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Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 1:00 p.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The question will always reamain...

Which Mitt Romney are we talking aobut?

South Jordan, UT

America missed out on a great president, a great man, a great family man, and a great leader...Mitt Romney. What a missed opportunity for our country! I hope we survive with the given administration and their seize for power and control.

Salt Lake City, Utah


You very well may be correct, but we missed out on him not because of anything the democrats or the President did, we missed out on him because of what his own party did to him and tried to make him do. To win the republican primary, you have to turn hard to the right, and then the things you say on the way to winning the primary, will cost you in the general election.

I think the real Mitt Romney was probably a lot more centrist than the Mitt Romney that the we saw and heard. Unfortunately we will never know because we still don't know who the real Mitt Romney is.

Lehi, UT

@LDS Liberal

Which Mitt Romney?

1. The Mitt Romney who graduated with two degrees - with honors - from Harvard hence the Mitt Romney who is SMARTER than the current President (what's his name again?)
2. The Mitt Romney who was a noted CEO - hence way more more qualified in business and executive matters than the current president
3. The Mitt Romney who was a successful businessman - hence far more successful than most including the current president
4. The Mitt Romney who was a GOVERNOR of a liberal state - hence more QUALIFIED and experienced in executive and political matters than the current president.
5. The Mitt Romney who was President/CEO of a successful Winter Olympics - a position and accomplishment that the current president would NEVER achieve or be qualified for.
5. The Mitt Romney who was/is more charitable than most including the current president AND vice president - individually and ... COMBINED!!

... and so on and so forth.

Those are hard solid facts about Mitt Romney; they are not abstracts, opinions or speculations which people like you have used to distort your views about a great and qualified man in Mitt Romney....well, I'd say: Ooooh bummer!

Yakima, WA

Yes I agree, our greed as a nation and our desire as a party (GOP) to be the ultimate conservative, ended up costing us the "game". I also agree that we didn't do ourselves any favors by beating up our team and then showing the other team our play book. Guys like Gingrich, Perry and Sandtorum have no one to blame but ourselves. If we would have handled ourselves in a more dignified and gentlemanly manner, Obama would have had to stand on just his record.

Mr Romney is a class act, most qualified and has the work experience. However, because of the parties lack of decorum, we have the "captain of the titanic" on the job. As a coach once told me, "if you want to be a winner, play as a winner". Hopefully the GOP will figure out how to do that.

salt lake city, UT

It would have been interesting to see what a Mitt Romney presidency would have done for the country. But he was a terrible Govenor, leaving after only one term in office and a 35% approval rating. Residents of Massachuetts were running him out of the state with pitch forks and burning torches. Both he and the GOP ran a terrible campain, isolating all the minorities and women. If the Romney campaign was any reflection of how he would have governed we would be a lot worse off than what we currently are suffering through.

Sandy, UT

I think Mitt Romney is a capable, compassionate man who does understand the average American. I believe he has the leadership skills to lead this country. II also believe the Republican party has gone so far right that they for the most part only represent a very limited part of America. I believe Mitt Romney said and did things that were not truly who he was just to please the far right and the Tea Party so he could even have a chance to win the nomination. I think his defeat belongs solely to the Republican Party and the Tea Party. Until those groups get their act together and exhibit a liitle more compassion and understanding that the population of America is not "white bread", no Republican nominee will be electable.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

So Gingrich now says that either he or Rick Perry would have made a better candidate than Mitt. That's good for a laugh. I didn't vote for Romney and I criticized him a lot but I think he was the best of the lot in the GOP field of contenders.

Mitt's defeat underscores what's wrong with the GOP. To get the nomination, he had to sell himself to the right wing as something he was not. He wasn't credible but that was his only hope. He pulled it off with the help of his uninspiring opponents. Then after getting the GOP nod, he had to sell himself all over again, this time to the middle as a moderate. He hesitated too long but came closer than I thought he ever could to pulling that off too.

Nice try, Mitt, but there are only so many rabbits you can pull out of a hat.

Hayden, ID

America has changed. We don't elect good leaders anymore, we elect freebie providers! Now we get to see how our current president will pay for all the entitlements he has provided and promised.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

I understand what Mitt is saying and I think he's spot on. When a government goes too far with safety nets to help the needy it turns charity into an act of demeaning and enabling. Confidence and ambition are lost and the recepitent of the "hand out" now feels helpless and dependent on the service. They blame everyone but themself for their state. The very governement that is claiming to help them is keeping them a slave to poverty and dependency. In that sitaution it is no surprise that individuals will vote to keep more programs and government hand outs coming. They have no hope or confidence in their abilities to provide. Consequently Mitt stood no chance to win the election and by allowing Barack 4 more years, we will only move more closely to socialism when the government will take care of all us. This is what I hear him saying and I couln't agree more with him.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Most of the conservatives who supported Romney during the General Election fought tooth and nail to keep him from getting the nomination. He was not their first choice or even their tenth choice. That meant the Romney had to placate them to get the nomination and said a lot of things that came back to haunt him. These same conservatives honestly believe that if Romney had not moved to the center during the General Election he would have won. That wasn't the problem. The extreme positions he took during the primaries was the problem. The idea that Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich would have won is of course laughable. Its not just the criticism of Romney that should stop, but the general pandering to the extremes of the Party that must come to an end.

Draper, UT

FT you are exagerating the truth. Govenor Romney chose not to run for Govenor a 2nd term in 2006, because he was preparing to make his first run at the Presidency. If anything, the people of Massachuetts were concerned because of the amount of time spent preparing for his run to be President as well as the elected leader of the Republican Govenors Association. Govenor Romney did some good things for Massachuetts such has the first Health Care Plan as well as reduced the State's deficit by a large amount. I feel Govenor Romney would have been a good President because he is more centrist and a much better leader in bringing the two sides together to fix problems instead of trying to cram a one-sided solution down our throats.

Once again we see Congress, the Senate, and President Obama not working together and not a leader in the bunch to create a plan that is best for the Country. During this critical time, why would President Obama authorize or lift the freeze on Salaries for those in the Federal Government. The whole bunch is a joke.

BackRow Pete

The most telling comment in the article was: "people don't always buy what you're selling, and they always get what they deserve." That's true in any democracy. The majority always gets what they deserve, because it was their choice.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Says the "Conservative Cryer" also known as the National Review.
4 more years of crying by Mountainman about freebies that were never promised.

The best man won the office...well, I'd say: Ooooh bummer for those who believe our country should be run like a business, yeah for those who believe in America!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Don't know about everyone else, but throughout the rest of my life whenever I hear the number 47.........
It shall bring a big grin upon my face.

Portland, OR

Here, here Mr. Nordlinger!

Yet I, as an LDS who wholeheartedly backed Romney, heaved a sigh of relief when he lost, because I was afraid of what might happen to LDS members in semi-nasty countries such as Russia, where pro-government thugs were gearing up to attack LDS meetinghouses as bases of US agents provacateurs in disguise.

Maybe in another generation or so...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Considering that Romney never really wanted to be President anyway, I would say he and the country are both lucky he lost.

Oh - and the biggest problem with the "attacks" by conservatives against Romney after he lost the election, is the fact that they waited until after the election to call him out on what he was saying. What he said was wrong - it was wrong when he was running, and it was wrong after he lost. You cannot govern a nation of individuals whom you despise. I guess we should at least give him kudos for being willing to admit how he really feels about people.

Lehi, UT

@Happy Valley Heretic

Hahaa right ... the best man who has become the WORST president! Pathetic, to say the least. By the way, it's better that the country be run as a business than a pantry. Again the one motivation Obama has being president is REVENGE on everything American.

Mcallen, TX

LDS Liberal holds Obama on a pedestal.

Mountain View, CA

America did not miss out on a great president, a great man, a great family man, and a great leader...Obama. For those of you think that we missed out on Mitt Romney - fine. But which one did we miss out on? What he forgot what he was that day? He lost by 47%. Does that ring a video bell? It sure turned out to be a voting wake up bell. I do not know where the GOP is headed or if they even have a head to think with. The Tea Party sure screws things up. These people are not even human. And guess what? In the very near future, there will be a majority of Spanish speaking wonderful people to finally take back what they once owned - the USA. African Americans will grow as fast and then guess what? Whites will be in the minority. So GOPs, you better wake up and smell the future.

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