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Published: Sunday, Jan. 6 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ sammyg

We can't wait to hear your stories from Colorado, please don't keep us waiting too long ok?

By the way, did they happen to mention anything about the game played this past season? Or did they only want to talk about the previous game?

Seriously, your comment read like that of a 14 year old school girl.

Bountiful, UT

"Kyle's choice of QBs and OCs has been his biggest flaw as head coach"

Throw in the mistake of promoting Sitake to DC and Kyle has blown his 3 biggest decisions. He was lucky to find Norm Chow available last year and having him as the OC saved his bacon when Wynn went down for the season. If Chow hadn't been able to rescue the offense and cobble together a scheme to hide Jon Hays deficiencies and allow the defense to win them games utah would've had a losing season their first 2 yrs in the Pac 12.

Kyle owes Chow a big fat thank you for extending his career at utah. Whitt's next stop likely will be Weber St after another bad season.

Provo, UT

this article is just plain ridiculous. Whitt is not a knee jerk reaction type of guy. If he was, he would have gone to BYU after his father got fired, he would have taken the BYU head coaching job instead of the Utah one, he would have yanked Wynn long ago, he would have taken the Tennessee coaching job... The list goes on and on. The man has integrity, he will not can Johnson for at least 2 more seasons (unless this next one is a complete and total disaster). Johnson will get better this year, he improved greatly this last year, and he will continue to do so. Have patience people!


Naval Vet - Taysom Hill is a TRUE freshman too

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Taysom Hill signed with Stanford back in 2009 and redshirted. In 2010 and 2011, he was on his mission. In 2012, he was a 21-yr old REDSHIRT Freshman. Not a TRUE Freshman.

Farmington, UT

Interesting that anyone that has a different opinion than Naval Vet gets labelled by him as being "frantic and emotional." Since he uses those terms so often one is left to postulate if he really knows what they mean. I guess the favorite term of "irrelevant" got to be too old, particularly since it wasn't true anyway.

He and Chris B. could start a business together about how everything in the universe is "Utah" and "nothing else matters."

Springville, UT

Naval Vet

I've noticed that you have yet to explain your absence last fall when the Utes needed you the most. When Brian needed you, you were gone for those several weeks of miserable PAC10.2 losses.

And now you're here defending Brian when you abandoned him. Confusing signals from an avid Ute "fan".

Please explain.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

sammyg and toosmartforU:

If you want an explanation, you'll have to ask me from a different forum. The DNews won't permit me to do so here.

Highland, UT

In otherwords naval vet was either banned or suspended for awhile. No surprise.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Does anyone understand that BYU's head coach also needs to go. The decision process in a number of games cost them this year and that responsibility falls on the HC. This team needs a fresh start with a fresh set of eyes. Why will the AD not make the real changes that are needed?

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