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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 4:35 p.m. MST

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KTC John
Wetumpka, AL

To Henry Drummond: "I'm always a little nervous when any organization (does that include the federal government?) decides it is above the law (does that include the U. S. Constitution?)
To Dan O who asked: "So, what other laws should businesses be allowed to ignore based on the religious leanings of the owner?" Answer: Any other law that violates the Bill of Rights in the U. S. Constitution as decided by the United States Supreme Court from time to time. (They sometimes reverse themselves.)

R-Valley, NV

To atl134 who said (And yes, a tax cut is a freebie when we have a deficit since it's being paid for with larger deficits for future generations. If we had a budget surplus it'd be fine, but we don't).

Is a tax cut a freebie when the result is an increase in federal revenue? That's what happened with the Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts. Tax increases will lead to decreases in revenue when taxes become too great for the economy to bear. So this idea that we are simply tax paying units and shouldn't ask the government to take and spend less is wrong.

Nobody forced the government to borrow money. The problem is that no politician wants to say there is no Santa Claus and not borrow $.42 of every dollar spent.

Oh and Bravo to Hobby Lobby for taking a stand against the statists. We aren't meant to lay down our guns and surrender our will to the government. We need to challenge the government and keep its power in check. And hopefully not go broke in the process.

Allen, TX

Every week I find a reason to be glad that our Hobby Lobby and our Chik Fil-A are in the same strip mall!

Sandy, UT

I'll be frequenting Hobby Lobby more often. I know it's a drop in the bucket, but if we all put our money where our beliefs are........?

Orem, UT

I agree that Hobby Lobby--and any other company, for that matter--should be able to decide specifically which benefits they offer employees, however, if they do offer non-standard health insurance, I would hope that they make it clear to the people they interview before hiring them. I would hate to go work for a company like that, only to find that what I consider to be basic health insurance is not covered. (I'm not saying that what Hobby Lobby wants to offer isn't basic health insurance; I'm just talking hypothetically)

At the same time, I don't know that we want to argue this concept too deeply. I mean, taking it to an absurd extreme, you could have the Amish all up in arms, because they can't offer a health plan that doesn't include 21st Century technology. I realize that's kind of a silly example.

Keep in mind, though, that if you want the government to respect your religious beliefs, it would only be fair for the government to recognize all religious beliefs, however silly.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

You clearly did not understand ME and do NOT understand the Constitution. What some Liberals are calling for is DOING AWAY WITH THE CONSTITUTION, what I and many conservatives are are calling for is ACTUALLY listed in the Constitution. It is called AMENDING it! It is a process were the states by 2/3 majority make small changes to the Constitution to solve a long term problem. This was the same Constitutional process that ended slavery and limited Presidents to 2 terms. We have a REAL problem now of SPENDING what we do not have. Politicians who have been in office for 15-30 years and still plan to run keep promising to spend on things we do NOT need just to get re-elected. Originally the idea was you would serve for a few terms and either die or step down. This kept some of what we see today from happening. Only now they actually look at the seats as not the PEOPLES but THEIRS as in the case of Ted Kennedy. This would go farther to fix our nation than any other action could.

Big Island, HI

If employers should not be required to provide any health coverage as some believe....then wages would need to be high enough for people to afford to buy it themselves or the government has to subsidize it. The most important single change necessary if employers pay or subsidize employee insurance though is to think about health care in terms of value, not cost. Value is the health outcomes achieved for the money spent. Employers actually should have an interest in providing insurance for employees since healthy employees actually cost less to the employer (in sick time, productivity etc.) than sick ones. So-called consumer-driven health plans not only failed to benefit the consumer, but they hurt employers as well. Nowhere else in the industrialized world does a family, already down on its luck over a job loss, also suffer the loss of its health insurance. It happens only in America, under employment-based insurance. So...the aim should be to develop a robust, parallel system of fully portable insurance that individuals or families can purchase on their own, in a properly regulated and organized market, with public or subsidies where deemed.

Provo, UT

Hobby Lobby's products are cheap but overpriced kitsch, just like their management philosophy and their healthcare benefits.

houston, 00

I am very sorry that this is happening to one of the very few stores that are closed on Sundays so that families may spend time together and they can go to church. I applaud you Hobby Lobby! Hobby Lobby is my favorite store and I will continue shopping and supporting them!

omni scent
taylorsville, UT

The objection of Hobby Lobby is just against abortion inducing birth controls?

Breaking News: Victory for Hobby Lobby! All abortion inducing medications have been taken out! Or rather, they were never in there in the first place. The "Morning After Pill" does not cause an abortion. Do some research.

City, Ut

I've been hearing lots of whining about Hobby Lobby's position--and that "Hobby Lobby is trying to dictate what kind of life their employees live."

Not so. Hobby Lobby has not said anything about employees who chose to use this drug--they are free to make their own decision whether to do so or not. It is just that Hobby Lobby will not be a party to it by being forced to PAY for it.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Here is another that no one seems to have noticed. The owner of Domino's and his company has won in a district court the same thing that Hobby Lobby lost. As this continues to move you will see more and more where the decision is going to have to be made by the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, this court is 5-4 conservative but Roberts seems to be a bit wishy-washy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nope, KC Mormon, I understood you exactly. You want to follow the Constitution, as long as you can change the Constitution. Just like I said.

All you people that want to support and shop at Hobby Lobby, you better hurry. Because they are going to lose their court case. And racking up 1.5 million a day, they are going to be out of business when that bill comes due.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

Again you clearly do not understand the Constitution. NOT one conservative has suggested as some liberals have getting rid of the Constitution. What we HAVE suggested is to FOLLOW the Constitution INCLUDING Article 5 that is all about AMENDING the constitution to fix problems. Can you really say that we do not have a problem? When you have a fiscal "fix" that raises taxes $41 for $1 in cuts and results in $4 trillion being added to the national debt we CLEARLY have a problem. So what does the CONSTITUTION say we should do about the PROBLEM? Not through it out like some liberals. Not pretend it does not exist. It says AMEND it either by 2/3 of both Houses of Congress then 3/4 of the states or by 2/3 of the states calling for a Constitutional Convention and then 3/4 of the states. Two different amendments could solve this problem, either a balanced budget (government only spends what they have) or term limits ( with out 20+ years they will stop putting things in like a train between New York and New Jersey into Hurricane Sandy relief that has nothing to do with it).

Turtles Run
Missouri City, TX

Hobby Lobby and some of the comments on this board are great examples for the to remove health care from the hands of employers.

A single payer system is what we need. That way employers are not at a cost disadvantage and religion will not have to take place in the argument for health care access in this country.

Salt Lake City, UT

KC Mormon, again, I understand exactly what you are saying. It really is not difficult. You want to follow the Constitution, you think it is a divine document (I assume), right after you change the Constitution. It really is not hard to understand what you are saying. Are there any other changes you would like in it?

Turtles, I agree with you, single payer is something that should be, and should have been looked. But I disagree that religious people would not try to make a religious issue out of it.

Orem, UT

Hurrah for Hobby Lobby! Sad that they're one of the few with values AND the guts to stand up for them!

Provo, UT

soulsister wrote:

"I am very sorry that this is happening to one of the very few stores that are closed on Sundays so that families may spend time together and they can go to church."

Yeah, because all those stores open on Sunday REQUIRE and FORCE families to shop on Sunday!?


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