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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 1:25 p.m. MST

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PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Naval Vet

Another frantic, jealous post from our resident BYU-obsessed hater.

BYU would never even consider returning to the MWC as long as Craig Thompson is still around.

BYU doesn't have to live vicariously through anybody with regards to that one-trick pony program on the hill whose only significant wins since joining the PAC have come against BYU.

Unfortunately for U, one win does not a season make.

2012 BYU(8-5) bowl winner > Utah(5-7) no bowl
2011 BYU(10-3) ranked > Utah(8-5) unranked

The exposure and attendance talk are self-evident with ESPN's exclusive contract with BYU that ESPN execs are still THRILLED with and BYU continuing to average over 15,000 fans more per game than the Utes.


Boise St. wants San Diego State back in the MWC and not BYU. Apparently other MWC schools are fine with that. None of them are suggesting BYU either.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

PAC man,

Do you know how extremely desperate you sound?

Durham, NC

"ESPN execs are still THRILLED with and BYU continuing to average over 15,000 fans more per game than the Utes."

What in the world is that supposed to mean. Attendance in games doesn't not translate into advertisor dollars... ever.

Lets look at Basketball for example. BYU easily out draws Duke in basketball games by attendance, largely becuase Dukes home court only holds less than 10K. And yet whet adveritors pay to get rights for BYU or Duke games is hugely different.

Its about the quality of the product you put on the court/field. From an excitement and watchability index, BYUs football team was a disaster this year. Some of the most painfully boring games to watch - and I am a BYU fam. That desirablity to watch is going to effect advertisor dollars much more than how many seats are filled.

BYU needs to be real careful next year. They get a pass on this year, but two years in a row... ESPN execs will not be thrilled as you claim them to be.

New to Utah

Boise States decision to stay in the MWC was based on the new reality of BCS changing
its championship format.Boise State has beaten Washington, BYU,Utah, Oregon, Oregon State and Utah State.Coach Chris Petersen is one of the best five coaches in the country
yet a few missed field goals have kept them out of the BCS in recent years.AQ Big East looked
good but the landscape changed when super conferences began cherry picking teams.

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