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Published: Monday, Jan. 7 2013 5:15 p.m. MST

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Portland, OR

John Charity Spring - Quentin Tarantino has made himself wealthy by offering the public a fantasy visual experience. The fantasy world is just that, a staged and scripted form of entertainment brought to life using the amazing tools available to film makers today. You should be happy.

To deduce that "ignorant hordes are now imitating the attitudes and behaviors that are portrayed in these vile and pernicious movies", should be noted as the alarmist statement of the day.

While walking through my neighborhood yesterday, I didn't spot one member of an "ignorant horde". I also saw no examples of "violent anarchy" or "sexual deviancy" being displayed anywhere. What I did see were joggers and walkers and people cleaning up their yards. Several weeks ago, while walking on the beach, my wife and I saw a snowy owl for the first time in our lives. We giggled like children.

salt lake, UT

once again your misuse of terms makes it hard to take your comments serious. please learn what terms like causal link and causation mean before using them.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

American First
Merced, CA

...it was for this reason the efforts of Joseph McCarthy to keep Communist sympathizers out of the American entertainment industry was so important...

5:14 p.m. Jan. 8, 2013


Joe McCarthy was right?

I guess the rumors are indeed true.
The John Birch Society is alive and well in the moderan American Tea-Party movement...

BTW -- I suspect the extremeists in the Tea-Party movement and their wild birther, voting, Benghazi, conspiracies will end-up right beside old Joe McCarthy and his witch-hunt, and the John Birch Society and the Government mind-control conspiracies with flouride.

Tea-Party to me means one thing, and one thing only ---
Tin-Foiled hats.

St Louis, MO

SIGH . . this debate has been beaten to death. It's really about taste more than any active campaign to corrupt the minds of our precious youth. Depictions of violence have been entertaining people for hundreds, if thousands of years. If Tarantino films aren't in your wheelhouse, I completely understand, but the protestations aren't converting any existing fans.

There is a chasm between enjoying a movie that depicts violence and actually advocating violence. If that doesn't make sense to you, I don't know what to say. Some of us know the difference between make-believe and reality. It's long been a mistake of the hand-wringers to equate a depiction of violence (or drug use, or crime in general) as an endorsement. Simplistic nonsense. "Ooh, that character's shooting herion; the filmmakers are promoting herion use!" Seriously, if your adult mind works that way, seek help.

I agree with Maudine . . a large percentage of so-called "family films" are mushy pablum that appeal to the least demanding moviegoers. If "inoffensive" is the primary quality you look for in entertainment, we're just not going to be seen in the same theaters very often.

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