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Lawmakers cite lack of spending cuts in voting against fiscal cliff bill

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 6:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

More significant than the scorecard for the Utah delegation is the one for the early Republican favorites for President in 2016. Both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul (newcomers to the Senate not unlike Senator Obama 6 years ago) were allowed to vote "no" so as not to have to explain to the voters in four years why they "consorted with the enemy" even though the Senate vote was 89 to 6 in favor. They get the best of all worlds: a vote that everyone on both sides knew had to happen and they don't have to pay for it by raising the ire of the fire eaters in their party.

Cedar Hills, UT

A Ponzi scheme is defined as you cannot give back the return you have promised. Looking at social security and other welfare programs, they definite meet the definition of the Ponzi scheme, because people pay taxi, they will not get the service which is promised to (look beyond year 2017). Therefore, less amount of money put into the Ponzi scheme is better. In this sense, any deal without spending cut would be a bad deal for American People. Do you understand?

Ivins, UT

I go back many years...even to the time when Marriner Eccles wss running the fed. He said at that time that deficit spending was OK and that it would always exist. Well, the chickens are now coming home to roost. It has taken years to get into crisis mode. Obama obviously does not intend to try to reverse our course. He is bent on fundamentally changing America into a socialist state. We will probably pay an awful price for not running our house on a sensible budget. I feel sorry for my grandkids, we are handing them a real mess.

Thunder Mayf
Salt Lake City, UT

I think I see my last 10 years of paid taxes in the decor of Senator Hatch's office. Whatever Orrin. Your whole campaign was based on 'What If' Your term can't end soon enough.

salt lake city, utah

The deficit is important and needs to be managed..but..Elcapitan what crisis? Interest is 0 inflation is 0 we have no trouble selling our bonds..what crisis?

American Fork, UT

Politics. Self over country. A knowledge that they simply well not be held accountable for their actions, unless they switch parties. Any number of reasons.

Salt Lake City, UT

CA: Yes we understand...that you don't understand. Since you will never be convinced that in no way does Social Security fit the definition of a Ponzi Scheme, at least have the courage to call it the "longest running Ponzi scheme in history". Most schemes unravel in the first few years, some like Bernie Madoff's version lasted more than 10 years. Social Security is at 78 years and still going strong...now that the full payroll tax is restored thanks to the adults in Congress. The system needs some tweaks like it has twice before in its 78 years, but with those you will be telling your grandchildren that what you thought was a boondoggle is still providing support for seniors and the disabled.

Lafayette, IN

We are 16 trillion dollare in debt and headed for 20. Your representatives at least had a clue. They should be thanked for at least trying.

American Fork, UT

Senator Hatch showed his maturity and leadership in this situation. The rest of our state's legislators are the people our nation is disgusted with. These lawmakers are content returning to the economic nightmare we saw unfold a few years back. They should be embarrassed.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Because they dream of conservative gold 1950's utopia and thats all their constituents want to hear.

Sandy, UT

@EvolvedRevolutionary the poor common man can't get a break? Nearly half of Americans pay no income tax. Shame on the successful business person who is so greedy as to think that paying nearly 40 percent is excessive when half aren't paying anything. Remember the good old days when even poor people avoided the stigma of being on welfare. Now it is all about how to get me some bennies without having to pay for them

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