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Published: Monday, Jan. 7 2013 9:30 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fans need to learn to re-direct their embarrassment and anger to Bronco, Homloe, and ultimatley your church leaders.

Bronco is the one who couldnt handle the #1 recruit in the nation, when "QB U" seemed like a perfect fit.

Holmoe can't get you into the Pac 12.

And you'll forever struggle against "athletes" because your church leaders would rather BYU be filled with sunday school boys than true athletes.

Give Doman and Anae a break.

They don't deserve the thankless treatment they've received.

Draper, UT

@Chris B

You actually made a reasonable and logical post until you decided you needed to get your obligatory dig in about BYU athletes v. school boys, etc. In sentence 2 you talk about BYU having the #1 recruit in the nation, and follow that up in sentence 4 by essentially saying that BYU can't recruit.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

And thus is life in college football in the great state of Utah, particularly Utah County. I challenge any reader to list OC's off the top of their head at SDSU, USC, UCLA, CAL or Stanford. I know I can't, and I attended SDSU and USC. It never seases to amaze me the interest in the Cougs offensive OC's- and I'm among them. I guess the readers comment to what's printed in this paper. Interesting that Harmon states how Edwards was "untouchable". Indeed he was. But, Bronco is pretty "untouchable" as well from any cristicsm by the DN sports writers. When that's the case, the attention of the readers then go to the next in the chain. I hope Anae turns this offense around. We all know it needs turning!

Frisco, TX

I think there is something that is not being spoken that lured Anae back to Provo. My personal belief is that Bronco only plans to stay through the end of his contract, next year. He opted not to take a long term contract. I think he's a man of his word, and wouldn't leave before his contract was finished. Anae had to be courted with the idea that he would be a more viable HC candidate if he were the offensive coordinator.

Lincoln Coug
Lincoln, NE

To Chris B and the rest of the trolls,

You know full well that the "Just Win" mentality doesn't exist at BYU. BYU can perform at a high level without sacrificing high standards. Still, I expect more from the fanbase, which can be downright embarrassing at times. When everybody else in the country wants us to fail we need to circle the wagons instead of looking for a scapegoat.

Sandy, UT

There is nothing more sure than death, taxes, and chrissy b being the first to post a comment on a BYU article.

Layton, UT

@Chris B Love your posts, and the responses from the bYu trolls are enternaining. Keep up the good work. Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@Jeff 29,

I would think you would understand the difference between getting 1 great recruit and getting dozens of them.

You think teams that have been to BCS games(see Alabama, TCU, Utah, Boise, Florida, LSU) get there with 1 great athlete?

Sorry - all those teams mentioned above sent SEVERAL guys to the NFL.

My point remains. If you can't get enough true "athletes" like the teams mentioned above, you'll never be worth mentioning in the same sentence as them.

Unless, of course, that sentence went something like this:

"byu lost to Utah, TCU, and Boise" for the fourth year in a row"

Mesa, AZ

"It simply would not be worth it, if it were not about more than just football" -- Bronco Mendenhall. Apparently, Robert Anae feels the same way.

Somewhere in Time, UT

If I were a Utah fan, I wouldn't being saying ANYTHING!

Columbia, MO

There are still lots of BYU alumni who would love to coach in Provo. Anae deserves kudos for not turning into another turncoat, but the Cougar football program with lots of returning stars (Hoffman, Hill, Williams, Alisa, Van Noy and company) is not a bad place to be right now. This is a little like when Crowton came to BYU. His plate was already set for an outstanding season.

Danbury, CT

Yeah, right, I am going to be angry at the church for what goes on in BYU football...get a grip on life people!!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The OC's job all comes down to the talent he has to work with. Average talent will produce average or worse results. Exceptional talent (Oregon) produces exceptional results.

It's when an OC has average, or worse, talent that they are labeled by fans as being predictable. If an OC tries to change up the play calling without great results they are labeled as not having an identity.
The OC, particularly at byu, is a thankless task. Look no further than Norm Chow, a great offensive mind, who was run out of Provo.

Brigham City, UT

Crowton won a national title at LSU after leaving Provo. That should be on a billboard in Utah County. Anae will probably be future head coach.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


You are a "ute" commenting on a BYU story; ergo - you are a troll praising a troll.
Its a double negative; indicating that trolls are more driven by their hatred of BYU, rather than love for their own school.

Shouldn't you be embarrassed by that?
And doubly embarrassed for using football as a substitute for being angry about "church leaders"?

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I must agree with Counter Intelligence, you Ute trolls are very sad folks and I feel sorry for you. Chris B, or B for short, you are simply amazing. Nobody can complain like this B can.

I welcome Anae back and wish him Godspeed!

Phoenix, AZ

Why are you singling out BYU? You just described any college with a huge fan base. I guess that's why you couldn't have written this article about any other Utah based school.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

Call us the first time Utah outrecruits USC.

It's laughable how inconsitent U are.

Beating your chest about the Utes playing in the Rose Bowl soon, while completely ignoring the fact that Utah's recruiting pales in comparison to USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford and other PAC 12 schools.

Top 40 recruiting classes for 2013
#5 USC, #19 Washington, #20 UCLA, #22 Oregon, #26 California, #37 Arizona, and #38 Stanford

USC has FIFTEEN 4-star recruits out of 15 total commits.
Utah has ONE 4-star recruit out of 27 commits.

It's quite obvious that the PAC 12 added Utah as cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference to pad their conference records. The Utes will never be anything more than a conference bottom dweller, but I'm sure that Washington State and Colorado appreciate the company.

btw, half of Utah's roster is filled with "Sunday School" boys

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ..... because your church leaders would rather BYU be filled with sunday school boys than true athletes.... "

Pretty much sums up the utah basketball team. And the utah football team isn't far behind. It's always nice knowing you will forever consider your marquee win is v. BYU.


Off Topic.

I grew up on the Southwest Conference (Dallas). When I moved to Utah in 82, I QUICKLY noticed 2 things.

1, the stadium at Utah was only 1/2 full - except for the BYU game. They seemed to give away more tickets via promotions than they sold. Where were all the Utah fans then? As an outsider I can honestly say most of today's U fans can easily qualify as Band Wagon Jumpers.

Do you want to talk rivalry? Lets go hang out in Dallas the week of the UT / OU game.....

#2, if it came down to a choice between beating BYU or winning the conference, the majority of U fans would opt for beating BYU. What a sad state of mind to be locked into. Sadly, many fans are still in that mode today.

I have seen more long-term Y fans since moving here than U can even dream of.

@Riddles is right about U success in the "12Pack". Long term they will mostly likely be mediocre and get mediocre bowl invitations. Any substantial improvement over that will probably take decades to accomplish. (If it is ever accomplished at all).

Hook'em Horns!!!

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