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Published: Monday, Jan. 7 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

A Novel Idea. Some are trying to take guns off the street. Where and when is the next movie theater or school??? Would it be in a place where more people carried guns? Teachers in school, movie theater workers. Hire more trained guards? Who's to say the guard will handle it appropriately. The concept of more having guns is going in the right direction. Especially in a society that's decaying in their morality and degenerate. Right to bear arms is a RIGHT, doesn't necessarily need to be law.
It not the gun that's problem, it's the one holding it. If you want to fight guns, try taking some of that energy toward those degenerates. What if all teachers had a gun in their room?? I think the degenerates are smart enough to think twice to go there.

Provo, UT

Well, there is a difference between having a gun in the home and carrying a concealed weapon out in public. Perhaps Spring City could enact a Stand Your Ground Law to facillitate a sense of security among its residents. That way, anyone who looks different who comes to town can be immediately challenged and dealt with to the relief of the citizens.

For a community with essentially no crime, generating a fear of immenient crime is great for gun manufacturers and retailers. Perhaps they need to expand the resolution to include more lethal weapons because you never know. Maybe someone might come at them with a grenade launcher. Then real firepower can be requested for the real reason people want more guns, defense against a democratically-elected government they don't like.

It doesn't matter that the recent talk about responsible gun legislation targets only a miniscule sector of the gun and ammunition industry. No one is making an issue out of hunting rifles and guns in the home for self-defense. The focus is only on military-type weapons for mass killing which have a high profit margin in the industry..

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Let me get this stright...

Conservatives say Spring City, UT has a low crime rate because of guns.
Then, the city council [i.e., the Government] wants to force everyone in town to have a gun in their home.

Is the gun requirement by the Government to decrease an already non-existant crime rate in rural setting Spring City, Utah?
to satisfy someone's extreme sense of insecurity and paranoia?

BTW -- brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Will they be drafting a resolution to require everyone to go to church? Why not? We have freedom of religion - why not require it?

7:16 a.m. Jan. 8, 2013

Hayden, ID

This has been very entertaining watching liberals go ballistic (no pun intended) over this story, and they don't even live there! Says a lot doesn't it?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"This has been very entertaining watching liberals go ballistic (no pun intended) over this story...."

All due credit goes to your side for handing us tons of ammunition (pun intended) with each shrill outburst.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have been to and stayed in Spring City multiple times. It is a quaint and peaceful rural haven for art, recreation and leisure. Now it will be best known as an arsenal? Spring City is as much a target for armed criminals as Virgin, Utah (made a UN free zone by a resolution) is threatened by an invasion by the United Nations. Instead of making us safer, we are merely increasing our paranoia. I prefer to live with the miniscule chance of being harmed than go through my life in constant fear of both criminals and under-trained armed residents, who could easily mistake me, an outsider, as an intruder.

Murray, UT

@Midwest Mom, I am glad you shared your opinion...but I have to disagree with the part about the pro-gun lobby using the tragedy...Most places I watch/read the news it is the Anti-Gun Lobby that is flaunting all of the tragedies involving guns to create a legislative action at the highest level of Government to add more laws on the books, when the ones already there just aren't being enforced. And why is that...Fast and Furious is one example. Yes there are accidents in the home, and not just from mishandled weapons. I don't have the numbers but I would bet that more people die or are injured from falling in the bath tub or off a ladder or many other common household accidents than there are gun related Murders. If some one is pushed from a ladder is that different from a mis-step and accidentally falling? Yet all gun related deaths are lumped to enhance the chance of sensationalism. Control is needed but it should not be mandated by the government. We as individuals should be able to control ourselves.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


".....Control is needed but it should not be mandated by the government. We as individuals should be able to control ourselves."

Government has both the right to enforce the Second Amendment and the duty to do so, even though each successive generation poses unique challenges in applying it to its times.

I totally agree with you on your second point. We have the right to keep a gun but anyone who does should be aware that a gun kept in the home is more likely to be used to kill a family member in a domestic quarrel than an intruder in a home invasion. That's a grim reality that shouldn't be ignored.

Salt Lake City, UT


I get that crime rates are measured "per capita" (actually, they are usually measured "per 1,000" or "per 100,000"), so as to make apples-to-apples comparisons possible; only, they're not (apples-to-apples). On average, crime rates tend to grow at a slightly disproportionate rate as population increases above a certain number -- somewhere in the tens of thousands, if I recall correctly. Not all of the many factors that contribute to this phenomenon have been identified; but basically, it comes down to culture, demographics, and population density.

My point was that an idyllic, pastoral, somewhat-isolated community like Spring City would be EXPECTED to have a lower crime rate PER CAPITA than somewhere like Miami or Philadelphia or St. Louis, based on the phenomenon that I mentioned.

You can draw your own conclusions regarding how that squares with gun control/gun advocacy issues.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

The more guns we have around, the more gun deaths there will be, by accident and by impulse. Kids shooting themselves and others, adults doing the same. You may say, well,if somebody is going to kill or hurt themselves or another person and they can't get to a gun easily, they'll find another way.
Sometimes yes but sometimes no.
Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them or their family, but it does. People shoot their own kids when they come in through a window, little kids accidentally shoot friends and family members. Teenagers, (the invulnerable) kill each other by accident and by impulse.
And if you keep your gun in a safe and a bad guy comes into your bedroom some night, will you say, excuse me Mr. Rapist while I unlock my gunsafe and get my gun out to defend myself and with any luck kill you. ?
Who of the families of those victims of accidental death would not do ANYTHING to go back and change what happened, but they cannot.
You think it cannot happen to you or those you love. You are wrong.

Mcallen, TX

Hmmm? Lets list some items which kill more Americans then gun ownership:

* alcohol
* automobile accidents
* junk food
* stress caused by debt
* drugs
* government starting wars

Why all the focus on guns?

the truth
Holladay, UT

@Craig Clark

I hate to burst your bubble,, but "well regulated" does NOT mean, in circa 1789 use of the word "regulate" to make regulations, laws, and otherwise control things.

"well regulated" meant well functioning or working.

a regulated gun was a functioning gun, a gun that was working like it should.

SO a well regulated militia meant meant a functioning militia, one that capable of doing the job,

The right to bear arms was guaranteed to the people, not to the state nor a standing army.

And this right was intended to secure a free state, not for hunting nor personal defense, they went without question, but to guarantee this nation and each individual state will remain free from tyranny.

This city got it right.

The left got it wrong, comments against are looney and irrational, based on unfounded fear of gun ownership and ignorance of what the 2nd amendment actually says.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

Most of the crime in Spring City happens when people are away from their homes, or they forget and leave their purse in their car or their keys in their car or trucks. Every once in awhile, the police remind us that we should lock our homes when we leave, or even when we're there.
But the idea that we're all a bunch of armed militia holding off the bad guys is ridiculous.
The fact is that most of the people here are good people who mostly don't bother their neighbors except with an occasional overly-enthusiastic rooster or coon hounds who bark at all hours. The gas station had a short-lived string of burglaries where the thieves stole as much beer as they could carry.
I'm sure there's a certain amount of domestic abuse, which can only be exaccerbated by having a gun at home, and there certainly is drug use and other stupidity.
But to say that for the most part we have low crime here because the bad guys know we're all armed is beyond silly.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Wow are we a foolish people. We are well on our way to becoming pre-WWII Germany.
You know, Lets get ourselves in huge debt.
Lets take away peoples rights to pray, display Christian beliefs or any belief for that matter. Lets vilify the wealthy.
Lets take away peoples right to defend themselves and their homes.
Lets vote to give the current President an unending term, no limits.
Lets allow him to thumb his nose at our highest court.
Lets let him disrespect our House of Representatives, you know the ones who actually represent us.
Lets let him make shady deals with foreign leaders.
Lets let him disrespect our military and not allow them a vote.
Lets let him create regulations and treat them like laws.
Lets give him a national system where he can choose who lives and dies.
Then lets let him control a national system that has collected guns & ammo and spys on the citizenry telling them this group is here to keep them safe.
Yep, we are headed down almost the same pathetic path! And the liberals all defend these actions.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Isn't it interesting that so many who claim to be "pro life" are so willing to be constantly in possession of the ability to instantly snuff it out.

Mcallen, TX

Midwest Mom,

Protecting yourself is snuffing out life? You like protecting people who would harm you or your family?

county mom,

You hit the nail on the head. I have an old German friend who would totally agree with you.

Los Angeles, CA

This is a very, very good concept. For years, I have said that the armed citizen is identical to being trained in CPR. It is what one may do in the absence of first responders. One has not only a civil right to be armed, but also the public policy, public interest, legal doctrines and other latitude in self-defense or defense of another. The preparedness concept alone makes this a very welcome and useful policy throughout any interruption of services.

Thank you, Sir, for your service.


The 'Proclamation to the world' from the Church Presidency and Apostles states that "By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families... and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.
From the above statement, homeowners with guns is the best way to protect families from a mob who would want a tyrant to take away a families protection so the mob could more easily rape, plunder and pillage.
The history of the church in Missouri is an example where the law abiding homeowners were forced to give up their firearms by the government and then the mobs were able to steal their property and force them out of the state.

Ivins, UT

We are not Brits UK! We drove them from our shores years ago. We are advocates of a sacred Constitution which makes us different and freedom loving. This Spring City thing is just an in your face statement directed toward the anti gun crowd on the East and West Coasts. Not really all that serious, just a way to get their point of view across in a country style, unsophistocated manner.

Everett, 00

Number of children accidentally shot in their own homes in utah 2012 -- 3
Number of children massacred by a wild lunatic with an assault rifle, criminal breaking into their home, or the American Government or United nation invading it. -- Zero.

More children are shot and killed each and every year by guns their parent had in the home,
than all the other wild myths and stories the scared and the paranoid can conjure up - combined.

BTW - one of those kids was the son of a Police officer.

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