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Remembering victims: Families, communities faced tragedies throughout year

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 1 2013 11:45 a.m. MST

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Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

The lack of comments says a lot. Not only do people not want to talk about these issues, they don't even want to read about it.

Sacramento, CA

The subject, I had assumed, would be related to the relationship of domestic violence to these homicides. Midwest Mom, you said it, no one wants to go there with a ten-foot pole. Yet everyone is potentially a victim--or a perpetrator. "There, but for the Grace of God, go I", truly. And if we look around, we all no doubt have friends or family who have been domestic violence victims and although they may have survived it, bear the scars and tell the tale of how they nearly didn't. One thing to remember, as we discuss these things, "to a hammer, everything looks like a nail". Everyone sees things through the eyes of their experience, beliefs, and education, and sees what those things show them. As we discuss, we need to make room for each to contribute his best in order to do find ways to combat this kind of violence...but first, it has to be acknowledged.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Midwest Mom

No, the lack of comments says (a) it's New Year's Day and people are doing other things, and (b) it's not a controversial topic. Nobody's going to come out in favor of domestic violence. There's no comments because there's nothing to say.

John Jackson
Sandy, UT

One wonders if the proportion of gun murders from domestic violence is higher in Utah than elsewhere, and if the fact so many of us own guns contributes to that. I would guess Utah does not have a high murder rate per capita, which reflects it does not have as much of a criminal element walking its streets. But, availability of a weapon can also be a factor as to whether a violent crime is committed. Domestic violence crimes are usually impulsive and perhaps some of the deaths mentioned in the story would never have happened if no gun was owned. Perhaps many of the perpetrators would have just grabbed a knife, but I do wonder if a few less of these murders would have occurred if not for this state's love of guns.

Los Angeles, CA

Gun homicides seem far, far more common that reports of citizens SAVING their lives because of gun ownership. I cannot remember such a report. Cops have guns and are shot when surprised, as this report attests. My own personal conclusion? Guns rarely make you safer, but are more likely to be involved in domestic deaths.

Fern RL

I liked this quote from the article:

"I personally believe we need to start looking at the causes of violence rather than the effect," he [Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder] said.

We really need to look to ourselves to increase peace on earth--can't we control our own negative emotions, anger, etc. and be more concerned about helping others through their own struggles, without trying to push them to the limit either?

Dr. Lynn
Tullahoma, TN

In our area, "live-in boyfriends" have also been responsible for several acts of domestic violence and murders of either, or both, the woman as well as her children. I believe if a man does not care enough for a woman to marry her first before having a sexual relationship with her, then it is a really good sign he may not be worthy of her. Also, the woman needs to respect herself more and not allow a man to ever start physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing or neglecting either her or her children. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, when lived appropriately, helps to prevent many problems before they have a chance to begin, it helps to make many others disappear, and helps to make all the others manageable. God will hold every man accountable who abuses anyone else, especially abuse of a child. God bless these families to heal. God bless the rest of our brothers and sisters to practice prevention and when necessary very early intervention to help prevent other crises like these mentioned.

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