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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 11:40 p.m. MST

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"Weak trying to play the religion card. Only utah "fans" attmept this lame tactic. Fail."

So if you're commenting on the internet, your religious values don't matter? Integrity fail.

Palo Alto, CA


"The headline is misleading, nothing about that game was "thrilling". It was ugly and boring with an ugly and boring style of play. I understand why utah plays that way, they have to in order to cover up their lack of talent and to be in games but from a viewership standpoint it was awful to watch. Fortunately I had the Sugar bowl and the Jazz game to watch and only tuned in to this snooze fest on time outs from those 2 games."

Couldn't agree more, even though I spent most of my time watching the Sugar Bowl, it was remarkable how many times I checked in on the Utah-ASU game to discover that the score was virtually unchanged, even though several more minutes had ticked off the clock.

One thing is certain, Utah should completely abandon any thoughts of the Runnin' Utes ever returning. The style of ball played on the hill nowadays makes a mockery of that moniker.

"Runnin' Utes drop overtime thriller to ASU" - infomercials are more accurate than that

U 90
Corona, CA


Jan 1 Make resolution to become more obsessed with the Utes
Jan 2 Watch the Utah vs. ASU game
Jan 3 Log-on to DNews and comment on the Utah game
Jan 4 Make airline reservations for Tulsa

Anaheim, CA

Utah Schedule

September: Play bowl game.
November: Play conference-imposed "rivalry" game.
December: Home for the holidays.
January: Declare basketball season over.
March: Start making plans for September bowl game.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


At least be origional; how sad!

Franklin, IN

I'm thankful the Utes are turning it around...be it good D, better shot selection this lower points, whatever...they are improving.

I'm also thankful none of my kids played sports in Highland...it would seem that the coaches there might be tilted a bit...

Highland, UT


You're failing, badly. If all you can do is try to call someone out over their religion, on a SPORTS article, then you really have nothing to say.

But hey why don't you prove that you truly are the guy you claim to be and head on over to the article about the MWC wanting BYU back and call out naval lint for his posts on it. I know you won't though, you are a utah "fan" and hypocrisy is the name of the game on the hill.

Sandy, UT

Truth in advertising:

The "Runnin' Utes drop overtime thriller to ASU" headline

should really read

The "Slow it down to an excruciatingly boring crawl Utes clank their way to an overtime loss at ASU"

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT


Your obsession with the University of Utah is getting so old. Not only do you comment on every single article about the Utes, but you comment a handful of times on each article.

I believe there are a half dozen articles about Van Noy that you could focus your attention on but yet time and time again you chose the Utes. Hey I even hear that there is a conference that might actually want your mighty cougs.

I guess when there isn't much going on with your own team to look forward to, "fans" like you instead focus on schools that they are obviously jealous of.

As for this Utah basketball team, they are getting better with still la limited level of talent. It is only going to get better from here. Recruiting for both football and basketball is steadily getting better and better which will help us compete in our strong conference. In football, it's obviously at a high enough level to beat inferior programs such as byu on a regular basis. To think the big conference money is just barely coming in at this point is priceless. The future is bright.

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


I enjoy angst filled posts like yours. That is what makes this so rewarding.

I notice none of you hypocrites are over on the article about the MWC wanting BYU to call out naval vet. That is why your whining falls on deaf ears.


"I notice none of you hypocrites are over on the article"

It seems the DN is taking its time deciding whether or not to upload my last response. But no that doesn't make me a hypocrite, it just means I'm not a sad little troll that tries to blast another team's fans on every single one of their articles. And if you didn't have selective memory, you'd know that I have no reservations against calling out Utah fans for senseless things they say, including Naval Vet and Utah-Hawaii Alum.

I have no problem with the majority of your comments, even when you flat out lie in them, but when someone attacks young men's character (to use your own words, "on a SPORTS article") for no reason other than the school they attend, I have a problem with that. So please, continue to bully and belittle my integrity, it's doing wonders for your own reputation.

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