate, you might be a right-wing extremist".

Don't worry, there are liberal Democrats who fit that description, too.

Ogden, UT

I'm not involved in the Republican Party here, so for those of you bellowing to the high heavens about how Hatch is a RINO, a carpetbagger, a career politician, and turncoat, etc., would you please explain to me how you have kept him in office for OVER THREE DECADES? Democrats in the state have been pointing out the hypocrisy of his lifetime Senate career for years, and now you finally have a problem with it.

You have no one to blame but yourselves.

And you'd hate Ronald Reagan if he showed up today, so I hope this brave new breed of Republican has found another patron saint they might actually recognize.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

as opposed to you, Senator Hatch; a big spending fiscal liberal that has voted for $15 trillion of excess spending during your time in the Senate. Basically you are telling Utahn's we need to keep spending our grandchildren and great grandchildrens money. How selfish of you Senator Hatch.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Utah republicon voters should continue to elect hatch.

Eventually he will get around to whatever it is you want him to be...

Sandy, UT

We need a few more "radicals" in politics--people who won't stand by while the nation chalks up over $16,000,000,000,000 in official Federal deficit, people who will stand up and and insist on a balanced budget amendment, people who believe that government should serve the people and be controlled by the people rather than the other way around, people who don't believe that politics should be a career for an elected aristocracy, etc. Yeah, a few more radicals to make the country actually start working again, instead of just going with the flow and riding the gravy train with all the other typical politicians.

Provo, UT

You mean radicals who advocate cutting spending money we don't have? You mean Orrin, radicals who want a fiscally sound government? You mean radicals that want to limit the size of government and limit government intrusion into our lives?

If those are the radicals Orrin refers to then I strongly disagree with and remember how I voted against him in 2012 and in 2006.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

What does Hatch mean by "may" be dominated by radicals? The GOP in Utah is already dominated by radicals, especially in the Utah County area.

Central, Utah

My company does business in most states and Utah is believed to be radical and I use a Colorado mailing address to avoid having to defend that.

By my thoughts neither party has all the answers and I voted on who I felt could best represent me (and that did include some frm each party.) I would have volted for a 3rd party canidate if I had thought there was a viable one. I think with the help of both major parties, that may become a possibility.

Somehow we need to learn to work together and recognize that the US governme, the congress nor others should represent only one view because that is just not the makeup of our country. Yes we need to do some things to keep it the greatesr country in the worlk but carrying pitchforks around just to poke someone with different ideas doesn't match up with my ideas on how to do it.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

Many comments are pillorying Hatch on the grounds that if he voted to avoid the fiscal cliff, then he clearly doesn't care about the deficit, fiscal responsibility, is a RINO, etc. Has it occurred to you that one can be concerned about federal spending, but believe that going over the cliff (which would likely send the fragile US and global economies into a nosedive) was NOT the solution to the problem? Is it possible that the vast majority of the country agrees that the debt is a crisis, but not yours isn't the answer?

It's precisely this attitude of "If you don't agree with my solution, you're the enemy!" that's the hallmark of radicalism. You can bleat all you want about returning the vision of the Founding Fathers to solve our country's problems, but a consistent reason they succeeded in their enterprise was understooding the art of compromise.

If you aren't willing to do that, if you simply shout "Let it burn!" (as another poster put it nicely) and insist on having all or nothing...then don't give me sanctiminious rhetoric about the true meaning of the Consitution or Republicanism.

Durham, NC

"Is it not rather strange that those who have power feel they know what's best for the Republican Party? The Republican Party does not represent Republican's anymore. I think it is time for Conservative Republican's to jump ship."

I agree... I wish all the hard core conservatives would jump ship. I want a party that takes the people funds as an almost sacred trust... but also doesn't use race or economic status as a wedge issue, a party that could get over Roe V. Wade and could get to worrying more about keeping girls from getting pregnant in the first place, and that equally understood that ones persons rights doesn't trump another's right - that there can be two right answers some ties. I absolutely don't want a Republican party that has a litmus test.

Wanda B. Rich
Provo, UT

Note to Bomar:

Market triumphalism went out the window as a failed economic philosophy in 2007-2008, just before the Great Republican Amnesia set in. And where did I say that the government needed to step in to "engineer" success? That's your vision of what you think rational people think. As for hardworking people being able to succeed in today's economy, most of the hardworking people in America have been getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie for the past 30 years. See note on market triumphalism above.

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