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Published: Monday, Jan. 7 2013 6:45 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Wasn't the Ute who got a DUI a couple of years ago "dismissed immediately" from the team when it happened? Ya know, the one who only missed a single game, against a Division III opponent nonethless?

I expect to see the kid back by game 2, if he's needed.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Trevvor - Agreed. For as much as I don't like Bronco as our football coach, the guy truly holds kids responsible, instead of hiding behind the LAME excuse cop-out of "Give the kid another chance"

Giving someone a second chance and not holding someone accountable for their decisions are two separate things. Similarly, I would have been disappointed in Bronco if he had let Sampson and Stout back after one game. Even Van Noy had trouble, and Bronco made him wait a WHOLE YEAR to join the team.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Another classy comment. No, Nia Fotu was suspended indefinitely and worked his way back onto the field after meeting certain requirements set by Whittingham.

Either way, this will have a minimal effect on the team's production because Afa never saw the field, and he wasn't about to anytime soon.

Highland, UT


"this will have a minimal effect on the team's production because Afa never saw the field, and he wasn't about to anytime soon."

Which tells us two things. One is he probably really is gone for good since he didn't matter as a player. Two is that utah "fans" definately have their priorities straight.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Do you cougar fans honestly want us to start throwing out names?
Spare us the holier than thou routine so we don't have to have another thread of this story compared to that story, etc. Quite frankly it seems BYU has had a lot more issues of this nature than Utah has in the past 10 years and most of them get swept under the rug as best they can UNLESS the media gets a hold of them and forces Bronco's hand.
So again, please don't go begging for examples, player names from either school don't need to get dragged through the mud and every situation is unique and has circumstances that the mainstream public doesn't always know about.

Pocatello, ID


No teenager/young adult should ever be given a second chance, period.

All of us are just lucky enough to either have never been caught, be in the spotlight, or be this egregious. Obviously there is accountability, but good grief, some of the comments on this board are off the charts.

West Jordan, UT

You BYU fans are so hypocritical. Preach and teach forgiveness and tolerance but crucify a kid (freshman, so he's probably 18 years old) for a mistake and make sure he "pays the price" set by a bunch of posters on a the newspaper article. How about the fact that Nai Fotu (who was referred to previously) being allowed back onto the team could have possibly saved his life. Instead of being a person who was kicked out of football with nothing to do except get into trouble, he was a guy allowed to play football again after following certain rules to get back onto the field. He was around good people with good goals and...who knows...maybe that gave him a second chance in life, not just football. You guys should remember that these coaches DO care about the kids too in addition to wins and losses.

Maybe we should all be a little less critical in these instances and give these kids another shot to live up to their potential instead of impose our uninformed penalties and crucify them in the public eye.....all without knowing most of the details. Spare us all.

Park City, UT


Talk about hypocritical...

how about a coach who only gives his starter a slap on the wrist for his 2nd DUI, while suspending a bench warmer for getting into a fight?

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You just proved the point several of us were trying to help you with ... by comparing one kid's problem to another kids problem you left some of the details out. The "bench warmer" didn't just get into a fight, he also had a DUI.
Care to come back online and apologize now? No situation is the same and none of us are privy to all the details and behind the scene activities that help coaches decide how to proceed with the player. This is exactly why you and others need to reserve judgment.
This goes equally for Utah fans that feel the need to do the same thing when BYU kids make mistakes.

West Jordan, UT


Thank you for proving my comment correct. You think you know 2 of the details of the situation and so you are justified on passing judgement on the player, the coach, and the university. No 2 situations are the same, and you DO NOT (despite your insistance that you are an expert because you read the newspaper every day) know the hows, the whens, the whys, etc. If you knew these coaches I'm sure you would find out that they aren't out there with the sole purpose of winning football games. That is the biggest goal, but they are in college and do what they do because they enjoy helping steer the lives of these people.

Honestly, I'm not even sure why this is a story. This kid made a stupid, stupid mistake and he likely regrets it. Does anyone REALLY care that a walkon that would never play got dimissed from the team? No. But now every BYU fan can get on boards like this and trash the kid, the coaches, and everyone else so they can feel better about themselves and BYU. It's sad you get your jollies from this. I wish the kid well.

Highland, UT


Go back and read the utah "fan" comments on the articles about Stout and Sampson getting kicked off the BYU team because of the fight they got in a couple of months ago. You reap what you sew.

Las Vegas, NV

Typical - the Utah County trollers come out in DROVES to kick at the kid who is down. Sorry state of affairs down south if this is the only thing that gets you excited about football. We all know you have nothing to be excited about for the future - horrible recruiting class, coaching turmoil, still "irrelevant".

BC - did you miss the part in the article where it said the man he was fighting was left unconscious? Of course not! It was not simply "a fight", but why let the facts get in the way of your hatred for the U? Southies have a thing for ignoring facts.

I wish Afa well and hope that he betters himself and his life as a result of his mistakes. I hope he takes a page out of Nai Fotu's book and surrounds himself with positive people who will help him straighten out his life.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Pot calling the kettle black

BYU "troll" responses on this article pale in comparison to the Utah "troll" responses to any similar happening at BYU

Despite the whining from the oh-so-easily-offended hill dwellers, BC didn't make any sort of "judgement", he simply cited the differences between Whittingham's response to both situations

If Utah fans are uncomfortable addressing those differences, that's not BC's problem, that's yours.

btw, VegasUte - DUI's are treated harshly, not necessarily because of the actual end result, but because of the potential for an even more serious result

Afa left somebody unconcious. Blechen could have killed somebody, on at least two separate occassions!

sandy, UT

Yes BYU holds their players very accountable. Just like Kyle Van Noy who got a DUI and didn't miss a single game of his career.

Add to that KVN was under aged when he got his DUI. But you're right suspending a guy and kicking a player off the team are much less harsh than sweeping the entire incident under the rug and letting the kid play his entire career.

Orem, UT


"Yes BYU holds their players very accountable. Just like Kyle Van Noy who got a DUI and didn't miss a single game of his career."

Next time check your facts, before spouting off.

Because of the DUI, which occurred before KVN even came to BYU, Mendenhall forced KVN to wait an entire year after graduating from HS before he was allowed to enroll at BYU and join the football team.

AN ENTIRE YEAR for a 1st offense versus a 3-non-conference game suspension for a repeat offender.

Salt Lake City, Utah


You owe Bronco and KVN an apology.

KVN was forced to wait an entire year before joining the BYU football team because of his DUI.

West Jordan, UT

@ phantomblade: BC did pass judgement when he said "talk about hypocritical" then pointed the difference in the two situations.

@ duckhunter: I don't care which fanbase these types of comments come from, they are unacceptable. Personally I don't see why this should be anyone elses business. If it were a high profile player maybe, but a news story on a walkon who has never and will likely never play? This is poor, poor judgement to run this article. I call BYU fans hypocritical because they preach to each other on Sunday's about forgiveness and then come on these commnet boards on Monday to kill an 18 year old they don't know who made a mistake. No one knows anything about this incident on here, so back off.

@sportsguy: who is sweeping this under the rug? He got kicked off the team. Fotu (who wasn't a starter for all of you trying to paint a different picture) was suspended. YOU DON'T KNOW the whys of either situation, so for you to pass judgement on which program handled things right is just plain wrong.

Palo Alto, CA


There may be more to both stories than is being reported, but giving a starter a relative slap on the wrist while kicking a bench warmer off the team for similar offenses, SCREAMS inconsistency on the part of Whittingham.

It's the duty of fans and concerned obvservers to question such seemingly blatant inconsistencies. Who do you think you're protecting by scolding people for "making judgements", the players, or Utah's football program?

Highland, UT


1st of all the "kid" is 24, not 18. That's an adult not a kid so perhaps it is you that actually doesn't KNOW the "kid" or the situation?

2nd of all no one is "killing the kid" we are criticizing the program far more. The "kid" did what he did but it is the inconsistency of the punishments, in some cases no real punishments at all, handed out by your coach and program that we are criticizing more than anything else.

Pretty weak, although predictable on the part of a utah "fan", to try and distort it and make it sound as if meanie BYU fans are "killing a kid".

Also BYU fans are for the most part the same as utah "fans". In otherwords MORMONS. The majority of both fanbases are LDS. Why do you think that just because one LDS person has decided to be a fan of the sports at BYU that he/she should be held to a higher standard than the LDS that decided to be a fan of sports at utah?

You see that is the hypocrisy and it comes from the "fans" of the team in slc.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

There is a LB in this state that had two DUIs before "graduating" from high school.

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