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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 1:25 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think a return to the MWC is inevitable for the Cougars now. Well, assuming the other schools have gotten over BYU's departure and the way it all went down.
Nothing wrong with rejoining a good MWC that no longer has "The Mountain" TV network to deal with.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Big East has become irrelevant and BSU has avoided boarding a sinking ship. There is parity, except for the 2-3 elites in each conference, that conference affiliations are becoming less important,e.g. USC playing Georgia Tech, they must be great, they belong to big time conferences.

West Valley, UT

I don't think you will see BYU go back to the MWC as long as Craig Thompson is still the commisioner, and they aren't going to go back unless the MWC concedes on stuff like letting BYU re air on BYUtv for one, and getting better tv contracts with ESPN.


The West needs another football conference with some form of stability other than the PAC 12. Actually glad to see this happening.

West Jordan, UT

Do ya think that maybe they were just a little too eager to make that Big East move? How embarassing! Nothing like paying a $10 million exit fee (without having ever played a game) for one of the worst conference money-grab decisions ever made.

Centerville, UT

Great news! The move to the Big East made sense for about two minutes. As an Aggie fan I am glad that BSU is sticking around. And based off of what is going down with the Big East, Tom Holmoe and BYU are looking pretty smart about now. They may well end up back in the MWC but it will be under vastly different terms.

Frisco, TX

I was really hoping for a new conference in the West with Boise State, San Diego St, Houston, SMU, BYU and five others. UNLV and UNM have already expressed interest in leaving.

This is likely the death knell for the Big East. I look for Houston and SMU to announce they are leaving the B.E. soon. Will they join the MWC also, or go back to CUSA? And will it be days or weeks before SDSU announces a return?

How much money will the B.E. make from exit fees?

I don't see BYU jumping all the way back into the MWC, but I wonder if there's any opportunity for a Notre Dame / ACC deal? BYU moves all sports back to MWC, except football, and plays 5 football games agaimst MWC teams each year? If Thompson puts his ego aside, this would be a win for the conference.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

CougFaninTx, why would BYU joining the MWC in everything except football be a "win" for the conference?

I don't pretend to have a lot of knowledge on this but it just doesn't make sense to me.

Good to see BSU staying... GO AGGIES!

Provo, UT

Sometimes the best thing is to sit and wait. I agree with A1994 that Holmoe et al. look a lot smarter now. I also can see CougFaninTX's idea happening: MWC for basketball, baseball and olympic sports, five non-conference games for football (as long as they are not UNLV, New Mexico, Wyoming and CSU every year. But a season of Boise State, San Diego State, Utah State and one of the mediocre four could be very good. If Utah State can maintain the level they rose to under Gary Anderson, I would love to seem them as an every-year matchup, both in football and basketball.

West Jordan, UT

Mtn West will make zero concessions to entice BYU. They didn't during the Mtn network days and they won't now. They obviously believe they can make it to AQ status as is. BYU will have to drop or reduce their expectations or plan on staying independent.. Also no way Mtn West is going to help BYU fill their schedule as an independent. They aren't the WAC. They already have 1 school with an inflated sense of self importance in Boise St, they aren't dying for another in BYU.

Smart Aleck
Vancouver, WA

Like CougFaninTX I agree that BYU would do well with a scheduling agreement with a conference, but if they can easily pick and choose which MWC schools to schedule (like the 12 year deal they have with BSU) they may opt to seek an agreement with a conference other than the MWC.

It sure does make BYU look all the wiser for not jumping to the Big East last year.

Farmington, UT

Ooooopppps! Quick----throw this thing into REVERSE!!

pocatello, ID

Centerville, UT
Great news! The move to the Big East made sense for about two minutes. As an Aggie fan I am glad that BSU is sticking around. And based off of what is going down with the Big East, Tom Holmoe and BYU are looking pretty smart about now. They may well end up back in the MWC but it will be under vastly different terms.


The only thing that has happened since BYU went indy is that Idaho and New Mexico State are their new "band of brothers." BYU is not Notre Dame, why should a conference give the Cougs preferential treatment to keep their ESPN contract? Secondary rights perhaps like BSU will be doing.

Phoenix, AZ

BYU won't go back to the Mountain West unless Thompson is gone and they get an even better deal than Boise St. Never going to happen...and I'm glad.

Palmdale, CA

Good move on BSU's part. Boise St carries some weight due to their BCS successes, and will be a good team for the Mountain West. Like USC, I hope BYU chokes on a chicken bone thinking they are all that and a bag of potato chips acting like their football program is all that. Last I checked, Boise St was better than BYU in every aspect of football. Heck, they have been a top 25 team for nearly a decade now. Unfortunately, Utah and BYU have no consistency when it comes to that.

Draper, UT


"Last I checked, Boise St was better than BYU in every aspect of football"

Except for packing stadiums and making money for TV networks, which is all that really matters nowadays.

If BYU wants in the MWC (which I hope they don't), Thompson will be gone and they will be in. Similarly, if they decide that they want to form a new conference, BSU will be the first team in line to join them.


What an idiotic comment in the article - "The decision makes sense for Boise State because changes to the Bowl Championship Series requirements will leave the Mountain West and the Big East on equal footing. The champion of the Big East previously received an automatic BCS berth."

This was known before Boise State decided to go to the Big East! The reason Boise State has changed their mind is the problems with the Big East including the basketball schools leaving and no TV contract!

For those who are saying BYU will now return to the MWC, why? It is true the main problem, the TV exposure has changed drastically with the long overdue demise of The Mtn. But, BYU can get better TV exposure (6th most TV exposure last season!), play better teams, recruit better players, make more money and have more control over everything! The only thing the MWC brings is the same every conference brings and that is easier scheduling, but BYU would have to settle for less exposure, less control, less money, less attractive to recruits and an easier schedule. Not really the way to go!

North Ogden, UT

The MWC has new TV deals, "deal with CBS Sports Network to allow the conference to sell games to other national networks. The deal, which runs through the 2015-16 season, will net a $300,000 bonus for schools that appear on ESPN, ESPN2, NBC, CBS or Fox, with an additional bonus of $200,000 for a Saturday game."

You got to think that MWC is wanting BYU back before they allow SDSU back

Taylorsville, UT

It just perplexes me that people think that BYU would want to re-join the Mountain West. Remember, even with Boise State, the league is still worse than it was before BYU left. TCU is gone, and Utah is gone. It would be a big step backwards. BYU would love to join the Big 12 - under the right conditions - but otherwise the Cougars do just fine as an independent. They certainly don't need anything the Mountain West has to offer.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm chuckling with the comments saying that maybe BYU will go back to the MWC too - That bridge was burnt a long time ago and it just ain't gonna happen.

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