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Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 1:00 p.m. MST

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Somewhere in Time, UT

We were offered something better and we chose not to take it. Just like in the scriptures, we will live with the consequences

Idaho Falls, ID

The problem with Mitt Romney wasn't Mitt Romney it is the Republican Party that is still breaking apart. Make up of Moderate, wait they are kicking moderates out, leaving libertarians and southern Christian Extremists, and even with that they can keep the coalition together of the two factions.

Just this last week, more civil war in the Republican Party. If this keeps going, the Democrats will sweep back into power in the House.

So Mitt's biggest problem was he had to put a voice to the conservatives to keep them in the coalition only to loose the independents and moderates. When he put a voice as a Moderate, the radical conservatives bolted. Obviously he looked like a chameleon, because that is what exactly what the Republican Party demands, a literal bundle of contradiction.

By the way Obama is not the re-carnation of Mao.

Meadow Lark Mark

Romney would have been better than Obama. What is truly sad is that we have a majority of people in our country who desire to have free hand outs. Hence we want to have those in office those who will keep the entitlements going. I think it is so sad that perhaps most in our country don't value the principle of work. So many want something given to them for nothing. Look at gambling throughout our country. Too many of us want something for nothing. Until our core values change back to honoring work, honesty, kindness, and other virtues we may be in for a rocky road.

Durham, NC

Worf and Mountainman.... just stop.

No one is holding Obama on a pedestal. Comments like those are just attempts to justify your hatred.

It was interesting to see an interview with Romney's eldest son a couple of weeks ago - someone who you would think actually knows the man pretty well. He commented he didn't think his dad really ever totally had his heart in running. He said Mitt is a private family man, didn't like the lime light, and preferred to work less in the publics eye... in fact he said he was surprised his dad ran because it was not his fathers style.

Perhaps it was unfinished family business that drove him to run. Perhaps the leap in exposure from state to national politics he didn't expect. Palin could have warned him about that. WHo knows.

I thick we could all see from time to time the lack of energy in Mitt. The campaign also took twist I am sure he didn't feel comfortable with. Mitt is a good man, I am glad he didn't win, it brings out the ugly side in people, as witnessed here often.

Orem, Utah

Charles Krauthammer said it best when he said, " the media will do everything possible to drag Barack Obama over the finish line." They had help from Obama's attack dogs ie. Stephanie Cutter who lied when she said she never met Joe Soptic who claimed his wife died of cancer because of Bain Capital. They have a disdain for Romney because if Obama their "anointed son" was defeated by someone who can show fiscal restraint and also have a running mate who can do the same it would be the end of their progressive ideologies. The result is a progressive socialist whose desire is to full the dream of his Socialist father for America that he could not full fill in his native Kenya.

Holladay, UT

People can say whatever they like in hindsight. The bottom line -- the better man won.


I agree wholeheartedly with "Aunt Lucy" (3:52 p.m.). I haved lived overseas extensively and what I saw in France is where we are now headed--socialism and the lack of personal incentive it engenders. So sad. Our country lacks self-discipline it appears to turn this around. So very, very sad.

Centerville, UT

The whole feeling of the Obama administration is of a suffocating government presence. For you who supported Obama, are you really pleased with the warrantless wire tapping that the Democrat-controlled Senate just passed? At some point you are going to to have to come to the realization that Obama has taken what Bush did and expanded it exponentially. He's a hypocrite of the worst kind. Fiscally, he has doubled down on deficits. He called Bush unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to the debt in 8 years, but then added $6 trillion in only 4 years. How can you ignore these glaring contradictions?

As far as the GOP backbiters ripping Romney, they are slimy political urchins who will do and say ANYTHING to get elected. Romney was right. Obama offered more stuff for less work.

Joan Watson

it is all a game - a BIG Game. There are some, but not many in the US government who are ethical, honest, intelligent, free from self agandizmentand power lust. All inclusive are our dems/repubs reps/senators, behind the scenes secret power players, and the media. - the list goes on. As for media games, the so called 'Mother Mary' who recorded and edited Mitts speach, is not a person, but a left wing Mmgazine. Their reporter has not, to my knowledge, been identified. Considerthe game to sling mud, destort, deceive, and defame - ala Harry Reid style, but not his alone. In my opinon the US shot itself in the foot the first time he lost the nomination and has now shot itself in the head by rejecting him as president.

Joan Watson

it's all a game - a BIG GAME. There are some, but not many in the U.S. government who are ethical, honest, intelligent, moral, free from self agrandizement, power lust. Demos/repubs reps and senators, behind the scene secret power players. and the media. The list goes on. As for media games, the so call 'Mother Mary' is not a person rather a left wing magazine. To my knowledge their reporter who recorded and edited Mitt's speach has not been identified. Consider the game to sling mud, distort, deceive, defame - ala Harry Reid's style, but not his alone. In my opinion the US shot itself in the foot by not nominating Mitt the first time for the Presidency - and has now shot itself in the head by rejecting him as president.

Oakley, ID

Good luck, America. You picked a poor excuse for a president over an honorable very capable person. What were you thinking?

Santa Monica, CA

National news sources began reporting yesterday, that Mr. Romney lost the election by receiving only (wait for it)--47 percent of the popular vote. The deliciousness of that particular slice of mint cream irony is such that it may stay on my palate for months. Karma say boo yah. Mitt! Boo yah being street lingo for "pack the dog on the roof and leave town please."

Bountiful, UT

Amen, Amen, Amen!

Blackshear, GA

We will all know how much better a Romney administration would have been, if we lose our right to own firearms (causing a rise in crime); see our dollar become worthless and our economy collapse; see food and gas become so expensive we can't afford to buy either; and hear our government say they will take care of us if we let them place a tracking chip under our skin and turn ownership of all we have over to them....Ouch!!!

Ogden, UT

The conservative sour grapes continue. This really cracks me up, because up until this election, conservatives were the most nationalistic flag-waving group you could find. No criticism of this great land or its people could be tolerated. "If you don't like it, then leave" "no apologies for greatness", "Obama's apology tour", etc. Now, holy cow! Somehow America changed overnight into a dependent mass of unmotivated and gullible citizens who cannot make their way in the world without federal help.

The country didn't change, no more than it did when I sat dumbfounded that G.W.Bush won a second term. You just aren't handling a single election result well.

This is what happens when you have to twist reality to explain disappointing results. You folks are going to have a long, long four years. I suggest meditation before your anger burns you out entirely.

Ogden, UT

I don't think we missed out on nearly as much as you think we did by not giving Romney the presidency. I could never tell where he stood on an issue. He was disingenuous during his campaign. His prescribed policies were thin; promising 12 million jobs in four years even though economists predicted the economy would generate that many regardless of who was president. A budget reform plan that was so optimistic, analysts didn't see any way the math could work without raising taxes on the middle class.

His 47% comment was a self aggrandizing set of mistruths that was the nail in the coffin for me. It was the first time I believed we were seeing the real Romney, and he was lying about half the country in front of folks paying $50,000 a plate to see him do it. His peers.

Even Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, found little merit in Romney's business practices and didn't think his experience as a financial speculator had any relevance to running the country.

So no, we didn't miss out on much.

Far East USA, SC

I am confident that Mr Romney is a good person and a good family man.

I am also confident that he could make a good leader.

Unfortunately, todays GOP doesn't want a leader. They don't want someone with business smarts.
They want someone who will do what they want. They want someone who will sign the legislation that they want signed rather than to study the situation and go where "the data takes you"

Yes, I believe that Mitt could have been a good president if his hands were not completely tied by the right wing of the GOP.

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you Jay! I have been in a post election funk because of the loss, but also because of the hyper-critical commentary, especially from the so called "right." Mitt ran a hard campaign, exposing he and his family to public scrutiny that most could not endure, where he had to battle the left and right at the same time. Many of those he fairly beat in the primaries never truly came to support him as he did McCain in 2008 and now Newt has the temerity to say that Rick Perry, whose debate skills were exposed in the primary, would have been a better candidate. Bobby Jindal's whinning doesn't help either. Mitt's post election comments, as painful as they might be for many to hear, were right on. The modern Democrat Party is an amalgamation of bought and paid for special interests. Period!!! It's time to cowboy up and win! I thank Mitt and Ann for giving it their best.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Who cares!


So Romney is a truthful, god fearing person? He does care about everybody? He doesn't cater to audiences? Hmmm ...

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