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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 10:25 p.m. MST

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Uteanymous, if we're bringing records into it, Arizona State is 12-2, better than VT. VT's other losses were to the worst West Virginia team in years, Georgia Southern, and Colorado State by 36 points. It is hilarious the doom and gloom BYU fans go through with one loss, only to elevate themselves to a title contender with their next mediocre win. Truth is, neither BYU nor Utah is very good. Be careful swallowing that pill.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Truth is, neither BYU nor Utah is very good. Be careful swallowing that pill."

That would be a half truth.

The truth is, Utah has improved from bad to very mediocre and BYU still has a lot of room for improvement, but is still MUCH better than Utah.

By season's end, BYU, as usual, will have pulled way ahead of the Utes. Haws is just getting started.


Like I said, careful with that pill. It doesn't seem to be going down well.

Gilbert, AZ


The vast difference between BYU and Utah basketball can be summarized in two brief statements.

BYU fans are accustomed to Dave Rose coached teams winning 25+ games and finishing the season in the NCAA tournament and anything less would be a disappointment.

Utah fans are accustomed to Utah seasons ending in another train wreck and mass exodus and would be thrilled just to have a break even season.

The disappointment of losing another game is a bitter pill Utah fans have gotten used to.

Gilbert, AZ


It's laughable that you dug up Va Tech's losses, but completely ignored Va Tech's WINS over:

Iowa(11-3) 95-79 and #22 Okla St(10-2) 81-71

Of course, when you're straining at a gnat to formulate a believable bitter pill story of gloom and doom, sometimes you end up swallowing a camel.

After watching Utah's ugly clank fest last night, it's obvious the Utes will be hard pressed to improve on their predicted 11th place PAC 12 finish.

Meanwhile, after watching Haws' Jimmeresque performance last Saturday, it's equally obvious that BYU could be a very good team by the end of the season.

Lynchburg, VA

Just the FAX and Uteanymous:

He certainly didn't do that against the U, did he? But that is a great night for him, and I'm sure he will have a few more, he's a really good player.

About the improvement of the Utes, the biggest improvement is on the defensive end. They have improved dramatically. The offense definitely still needs tons of work, but there is no doubt the Utes have improved.

Gilbert, AZ


"He certainly didn't do that against the U, did he?"


but you're forgetting that after Carlino's timely heroics helped narrow Utah's lead to single digits, when the game was on the line, it was Haws who stepped up and delivered the knockout punches that sealed the win for BYU.

4:21 Craig Cusick made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Tyler Haws. 55-56 Utah
2:59 Brandon Davies made Free Throw. Brandon Davies missed Free Throw. 56-56 tie
2:57 Renan Lenz made Free Throw. Renan Lenz made Free Throw. 56-58 Utah
2:47 Tyler Haws made Jumper. Tyler Haws made Free Throw. 59-58 BYU
0:16 Tyler Haws made Free Throw. Tyler Haws made Free Throw. 61-58 BYU
0:16 - 0:00 Utah clank fest continues. Game over. 61-58 BYU Final


phoenix, so because of that we should ignore that VT lost to teams like Georgia Southern just like we're ignoring that BYU was destroyed by a pretty mediocre Florida State team. No, the ACC is not "the best basketball conference in the country," the B1G is. The "weak" Pac-12 is rated near the exact same as the ACC. What is undisputed, though, is that the WCC, despite a very good Zags team, and Santa Clara, San Diego, Saint Mary's and BYU, who I'm told by comment board analysts (but not by any real analysts) are all tourney-worthy teams, is rated behind the Missouri Valley and Atlantic 10 conferences, far, behind.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"phoenix, so because of that we should ignore that VT lost to teams like..."

No, you should analyze the entire package, rather than cherry-picking results.

Here's a little eye opener:

One of the projected tourney teams from the PAC 12, UCLA, lost AT HOME to Cal Poly, 70-68.

One of the projected tourney teams from the WCC, Saint Mary's, DESTROYED Cal Poly, 86-68.

According to you, UCLA's ugly home loss to a horrible #193 Cal Poly(5-6) Big West team isn't even worth mentioning, but we're supposed to obsess about BYU's road loss to a decent #105 Florida St(8-5) ACC team.

The inconsistency of Utah fans is hilarious.


btw, Jerry Palm is already projecting BYU, Iowa, Iowa State, and North Carolina as 12th-seed first-round teams.

Big 12(6)
Big East(6)

PAC 12(3)
Projected Champion: Colorado
At-large bids: Arizona, Oregon

Projected Champion: Gonzaga
At-large bids: BYU

BYU isn't a lock for the tourney, but at least the Cougars are once again solidly in the mix.
Utah, still rebuilding...


Riddles, UCLA has since sent two players packing, and are better for it. Now, with only 8 scholarship players, is that addition by subtraction enough to improve them to a top tier conference team with Arizona, or will injuries and fatigue take their toll? We'll see. But you've only furthered my point that the ACC is very similar to the Pac-12 at this point: one or two great teams, with a few solid ones, and several others with potential for good games but overall are not that great. BTW, the FSU game was a neutral game that FSU had to travel over 1,000 miles for as well. And I have trouble believing any projections that at this point have CU winning the conference over Arizona. Fortunately we'll get a better idea of where both those teams stand tonight.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Silly cougar fans ... if there's truly nothing to worry about when it comes to Utah basketball, why do they all spend so much time obsessing about it and attempting to convince others to see things their way? Something just isn't adding up, I'm so confused!
Silly cougars, trix are for kids!

Anaheim, CA


"But you've only furthered my point that the ACC is very similar to the Pac-12 at this point: one or two great teams, with a few solid ones, and several others with potential for good games but overall are not that great."

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but what Riddles really proved is that the PAC 12 is more like the WCC - one great team, a few solid teams, and a scrambled mess of mediocre teams at the bottom.

Projected bids:

PAC 12(3)

At this point, Gonzaga and Arizona appear to be the only NCAA tourney locks, with 3 or 4 other teams from each conference still in contention for an at-large bid.

Ironically, the better Utah does in conference, the more likely fewer PAC 12 teams will be picked for the Big Dance. A loss to Utah would be devastating to a PAC 12 bubble team.

Anaheim, CA


"Silly Cougar fans ...I'm so confused!"

Thanks for confirming what we have long suspected.

Franklin, IN


Check your stats...best conference is Big 10 this year.
Check your stats...ACC is #6 conference.
Check your stats...PAC 12 is #5 conference.

VT is picked to finish second to last in the ACC...

BYU folks make things up. Check out Google...it's fun and easy...

Orem, UT


Silly Utes.

After all of your spin and conference comparisons

BYU is still projected to be a strong contender for an at large NCAA berth


Utah is still projected to finish at the bottom of the PAC 12.

Utah folks live in their own fantasy land. Check out Google...it's fun and easy...

Franklin, IN

There is no way that Utah will play in the post season. Only BYU fans keep suggesting that Utah fans think we will. No Ute fans are crowing about it. We are in a rebuilding period and may make the NIT next year and the NCAA in a few years.

I think all the Utah fans are saying is that BYU plays pansies in their NAIA type conference...won't even win that, has not played well against good teams and really have only two players worth mentioning.

Your conference is an embarrassment...it really is.

Springville, UT

Navel Vet

I caught this nailbiter at 42 all. That's some high scorin' game. As someone else pointed out that's as many points as what one BYU player scored last weekend.

BYU scored 92 tonite.

When was the last time the Ute scoreboard was 'burned in' and tested for that high of a number?

By the way, what was with the self-imposed exile over several weeks this past football season? Where did you go?

And yes... I was crunching my personal year end financials for my taxes... aka tax work.

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