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Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 12:20 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Nothing to see here.

BYU would be going backwards if they joined the Mtn West for football.

They have proven they can schedule very good teams and compete even with a weak offense and make very good money doing it.

If BYU can rejoin the Mtn West for the "olympic sports" then they should, but I'm not sure the conference would be interested in a non-football member.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

So. Cal Reader:

"Why would the MWC be attracted with that type of local 'support' when the Cougs routinely have 50K+ fans and a strong national following for the away games."

Only 35K fans showed up to the Poinsettia Bowl, and THAT included the HOME TEAM who averaged over 30K/game.

What? Were there only about 5K Mormons in the San Diego metro area now? Seems like there were a lot more back when I was stationed there.

Provo, UT

Rafinsure makes an excellent point.

BYU is following the Notre Dame model of independence, albeit on a much smaller level with BYU's national following (yes, much smaller than ND, but much larger than most D1 schools)

I'm not sure the Mtn West would agree to such terms similar to the ACC did with ND since ND is well, ND. But it certainly is worth it to propose such.

But to be a football member as they once were would be the wrong direction. Been there, done that.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

ND didn't do the ACC alliance because of scheduling difficulties. They had/have USC lined up every Nov/Dec and the ACC teams were already altering their schedules to play ND in Dec. ND said they did the alliance to get better bowl access for the years that they don't make the BCS. Maybe they could also see that the Big East was about to implode so that the ACC would be a better home for their olympic sports.

I think football scheduling will work out fine even without joining the MWC, but at this point the MWC would be a major upgrade for basketball.

Naval Vet - finding happiness in someone else's challenges/misfortunes is not the path to inner peace and happiness. if we joined the MWC then you would still mock the Cougs for not being in the PAC 12. Too bad the Navy didn't teach you better than that.

Anaheim, CA

Navel Vet

We all know you are obsessed with BYU's future schedules, but you can stop fretting, because BYU fans are perfectly content about not being able to play in Laramie.

Playing teams like Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Boise State, Utah (occassionally), West Virginia, and Michigan in years to come will help ease the angst of not playing the Cowboys.

O-town, UT

I don't think an 8-5 football team that went 2-2 against MWC teams would be taking a step down if they joined the MWC. In fact, they would probably be stepping up their game.

It is funny that some think BYU would be doing the MWC a big favor by "letting" BYU play in the MWC for all other sports. Really, if anything, the MWC conference should cut ties from BYU if they don't rejoin, which would make BYU an honorary member of the Sun Belt, C-USA, and MAC should they stay independent.

Personally, I think SDSU is coming back, and I wouldn't at all be shocked if BYU rejoins since Holmoe isn't finding his phone ringing off the hook for teams to come to Provo. If there is sanity and true vision at BYU--they will rejoin the MWC. If the inmates are running the asylum--which very will might be the case, look forward to a budding rivalry with the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State.

Sandy, UT

@Naval Lint

Seriously, your rants are just boring and tedious at this point.
And your resume is dubious.

Now go on now and see if your Utes can ever win a Conference Championship in any sport.

West Valley, UT

Craig Thompson is one of many reasons not to go back the MWC.

Orem, UT


What makes you think BYU cares what you or any other jealous BYU-hater thinks?

Seriously, there's absolutely no reason why playing in Laramie would ever interest BYU fans again.

Pull back the covers of the so-called "sweetheart" deal the MWC is offering Boise State, and you'll discover that it doesn't even come close to what BYU already has as far as television rights.

BYU has already weathered the storm of the first two years of Independence and is just now beginning to enjoy the full benefits of not having to worry about having a lame conference commissioner like Craig Thompson dictate when and where BYU will be allowed to broadcast its games.

Proud Ute

Naval Vet,
Looks like your striking some nerves with the ankle biters....keep up the good work!
Nice to be in real conference and not fighting over the scraps of the Big East and MWC desperately trying to gain some relevance.

San Diego, CA


I'm living in SD but am a BYU fan. I went to the Poinsettia Bowl. There were nearly as many BYU fans as SDSU fans there. I was in a suit and could see the entire bowl level was filled. Yes, the upper level wasn't, but it isn't for Charger games either now-a-days.

In fact, only two of the first 10 bowl games had higher attendance, and this was a down year for BYU fans (8-5) to be following their fans to a bowl game.

How many fans followed your Utes to a bowl game this year?

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

No news here, everyone wants us.

Danbury, CT

@Naval Vet,

2013: Va, Texas, Utah, Ga Tech, Houston, Boise St., Wisconsin, Notre Dame
2014: Texas, Va, Houston, Boise St., So. Miss.,
2015: Nebraska, Michigan, Cinci...

September and October better than ever, Novembers will be tough. Otherwise, don't know what your talking about....

Then again, if I lived in Philly, I'd be in a bad mood too.

Hightstown, NJ

@Wildcat, yeah, I don't think the MWC is going to formally boycott BYU. They would slapped with an antitrust suit faster than you can say "BYU's lawyers are a piece of work."

Everett, WA

Go for it. Better a alightly bigger fish is small pond than tiny fish in big pond and nothing to play for.

Agua Dulce, TX

BYU should jump on this deal. They won't get a better one. They are an average football with an LDS base -- not a non-Mormon national base -- and their schedule next year is only good if you're a fan of their opponents. They're never going to the Pac-XX conference (haven't we beaten that to death over the last 20 years) or the Big-12. Take what you can get.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

The Mountain West is now the Boise State Conference. The Broncos own the MWC having asked for its soul in order to return, and they got it. BYU is never going to be subservient to a mediocre Regional University (#69) playing in a small stadium with a rabid local following. Seriously, who wants to see more CSU, New Mexico, Wyoming, conference games. BYU has to do all they can to show themselves as superior to the MWC in facilities, and tradition in order to recruit kids who would never consider the mid-majors. In order to matter the Cougars have to compete vs the PAC

Woods Cross, UT

BYU should only consider this IF the MWC gets new leadership and TV rights are contractually worked out. Otherwise, independence still looks much more promising than what the MWC offered in the past.

pocatello, ID

Doesn't anyone find it peculiar that this is being floated by ESPN, one day after the BSU story of wanting SDSU?
ESPN has their nose everywhere in college football and conferences. ESPN has BYU wrapped around its finger. CBS is buddies with the MWC. I see this story as a trial ballon and not much else.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

That would be totally awesome. And great.

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