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Published: Monday, Jan. 7 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Ivins, UT

This Spring City proposal is a joke to elevate the rage of left wing extremists and Democrats who take themselves so seriously as control freads. I expect we will have a hundred additional new anti firearm laws proposed which only law abiding people will be forced to obey.

Spring City is like the skunks which inhabit all rural areas, who have just sprayed an intriding enemy.....Funny. Come on Democrate, get a life, laugh along with us.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "airnaut" Did you see the report that Planned Parenthood performed 393,000 abortions last year. That means that there were more children killed by Planned Parenthood than by guns.

Lets ban Planned Parenthood since they kill more children than guns do.

provo, ut

a gun in every household is only a good idea if EACH gun has a mandatory lock. think of children who play with their parents' guns and accidentally kill another child. gun owners need to be responsible to lock their guns.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe we should just become a theocracy because the one place nobody in this state seems to want to put guns is the BYU campus.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

The 'Proclamation to the world' from the Church Presidency and Apostles states that "By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families... and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.


My goodness - you really twisted that one around backwards to fit your agenda iron&clay...

I protect my children from the world by teaching them the Gospel.
FYI - Your "GUNS" won't protect your family from the World.

BTW iron&clay -- I also served in the United States Military for 6 years. Did you?

Springville, UT

Looks like the radical left has shown up in droves, some claiming we're paranoid.

Really? Have you paid any attention to the news today? Joe Biden stated today that "The president is going to act...There are executives orders, there's executive action that can be taken."

There is good reason for me and you to be paranoid. When the Russian and Chinese governments both called for the president to take away our guns and he today shows his intention to do so, we should be alarmed.

Further, it should cause concern among Americans to know that many government agencies and departments have purchased during recent months 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo. No explanation sought by the media.

This is one issue that most Americans know is critical to our freedom. Without our ability to revolt, tyranny is inevitable. Our enemies outside and in know it.

Further, the enemies within knows and expects that we will not let an executive order taking this freedom away go down without a fight. Thus, the need for 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. Americans also see the fight coming. For that reason, gun and ammo sales have gone crazy.

Get ready.

Cedar Hills, UT

common sense is alive and well in Spring City

American Fork, UT

Spring City has a low crime rate because it is a small town in a rural area where everybody knows everybody. Just like very other small town in rural Utah. Guns have little or nothing to do with it. Anyone who has lived in a town like this will know what I mean. The city council's actions are designed to make a political statement, not to empower residents to protect themselves from a non-existent crime spree.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Lib,
How does socialism and universal military service connect?

Taylorsville, Utah

My grandpa is eighty nine years old. I asked him one day if he would like to have a gun in his home for protection. He looked at me and he said, "I've been carrying a dead weapon for a while son".

Salt Lake City, UT

worf @6:15pm: "Lets list some items which kill more Americans then gun ownership..."

And yet the sale and consumption of alcohol are strictly regulated, driving an automobile is highly regulated (licensing, training, insurance, speed limits, etc.), and so on. Regulation is routinely used to reduce the harm of activities and products.

the truth @6:21pm: "SO a well regulated militia meant meant a functioning militia, one that capable of doing the job..."

What does a functioning (capable of performing) militia look like? Would it have inventory controls for its arms (gotta know what you have and where it is)? Would it have proficiency standards for its members (can't win the battle if you can't hit the bad guys)? Would there be a command structure and organization? Would there be mandatory training? Would it have policies to prevent the weapons inventory from getting into the wrong hands? Does ANY organization that uses arms to achieve its ends (from the Crips to Delta Force) not have all of these controls on its members? Would a functioning (well-regulated) militia have, you know, regulations?

county mom @9:02pm: "We are well on our way to becoming pre-WWII Germany..."


Salt Lake City, UT

worf @6:15 pm: "Lets list some items which kill more Americans then gun ownership... automobile accidents"

1) So, by your logic, we shouldn't do anything to reduce cancer deaths because more people die of heart disease?
2) The more relevant car/gun comparison in the current debate is intentional deaths (i.e. murder). Very few people use cars as an instrument for killing. Most auto fatalities are unintended.

the truth @ 6:21 pm: "a well regulated militia meant meant a functioning militia..."

Continuing my previous thought: Would a militia keep a membership roster (i.e. registration)? I'm fine with the idea of a militia as individuals and with gun ownership as an individual right, but how is the militia manifested in practice? What does it look like? How does it defend against tyranny? Does the individual make the determination that a government action requires armed response, or does it come from some recognized authority? Were the southern citizens committees killing civil rights workers acting as militias under the umbrella of the 2nd Amendment? They were, after all, standing up for states rights in the face of federal power. Was the Kennedy assassination a militia action?

Continuing the

Salt Lake City, UT

@the truth (or anyone else):

If you'll indulge a little more on the militia question... I'm genuinely curious as to how it works.

Say there is a government action someone perceives as tyrannical. Let's say there's a Ten Commandments plaque on a rock in the town square that the ACLU sued to remove. The city agrees to comply with the court order. A city worker with a backhoe is scheduled to come at 10:00 Tuesday to haul it away. Some residents see this as the tyrannical workings of an activist judge. They assemble at the square, armed, to defend the plaque from the poor guy on the backhoe. The sheriff comes to enforce the court order. In this scenario, are the citizens the militia? Are they justified in shooting the sheriff in the defense of religious expression? Or are they just petty hooligans? What if one of them stalks the judge and shoots him? Is it murder or insurrection?

Do the Black Panthers count as militia? What about the Weather Underground or the Symbionese Liberation Army? They were fighting government tyranny.

Who decides? Who gets to say I'm defending liberty, but your're just a criminal?


If you are going to require anything, it should be to read (and understand) the second amendment which specifies when it is applicable. Since we have a standing army, we don't need or have a militia. Since a militia is not necessary for security, the right to keep and bear arms does not exist. The constitution does not prevent new laws limiting gun ownership at this time.

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