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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Hatch is correct that political extremism poses a huge threat to the Republican Party. If this extremism is not cut out like the cancer it is, the body will die.

The vast majority are moderates at heart. They are clearly wise to be wary of the left wing extremism that is destroying this Country. However, the solution to ending left wing domination is not to be found in using extremism to combat extremism.

The Founding Fathers fought the Revolutionary War in order to forever banish extremism from this Continent. Do not dishonor their memory and their sacrifice by willingly allowing extremism to return.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

A "radical" is someone who actually believes in the principles of the party platform and seeks to implement them into public policy. I can see why Hatch would take issue with such individuals.

Syracuse, UT

So now fiscal conservatives are "radicals" and not part of the main stream Republican party? No wonder why our nation is headed off a fiscal cliff. If not today, then sometime in the near future if people don't listen to these "radicals" and start to reduce the burden of public debt this nation suffers.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

No one sees himself or herself as an extremist.

Clearfield, UT

As a moderate Democrat, it's nice to have the old Hatch back. I missed him. I hope he will be more open to the next U.S. Supreme Court nominee like he was before the last two appointments.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

It is interesting that the definition of a radical in Senator Hatch's mind is never articulated in the article. I do know that for me as someone who has recently returned to Utah after having lived elsewhere, the dogmatic nature of Utah Valley Republicans pushes me and many of my colleagues and friends towards becoming Democrats.

I also find interesting the unwritten message here which is that Senator Hatch and his congressional colleagues will basically bow to any pressure in order to get reelected. Once in office, they continue to bow to such pressure unless it is their last term. I think that is a shame.

Springville, UT

Where have you been, Orrin? And the thing is, you were a major enabler.

BYU Blue
Ferron, UT

Hatch gets it. Thank you, fellow Republican.

Springville, UT

In Washington DC lingo anyone who believes in balanced budgets is a radical. Evidenced by the fact that almost every candidate in America, both Republican and Democrat campaigns on balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, then when they get to DC to vote for debt and give-aways.

The vast majority of Americans want balanced budgets. Poll after poll shows that 60-80 percent worry about the debt, etc. People like Hatch campaign on these issues, get elected, go to DC and blow through my yet unborn grandkids savings accounts. The fiscal cliff Hatch supported include Wall Street style handouts to wind farmers, Hollywood executives, corporate farmers, etc, etc, etc and I am a radical?!

Hatch needs to resign!

[Note: I know, he just won an election. Campaigning on balanced budgets no less. Wins, goes to DC and votes for more of the same though I've spoke twice now. Sheesh!]

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


or already is?

La Verkin, UT

I am one of those extremists that Hatch warns about. I am extremely upset with politicians who care more about their party and re-election than the good of their country. I am extremely upset with politicians that tax us unnecessarily and then spend 40% more than we take from the taxpayers, burdening our children with debt that will relegate us to servants of the government instead of its masters. I am extremely upset with a President that thinks it's okay to issue executive orders with the force of law when he can't get his way by strong-arming or persuading congress to pass the laws he wants, but even more extremely upset with Senators and Representatives who won't stand up to him and tell him "No! You can't do that." I wish that we would get informed enough to be "extreme". If you don't think many of the founding fathers were considered "extreme" in their time, you haven't read the history. If you like the road we are on, keep voting for people like Hatch who continues to vote to spend more, raise the debt limit and allow the abuse of power in Washington.

Bountiful, UT

Uncle Orrin joined the Tea Party to get re-elected, and now he's making it perfectly clear that he was not sincere. Those of us who are "radical" and "extreme" suspected this was the case, and tried to elect a conservative instead of a RINO, but without success. Isn't it ironic that Matheson is to the right of Hatch?

Durham, NC

"A "radical" is someone who actually believes in the principles of the party platform and seeks to implement them into public policy. "

Perhaps.... or that could be someone who just isn't realistic about the world... and somehow is under the delusion that there is some kind of pure party platform that all must conform to. Even Chaney, one of the most dogged conservatives made exceptions for his daughter who wasn't living the life style prescribed by orthodox conservative dogma. Issues for an Ohio Republican are different than for a Florida Republican or Idaho Republican.

A "radical" is someone who thinks only their interpretation is a possible interpretation.... and that all others are... well... unsure and therefor RINOS. Unfortunately the party is plum full of self described keepers of the faith casting away those who don't follow party theology. It is an unsustainable position.

slc, ut

Call me a rino or whatever, I miss Bob Bennett. Hatch and Bennett got a lot more done for Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

The 'radicals' that are going to kill the GOP are those that are called RINOS (Republican in name only) that probably should be Dems. They are the ones that move some of the party away from the principles reflected in the platform and toward more liberal principles.

Ogden, UT

Much akin to Sen. Bennett. On your way out bad mouth those who supported you. Sen.Hatch much of what is wrong with the Country has matured on your watch. You sir have been part of the problem. Maybe you were a little bit to close to Teddy Kennedy you know your friend.

Spanish Fork, UT

This is a surprisingly and disappointingly biased article by an established Deseret News political writer. I recognize it's tough to remain objective, but really: "Hatch, the only member of Utah’s congressional delegation who voted to reverse the so-called “fiscal cliff,” said he understands why his colleagues and others in the House and the Senate opposed the deal that restored tax cuts for most Americans."

So, that's supposed to be an objective summary of what the rest of our entire Utah Congressional delegation did? Each Congressman and Senator did nothing more than "oppose" a "deal that restored tax cuts for most Americans". Note that wasn't attributed to Senator Hatch. That was allegedly a simple fact setting the context for his comments.

I'd love to hear Senator Lee, Congressman Chaffetz, or any of the rest of the delegation respond to such accusations. If the reporter wants to write an "op-ed" then, of course, that's her right. But I don't understand the disrespect and one-sided reporting when it's supposed to be a "news" feature and the other participants are easily interviewable and available for comment.

Far East USA, SC

Nice try guys.

No, Orrin is not talking about those that are simply fiscally conservative.

Orrin is talking about those who think that a womans body can prevent pregnancy during a rape.
Or that think that a fetus should have personhood rights.
He is talking about those who think Obama is not a US citizen.
And those who vote to spend money and then balk about paying the bills.

Or those who want to shut down the FDA, the EPA and uh, cant remember the third.
And maybe those that want any type and number of weapons to hold off the government.

Nope. People don't equate fiscal conservatism with right wing radicalism. If only it were that simple...

Right JCS?

Durham, NC

Watchman - do you really only see the world in two distinct colors?

Mohokat - so you only have friends that are devout conservatives? Really? That is kind of sad.

Utah Voter - no, its Hatch's opinion, based on his experience. The problem with that is what again.

This is the very problem society is going through. There is a group of Americans who feels that their way is the only way, and that all others just aren't as sharp, as educated, as hard working..... or as patriotic. From the very first days of this nation, there never was political purity. Even the founding fathers disagreed, sometime violently with each other. It has only been with the rise of this NeoCon group that feels a purge of the unsure - as they define purity - is necessary. It is a very slippery slope.... to a point where getting alone just isn't possible.

There is nothing in my faith that justifies this kind of hatred of another person... nothing. The self justification of such attitudes is mind bending at times.

Lehi, UT

Um...Jim Matheson voted against the fiscal cliff bill along with all our other Congressmen and Senator- everyone except Hatch. Does that make Jim Matheson a right-wing radical too?

Man up Hatch. You're the only one from Utah who caved. Quite trying to draw attention away from your actions by calling other people names.

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