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Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 12:20 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

Well the mwc may want BYU but BYU sure doesn't want the mwc.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

It's doubtful BYU would even consider rejoining the MWC as long as Craig T is still the commish.

West Valley, UT

That makes me laugh, they want BYU now, they didn't want to work with BYU at all before, why would BYU go back.

Midvale, UT

Why would BYU want to come back? Easy: Automatic BCS Berth. There are only a few good teams in that conference, which gives BYU a good chance of going to a BCS game on a fairly regular basis. As an independent, they have to basically go undefeated. Hmmmm. Undefeated to go to BCS or one or two losses and still in a BCS game? Easy choice.

Spanish Fork, UT

Reasons for BYU to go back to the MWC
1. Less money
2. Less exposure
3. Ability to play lousy teams in November
4. Abuse by the league and some really obnoxious low class schools
5. Get to play in Laramie
6. Get to play UNLV, New Mexico, CSU and Wyoming in football
7. Fewer games against ND, GTech, Virginia, Texas, Oregon State, etc.
8. Not have to watch the games in HD on ESPN with a national audience.

That does it for me. Let's go back!

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU had a really good defense this year. Terrible offense. If the Y could fix it's offense and return to being the old BYU I think they could actually get consideration to join a decent conference like the BIG 12. It would mean going undefeated in their schedule as an independent and getting into a BCS game (like Louisville did this year) and winning. Essentially doing what the U did winning two BCS games and then getting an invite to the Pac12. The Mountain West is a joke - more of a joke than before. Small time football and returning would be like retuning to job you quit a few months earlier. If the Y doesn't fix things soon and do what is necessary to get into a BCS conference I see football going away simply because of money and the fact that the talent level will continue to fall.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Naval Vet

What a surprise that your BYU-hatred caused you once again misread the tea leaves.

The only reason Boise St insisted on the MWC giving SDSU the first option to return to the conference is because SDSU helped Boise St. gain entrance to the Big West Conference when the Broncos were desperate for a home for BSU's other sports teams.

The truth is, you couldn't care less where any team plays as long as it somehow "inconveniences" BYU.

Centerville, UT

@Naval Vet

That's quite that scenario you painted. However, I don't know why a conference would want a local team from San Diego with a marginal record over a team with a clear national following and a somewhat storied program. Tom Holmoe is looking more like the cool genius every passing day. The BYU schedule is fantastic (albeit deadly) next year.

I get tired of the over-inflated sense in of confidence from some of my BYU friends. They haven't won a big game in very long time. That being said, their program is in great shape.

I would love to see BYU back in the MWC and move that BYU/USU game to November. Clearly BYU needs something interesting on their schedule in November. That is a great game every year and would be even better in November. That would kind of leave the U of U out in the cold. If they don't get over just BEING in the Pac 12 and start actually winning some games, they will become a rich afterthought for fans in this state.

Sandy, UT

Oh Naval Orange..

You clearly are Insecurity Personified!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

A 12 team football conference with a championship game is ideal. The Y's vanity will continue to be its downfall. San Diego will get the nod.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Interesting, not a chance but however.

1. We got many good games to play 2013 and beyond (depends on realignment). Stay Independent.
2. BYU should rejoin MWC (NON Football) but Craig Thompson must go and no contract agreement. I think Dave Rose would be happy to face Dave Rice unlv.
3. Keep all tv rights at all home espn and live/replay BYUtv.
4. Big 12 or Pac come calling so can can move on.

Lindon, UT

Naval Vet says BYU has an uninteresting home schedule. Yeah I'd hate to be forced to games next season against Texas, Utah, Boise State, and Georgia Tech. Besides that, we're only playing Utah State, Virginia, Houston, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame on the road. Yawn, right Naval Vet?

Kaysville, UT

The MWC just became the new sixth powerconference. That deal was not just meant for BSU, but for BYU and every other independent out there that might be listening.

The MWC is surely the best of the best now of the "group of 5," which means they are all but the sixth automatic BCS bid conference. Add the fact they have 6 non-BCS bowl games, and you have a mighty powerful conference right there. Play their cards right, however, and the MWC might just make out like bandits in this game of musical chairs.

Indeed, BYU should be a no brainer. BYU would be having their cake and eating it too. It is a win-win no matter how you look at it.

But why stop there? Think big:

East: CSU, Air Force, UTEP, Army, Navy, SMU, Houston, New Mexico, Norte Dame (why not?)

West: BYU, BSU, U State, Nevada, Wyoming, UNLV, SJSU, SDSU, Fresno

Drop Hawaii since you don't need any "football only" schools.

Add Gonzaga and St. Mary's (west) and two schools (east) from the former Big East as non-football members.

Kaysville, UT

@Go Big Blue!!!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the administration at the Y is a tad smarter than the fan base. It is a no brainer for the Y to rejoin at this juncture...A NO BRAINER. I look forward to new independents signing up as well, namely Army and Navy in an "East Division" with Air Force.

East: CSU, Air Force, UTEP, Army, Navy, SMU, New Mexico, Notre Dame (why not?), Houston

West: BYU, BSU, U State, Nevada, Wyoming, UNLV, SJSU, SDSU, Fresno

Drop Hawaii since you don't need any "football only" schools.

Add Gonzaga and St. Mary's (west) and two schools (east) from the former Big East as non-football members.

Window Rock, AZ

Get back to work you little do bees. Your nap time is over.

Kaysville, UT

Personally, I see going after large independents and disgruntled C-USA or Big East members a no brainer at this point.

East: CSU, Air Force, UTEP, Army, Navy, SMU, New Mexico, Houston

West: BYU, BSU, U State, Nevada, UNLV, SJSU, SDSU, Fresno

Intstead of the Mountain West, call it the "Mountain Counference."

Drop Hawaii since you don't need any "football only" schools. Ideally, drop Wyoming as well.

Add Gonzaga and St. Mary's (west) and two great basketball schools (east) from the former Big East as non-football members.

With that line-up go after a Notre Dame (east) combined with a Cal, Utah or Colorado defection from the PAC.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I hope SDSU gets hung out to dry with this Big East decision. Local SDSU fans, all 10 of them, get all excited about a "3-peat" in going to a bowl game, yet they still routinely have 25,000-30,000 fans for a game, in a stadium that can hold 60K+. Why would the MWC be attracted with that type of local "support" when the Cougs routinely have 50K+ fans and a strong national following for the away games.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Waiting for more fallout still looks wise...
The real influence will be the Catholic Conference if that materializes. Who knows, they may even invite BYU. I think the current Football Independent and WCC all other sports is a great marriage. If the Catholic Conference does not happen, keep waiting for something better. THE MWC is NOT better!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


2014: UVa, Houston, USU, Hawai'i, So. Miss, UNLV
2015: BSU, USU, Cincy, tbd, tbd, tbd


In the MWC, you would have played USU, Hawai'i, and UNLV anyway -- and perhaps even Houston -- in 2014, and seen BSU and USU on your 2015 schedule as well. So do former C-USA teams with the occasional weak ACC team what makes cougar fans excited?

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I don't think any of the folks who made comments so far can really see the big picture. BYU should make a Notre Dame/ACC deal with the Mountain West. In other words, BYU football stays independent for football while guaranteed 3-5 games against Mountain West teams in November when its hard to schedule decent teams. In exchange, BYU keeps its television rights and all other sports move back to the Mountain West. Yes, the Mountain West is a bit weak, but it takes care of the November football scheduling problem and the Cougars stop playing in high school gymnasiums in the West Coast Conference. Maybe BYU can stay on good terms with the West Coast Conference and continue to play their better teams for men's basketball, and women's volleyball and soccer. Playing SDSU, Air Force, Boise State, San Jose State, Utah State, Hawaii, and Nevada sure beats playing New Mexico State, Idaho, Weber State, Middle Tennessee, Houston, and Southern Miss in November. If Notre Dame had to make an alliance due to future scheduling difficulties, so do the Cougars. I can see somewhat like this happening. Just watch and you'll remember my crystal ball prediction.

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