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Published: Friday, Jan. 4 2013 4:50 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Most importantly, he will not be saddled with Riley Nelson. That in and of itself will guarantee that next season will see a better offensive output than this past season!

Salt Lake City, UT


Sandy, UT

Not really Pipes... Bronco wanted Nelson... Doman wanted Lark... look at who won and the results? then who gets the blame... doman....

Anae will be a flop just like before... BYU admin has no insight in how to get this program back on track.... putter, putter, putter is all BYU will do until Bronco retires.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

This is probably the most honest and insightful article on Robert Anae that I've read. I never bought the line that he just decided to move on. He clearly did not have the latitude to do his job and was effectively forced out.

I've always felt Anae knew what he was doing but was interfered with by too many people. I suspect if he had been left to his own devices, Jake Heaps would have red-shirted his first year, he would still be with the program, and he would have turned into the quarterback everybody expected. Instead its been non-stop disaster.

If Dick is correct and Anae has Carte Blanche to build his own staff and isn't going to be micro-managed from above, then I think there will be better times ahead for the program. I think its a good move and fans should be glad Anae has agreed to return after all the grief they handed him.

longtime fan
Salt Lake City, UT

This move is a huge step in the right direction. Doman is a good quarterbacks coach but his philosophy as an OC was too heavily influenced by his time under Crowton. Robert Anae places priority on perfect execution and consistency. We can expect to see BYU return to more of a drop-back/shotgun passing game with higher completion percentages and the ability to move the ball at will. With the more mobile QBs BYU has been recruiting, there will be an added threat when plays break down, but you won't see QB keeper plays being called unless it is a sneak on 3rd and short. This will preserve the health of the QBs and keep them sharp at executing the passing game. When BYU needs to run, it will be done by the running backs, the way it should be.
I look forward to the return of a potent offense coupled with a stingy Mendenhall defense, with the added benefit of more mobile QBs and hopefully a sprinkling of well-executed gimmick plays to keep the opposing defenses guessing. This should be the combination to get BYU past the level of the previous Anae term.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Well Bronco will now just be D's coach and Robert be O's coach. Yes Bronco is the HC but he will stay away dealing with QB's and O's department which he will sure be glad. Okay, when is spring work out start? Oh almost forgot, who will coach the O's line since Weber is gone?

Snowflake, AZ

I am glad to hear Anae is coming back. I was frustrated at times by his lack of creativity, but it is true that the program was much more successful and the offense had an identity. The offense never established an identity under Doman. I am not saying that Doman could never be a good offensive coordinator, as I thought he was improving as he went along. But I don't think BYU has enough time to wait for Doman to become a good offensive coordinator. Good job Holmoe and Bronco!

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

So Doman gets fired because of Bronco's mancrush on Riley Nelson?
Doesn't make sense to me. Bronco needs to take some responsibility. He blames other coaches, but never takes responsibility.

Columbia, MO

I like the fact that Anae will also be coaching the offensive line. After all, that's where he played at BYU. That's who he coached at Texas Tech and that's who he coached at Arizona. I suspect his stint at Arizona under two excellent head coaches will give him enough imagination to make things work even better the second time around.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Mendehall is the problem....


But Dick Harmon said Brandon would remain the OC. Was Dick actually wrong?

Salt Lake City, UT

You wouldn't be laughing at a team that won more games, made it to the post season, and had a higher sagarin rating, would you? See, that sagarin part accounts for the more difficult schedule....by 34 spots...

Dick makes a couple of presumptions that hopefully are true. For instance, that he won't be so predictable But really, if he can fix the 0-line, it will make a significant difference.

Doman got the shaft. He'll get another chance, but I hope he also pays close attention to the process this time around. I really wish I knew if Doman chose Riley or Bronco did. Bronco eluded to trusting whatever Doman recommended in terms of QB choice, yet he also bore his testimony of Riley on a weekly basis.

Taysom has an arm. Rehab is going well. This will be a better team. Who the staff recruit from JC for the o-line will make difference. And I hope they will keep Dupaix around for recruiting, if he'll submit to that. It seems advantageous to have a running back
who played in college be the coach.

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

An offensive coordinator with a linemens mentality. Not a good combination.

Mission Viejo, CA

To those of you who say that Anae was too conservative, I say his QB's didn't get hurt and they put up big numbers. To those who say he's too predictable, I say everybody knew what Vince Lombardi was going to call. Football is about execution. Look at Bronco's defense. Execution. Scheme. Brilliance. The offense was exactly the opposite this year. Anae will fix that. And for those who argue that Anae is too predictable, I agree. I predict that his offense will be 100% better than this year's offense.

U 90
Corona, CA

Tom Holmoe's record as the Cal Bear head coach was 12-43. That means he was basically a 2-9 coach for 5 years. Is he really the right guy to be calling the shots for BYU's football program?


But Dick Harmon said Brandon would remain the OC. Was Dick actually wrong?

Salt Lake City, UT

So many trolls, so little intelligence. Let Anae do his job with the right players.

South Jordan, UT

Kudos to Henry Drummond, Longtime fan, and Blue Husky. These are my thoughts exactly. You said it better than I could. Thank you! There are things that happen behind the scenes that we, the fans, do not know/do not see. Thank you Dick Harmon for an insightful look at a good man.

We love the cougars! Go team!

Lyman, WY

Really people. One of you people called Anae a flop. If he was a flop why were BYU offenses ranked in the top 25 every year, except for 2010 then? If he was a flop then why was the BYU offense averaging over 30 points a game, and if he was a flop, then why did the BYU offense rank so high in 3rd down conversions every year he was the O.C., including ranked 1st in 2009. I'll tell you why, because he had a great mix of run and pass. Were there times that I felt he made mistakes? Sure but what coach doesn't make mistakes. I think you trolls need to let coaches coach and stop acting like you all know more than the coaches. How much experience do you guys have? Oh yeah and by the way, our running game has been awful the last few years, until the Freshman phenom Jamaal Williams started getting the ball. Atuaia was a solid running back in college and was a grad assistant at BYU for years, until he was hired as the assistant to the A.D. Go Cougs.

Sandy, UT

Yes I said he was a flop, You site the top 25 ranking (againist mother of the poor teams). What is his actual win/loss records againist "Good" Programs?

Do you not remember the embrassing losses to TCU, Utah, BSU and FSU? oh wait, let me guess that was Reynolds fault right?

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