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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Hatch knows better than to blame "radicals" for our problems. He has sufficient knowledge about his heritage to know about the mockers; those who point fingers at the FEW who try to do the right thing for the right reason. That is part of his history. He wants us to believe that he believes the principles found in the book that tells of the mockers and the finger pointers, but he joins them; he points his finger; he blames those that stand for the principles upon which America is founded; he blames those that are sons and daughters of those who left the United States to seek refuge from governments that oppressed, that allowed their wives and daughters to be raped, that allowed their homes and barns to be burned, that allowed their men to be murdered. He tells us that Washington is the answer. In my view, Washington is the seat of that large building and the house where those who mock and point fingers teach others to mock and point fingers.

How sad that one of us has become one of them.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Wow. At long, long last, something sensible has come Orrin Hatch.

I got big kick out of reading what one of Utah's leading right wing radicals, David Kirkham, had to say.

About the only thing I'd have to disagree with is that Utah's GOP is in danger of "becoming" full of extremists. It already has been for a long time.

Layton, UT

The problem with radicals isn't their stance, but the inability to form consensus. Also Extreme positions on my positions, enable my opposition the benefit of moderation and the appearance of sensibility, regardless of how wrong it may be.

A better, more reasoned approach would be to look for ways to compromise and build consensus and make changes that over time steer the ship in the right direction. Unfortunately the further we diverge from our ideals, the more likely we are to endorse extremists who do nothing more than stonewall, attack, criticise, make enemies where there were possible allies, and annoy everyone.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

Utah is full of the most fiscally consersvative citizens. Just look at the number of bankruptcies and foreclosures in Utah. Always leading the nation or close to it. Look at all of the fancy cars and clothes of the people of Zion.

Then they file bankruptcy or foreclose on their house and do it all again.

Need to keep up with the brother and sister jones'

DN Subscriber 2

The "old Hatch" is back, indeed. (No pun intended!)

The blinders have slipped back in place, and his beltway views of the world have prevailed, and his desire to get along with the left is back in place.

Having voted us into bankruptcy in his years, decades (is it a century yet?) of "service" in Washington he refuses to admit that what has been done is wrong, and has doomed our children to lives of poverty and stifling taxation to pay for what Hatch and his "good friends" have squandered pandering for votes.

He now calls those who espouse the values he expressed when he first ran, and repeated ("with purpose of evasion or mental reservation"?) during his latest campaign as somehow being radical.

Many Utahns saw Hatch for what he really was, and tried to replace him with an actual conservative, but $12 million in advertising, plus untold millions in free "franked" stuff posing as official information fooled enough people to get him elected.

We did the right thing with Bob Bennett, but failed to remove Hatch. We must try harder and ensure that no one ever ends up with lifetime, or hereditary, Congressional seats again.

Sorry, kids.

David King
Layton, UT

The Deseret News often prints editorials calling for greater civlity in the political process, so I must ask this question: Does giving Senator Hatch the platform to label many of his fellow Utahns as radicals without ever asking him what makes a radical promote that civility, or make it more difficult? Read the comments. Do you see bridges of understanding being built? Do you see people coming together on common ground? I don't. All I see is Senator Hatch calling names, and the Deseret News more than willing to publish his mini-rant against radicals without ever even asking him who exactly he is talking about. Deseret News, if you want more civility, set the example. Don't print pieces like this that do no more than call names.

Spanish Fork, UT

Hatch is blind to the fact that it is his "radical" actions in Washington that have helped put us in the fiscal crisis we are currently in. Does Medicare part D ring a bell Hatch? It's completely unfunded and yet he claims it a success because it takes a little less from our future generations then previously thought. If that is not a radically insane way of thinking I don't know what is.

Murray, UT

Look to Utah government to see the true colors of the Republican Party: Gerrymandering elections, failure to pass any ethics laws. Attempts to hamper GRAMMA disclosure. Closed public meetings. Questionable campaign donations to our republican governor. Legislators passing bills unchallenged; to which they directly benefit financially. Could go on and on. It is never good for one party to have this kind of power.

Provo, UT

I agree with Hatch. As a Republican, I'm getting sick of hearing members of my party preaching half-baked Libertarian ideas. It's not unusual to find these people complaining constantly about spending while they support non-stop foreign wars (Iraq cost between 1.5 and 3 trillion dollars). Many have children who use WIC and Medicaid. And, let's not forget, about 1 out of every 3 dollars spent by the federal government goes to Social Security and Medicare. Are we going to cut grandma off cold? What we are doing is not sustainable in the long term. However, we need to start having adult conversations about the problem. Demonizing every person and politician who doesn't want to completely abolish the government is "extreme" and crazy.

Durham, NC

Someone said Hatch needs to man-up.

You know, it takes no courage, not moral fibre, not strength of charector for just go along with what everyone else is doing. In fact, the real evidence of manning up is to be willing to break with what is popular, and to vote your beliefs.

This bullying into complaince bit the right has going on.... it shows very little character. If someone votes with their block > 90% of the time, they are a complete waste of time. They should proxy over their votes to who ever is the decider for the group, and go home. The idea that you have to become a spinless rubber stamp to play... shows how weak some groups have become to not be able to accept individual thinking.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

Extremism is voting for impractical options. For example, voting against a debt limit increase without plan to immediately balance the budget. Voting to close the borders without a guest worker program. Claiming to be a fiscal conservative, but opting to immediately deport illegal immigrants regardless of cost. Arming teachers and expecting them to protect students with consideration of collateral damage. Taking any extreme step without regard to consequence. Those are the people who want to take over.

There are good people who adhere to conservative principles but know that their actions have consequence, good and bad. These are the people we need in control of our party.

American Fork, UT

Too late, orrin!

Ivins, UT

Hatch is Hatch. He does not change color because of his last term in congress. He is and has been part of the big spending probkem which has got us into all this trouble. Democrats actually like him for the most part and he is no threat to the Obama regime.

When did he last speak up to save the country from awful socialism. I am a retired Senior and I am one of many who think spending is all out of control. I am also NOT RICH. I am worried about our children, grtandchildren, and great grandchildren dealing the debt we are piling onto them.


HA. john Charity Spring has identified the radical right, and somehow he isn't in it. Thats good.

all hands on deck
Sandy, UT

A radical element is one who does not agree with you. Thomas Wright wants to pass a bill making sexual orientation part of a protected group. Is that radical for Republicans? Senator Hatch does not vote to cut spending. He is the only one who votes FOR the fiscal debacle. His actions speak so loud we can't hear what he says. Is he now a radical element? the Democratic Party Chair, Dubakis is happy to have the "old Senator back." What is radical? Anyone who does not agree with you is labeled, "Radical." Get used to it. It will come in greater waves to anyone who does not agree with whomever is being interviewed.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

@Say NO to BO
My personal bent is toward *moderation in all things*. I think one can be a staunch conservative republican without being a radical or fanatic. One can be firm and srong without being an extremist. I wouldn't feel too good about taking on the label, radical. Look it up in the dictionary. Just my opinion.

My impression is that radical politicians do not seek for consensus as often as do most conservatives. But I say there is a GREAT need for consensus . . . . WITHIN our own party! As conservatives and Tea Partiers argue with each other, the Democrats chuckle with a certain delight, knowing that we'll bury ourselves if we don't get this figured out. Let's figure out what we all believe as republicans and how to achieve it, and then take on the radicals, extremists, and fanatics on the other side of the aisle who seem to be in charge these days.

@Shaun McC
Although I would not want to be labeled an *extremist* myself, I appreciate your tone and the points you make. They caused me to reflect a bit on my own stance.

North, UT

It’s interesting to note how many politicians (Democrats and Republicans) that were willing to throw the majority of Americans under the bus during the fiscal crises debate. Did they think it would be a good thing for the people by instantly trashing the economy? Most would say no. But their ideologies were more important than the welfare of the American people.

One party extremist group had a plan that would reduce the deficit spending by 200 billion dollars a year the other party extremist group had a plan that would reduce the deficit by 180 billion a year. Both plans fell short by 80%. Yet they were willing to throw you and me under the bus to defend their plan which fixed nothing.

Thank heavens for cooler heads in the Senate that prevailed over the extremist that would rather destroy our economy than give a little ground on ideology.

USS Enterprise, UT

I agree with Hatch, except I think he is wrong in thinking that the Republican Party may end up dominated by radicals. The Republican party is dominated by Progressive Radicals. The Progressives in the Republican party gave us George Bush, John McCain, and the last election where it was a slug fest and it took the non-radicals to nominate somebody who the Progressives didn't like.


Hatch has had almost 40 yrs. to send out his press releases, and issue goofy statements about "reaching across the aisle". Utah media has pretty much bowed before him.

HE'S one of the big reasons we, as a country, are in the mess we're in. Grandma and grandpa who ALWAYS vote the "R" straight ticket got him elected. Probably a few demos. also voted for him knowing full well that Howell woulnd't be elected.

He's NOT a conservative, he's a RINO.

Conservatives don't claim him. Maybe he should just start caucusing with the Demos. where he feels more at home.

Salt Lake, UT

Orrin, you promised us it was your and Utah's time to lead. Lets see what you can really do.

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