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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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U 90
Corona, CA

Good news for the Utes and Cougs. Expect Utah's revenue and profit to increase over the next few years as more PAC12 TV money kicks in.

If wins don't follow the same upward trajectory as revenue expect to see Whit looking for a new job.


Interesting information. I find it disheartening that Greg Miller has plummeted the Jazz in such a short period of time from what his father built.
I think it goes back to Greg Miller and KOC not supporting Jerry Sloan in the episode with DWill and essentially telling all of the players that they would support them in any conflict with the coach. Nobody respects that type of owner, and the players don't have to make an effort anymore. Nobody wants to pay outrageous ticket prices to watch poor effort by average NBA players. Nice job Greg, and to top it all off you can't even make a profit.

Salt Lake City, UT

When the Utes recieve a full share of the pac 12 TV contract in addition to what they recieve from the Pac 12 network and bowl revenue their total will be in the $30 million - $35 million range. The gap between the those in the big leagues and those that are not continue to widen.

Red and Blue

Should this be a wake up call for Jazz management and coaches?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Look at that, all my Ute friends! An article that requires no spin or redefinition: the Utah football program earned more and profited more than the BYU football program.

No clever rejoinders, honest! Enjoy the moment.

Las Vegas, NV

Go Utes!! Goes to show that even getting a fractional share of the payout from the Conference of Champions trumps independence (irrelevance).

Farmington, UT

What this story tells me is that BYU and Utah ticket prices are WAAAAAYYYYYY too high

Mcallen, TX

Wow! See all the money coming from a national championship game, and players get free tuition? How much do advertisers pay?


Utes make more money than BYU, really, does that surprise anyone? Get over it, BYU's priority was exposure and broadcast rights before money!

Utah made the right choice for them and should eventually be a conference contender in both football and basketball. Certainly BYU made the right choice with independence over the MWC and now defunct 'The Mtn'! Also great call in not joining the Big East!

Both teams should be happy about where they are now compared with 2 years ago. Now if only USU can continue to move up and get a better deal with the MWC in the future (like BSU)!

Hank Pym

re plyxply 5:09 p.m. Jan. 8

You know what would bring in cash & interest? Finally, Changing the name. Where's my MBA?

re: Y Grad / Y Dad 6:01 p.m. Jan. 8

I wouldn't say that. Does byu 's profit include $ from a certain network in New England?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I love my BCS member$hip!

Proud Ute

I never get tired of that picture either.

Heber City, UT

Dear Metejeman those profits go to support, baseball, volleyball, tennis, softball, swimming etc. so there is no profit when it is all done.

Y's Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT
I love my BCS member$hip!

Of course you do, Chris. And you pocket how much of that? Oh, yeah--the same amount a BYU fan pockets. :)

San Diego, CA

So basically good call on ditching the MTN, and avoiding big least.
I recall BYU getting a lot of slack for that. Makes $ense. Also makes it extremely unlikely to ever go back unless they offer same package as boise st.

Same for utes. No brainer leaving for pac12. Even if it means being bottom feeder for now.

Provo, UT

It was all those Pac12 stickers that Utah sold...

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Why would I hope that increased revenue for a state school might lower my state income taxes just a bit? It will never happen. The Utes will go to the Rose Bowl or win a National Championship before our taxes go down on increased revenues and we all know the chances of that happening, don't we?

Maybe USU will want a new, bigger stadium, too, and the U needs more seating capacity to really fit into the PAC 12. Wait, perhaps not; for their best season in school history USU couldn't get 18,000 fans in the stands for each of their last three games and the Utes finished in the bottom 4 of their conference with no bowl, along side of Colorado and Washington State. Each of their stadiums are already too big.

But I'm happy the U at least gets more money because that's all they are getting out of the deal.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Why not also list the price of season tickets? You know, those who bother to show up for the games on a consistent basis, and ask them their feelings about ticket prices?

I stopped attending Jazz games a few years ago after I scrimped to afford to take my family to see a home game vs. Orlando and after the game Jerry Sloan said "The fans deserve better." I wanted to call and ask him where I could apply, based upon his statement, for a refund.

Sorry, but I can't afford to support millionaries who may "show up" for the game, but may not, as well. There's a reason Utah is in last place in their NBA Division.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Of course they are.

Exploiting "amateur" athletes is always going to be more profitable than having to pay athletes.

But that don't make it right.

Murray, UT

OF COURSE the Universities make a HUGE profit. They don't pay their workforce (the players) at all! No, getting paid in tuition (forced buying of goods from the company store) does NOT compensate them fairly for what they do.

This also in...... water is wet and winter is cold.

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