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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 1:00 p.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Kevin OConnor really knew what he was doing trading DWill away!

South Jordan, UT

@johny triumph

Its called this SYSTEM the Utah ran while Dwill was in town!

He thrived under the Pick and Roll, Pick and Pop offense.
Then he thought he could keep doing what he was doing and it would work.
It clearly shows he is an offense oriented Point Guard, who was made ELITE from the system that he ran to perfection.
Remember he got us to the WCF, Then the jazz traded away his best friend, Ronnie Brewer.
Thats what started derons unhappiness.....

Dwill would fit right back in here at Utah, running an offense.
Avery ran 1on1 offense, creat your shots, and play hard hard defense.
Thats not the way DWILL GOES.

Why do coaches not make systems regarding there personel.
Did avery really think he would get dwill, joe johnson, wallace, lopez to play good defense, ha ya right.

Mistake the Nets did was spend 330 million on....
Dwill 100 mil 5 years (great PG) needs a system
Joe Johnson(mostoverpaidplayerintheNBA) has a 120mill for 6 years, he has 4 years left
Brook Lopez this to me is a waste, he is not an elite C the nets thought he was. injuries.

Bad Front Office.

Salt Lake City, UT

I believe D-Will would have left Utah high and dry with one year on his contract.

I believe O'Connor had to trade him.

I believe D-Will would come back here in a heartbeat and be as good or better than he was before.

I believe Deron Williams would have a Hall of Fame career if he came back because he now knows he's a "system" player and Utah was and is the best fit for his game.

And according to friends of his, he'd move his family back here in a second. SO...bring the guy back.

Ivins, UT

D-Will had all the skills while in Utah but wasn't going to stay and had no loyalty to the Jazz. I think Mo Williams has pretty god skills too but seems injury prone. Our other point guards are ok playing some minutes but don't have the skills we need to be a great team. I sure miss John Stockton. The guy had all the talent, was loyal to the Jazz and hardly missed any games during his long career. He also had a guy named Malone to share the ball with but I fully expectt the current Jazz team would still br a much better team with Stockton running the offense.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

The grass is always greener....until you get there. Ask Deron.

Couldn't wait to have his freedom from Sloans system. Now, he is probably regretting his leaving it.

Arrogance and money are more important though it appears despite him now admitting his fondness for Sloans system and wisdom.

I wish we still had it too....Sloan and his system that is. This current group can't throw it in the ocean....FG% way down...but it's so much more exciting to watch them shoot more threes isn't it? Sarcasm.

West Jordan, Utah

@USAlover and Utah homer,

Deron is a big bodied PG who is wearing down against speed and athleticism at his position. Despite the numbers he was putting up in Utah, I saw this coming before the trade. The Jazz traded him at the right time. Yes, they wouldn't have done so if not for the free agent concerns, but it is for the better nonetheless. Deron won't be the same player here or anywhere else. He is washed up and the Jazz would be foolish to take on Deron's contract. It would paralyze a small market team like the Jazz.

Salt Lake City, UT

Had the Jazz not made the Jefferson Trade for Koufas and draft picks they would have had
Wesley Matthews
Montajunas/Kenneth Faried - Depending who they drafted last season with the pick traded to Minnesota

And if we tanked it last year and make sure we only win 20 games, but played our young players we would have had the 5th and 9th pick in the Draft (Harrison Barnes or Damian Lillard or Andre Drumard)

And still have enough money to offer Williams to a Max Contract last season.

The Jefferson Trade is the biggest mistake the Jazz made in the last 5 years.

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